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Somersault in the Air

I've always written about random crap. Love included. Once its on my mind, the next thing I know, I'm typing it out here. I just do it to vent and make myself feel good. Yeah yeah selfishness alert, but people actually like me for that. Most of them think that I'm being way too open about my life and that people would tend to judge me. Well, judge me all you want. A few of them who understand me and love me for what I am are enough to keep me going.

Priyanka, Gowthami, Spaceman Spiff, Shobhit and Srinidhi have awarded me with this.

Yay! Thank you so much, my lovely people. You really do know how to brighten me up. I love you all <3

So we proceed.

Linkback? Done.

7 random things about me:

1. I wish I was a bit more tall. I know a 5.6" is good enough, but you know dil maange a little bit more.

2. I'm allergic to tomato ketchup or cooked tomatoes, capsicum, paneer, artificial food colors and sweets (yeah you got that right). These are the sure shot ways of giving me a migraine attack.

3. I never visit other people's profile on FB. If an update comes on my home page its fine, else I don't see the point in doing so.

4. I'm commitment phobic. Well, you already knew that! Lets try I haven't quit smoking yet.

5. The secret to my naturally strong shiny black hair is that I never oil it, but wash it every single day. I thank my mallu genes for this.

6. Most of the male best friends I have are the ones who have asked me out at some point or the other. And some of them are even the ones I've had a 'thing' with. Still, we're great friends. Most people don't get it but it works for me.

7. I'm a voracious carnivore. I need to have meat atleast once a day. Thank you God for my extremely high metabolism rate, else I'd be a Big Momma by now.

Phew! It was easy to write random stuff when not asked to :P


My Favorite Song: Stereo Love, Edward Maya and Hey you, Pink Floyd.

My Favorite Desert: Like I said, I don't have much of a sweet tooth but right now I'm craving for a Mango cheese cake.

What Pisses Me Off: Waiting. For people, transport or any damn thing. Patience so not my virtue.

Biggest Fear: Being alone. Period.

Best Feature: My big black eyes and my thick black mane. And yes, my honesty.

Everyday Attitude: Do whatever it takes to make you happy.

What is Perfection: What me and my ex shared, at one point of time. Since then, nothing has even come close.

Guilty Pleasure: Bradley Cooper and Old Monk. In that order :)

Now, time to pass it on. Like I said, patience is not my virtue and I can't go on describing each of the blogs below. But I love each and every one of them. I might be returning it back to some of them, but its just not a polite gesture. I love your blogs and I sure think that you guys are worth this award. So, here we go.

In absolute random order. Love you guys. You're the reason I'm hooked onto blogspot :)

This post has been pending for long. I'm so glad I'm done with it now.


  1. awww...congratulations on your award...may you get more and more awards in your life :)

  2. Aww.. Thank you a ton pretty lady, and you so well deserve awards for the work you put up here,Congrats!
    Know what, I love the aura of your blog, it's mesmerizing!

    Love, Risha :)

  3. Ohh. Congrats. You deserve it a hell lot.And thanx !! This means a lot. You certainly made my day.I ll be sure to post thois on my blog after my exams.

    P.S: hey , thanx again.

  4. You really are an amazing writer! One of the main reasons I come to your blog is for your honest, to-the-point, straight-forward, no-nonsense, practical writing.... Believe me! Your blog is like a breath of fresh air! I can count on my fingers the no. of genuine and honest bloggers I have found till today... so stay true to your nature :) Although I dont think I need to tell you that!

    And patience is SO not my virtue either!

    Thanks for awarding me! Means a lot coming from you :)

  5. I wish i had 5'6 too! Though i am laready 5'5 you see! :P
    And you're right there, sometimes people can not understand friendship between people who had been different sometime back with each other. They just can not, except the ones who are friends. :)

    Keep writing the random stuff cause it's more than just entertaining. :D
    Congratulations for the award for you deserve it well. :)

    And thankyou so much for mentioning my name. It means something to me. A great something. :)

  6. congrats on da award...

    the picks look interestingly checkoutable...

  7. Pretty witty congratulations ! It's not so surprising ,for me it's expected that you should be given an award ,you write so well , exceptional ! plus your articles so much with truth and honesty which turns me not to resist reading.
    More power to that hand ! Write more loud but honest articles .God bless you more dear! Thank you for i learnt a lot from you.

  8. loved the post...first time here and i so like how you have decorated the blog :)

  9. How i absolutely love Stereo love by edward maya!
    About the whole waiting for friends thing...Ditto sentiments...We share the mallu thing about hair too :P

    Congratulations on the award and thankyou so much for finding me good enough.

  10. thanks soumya for the award.. glad to know you bit further :)

    Weakest LINK

  11. :D

    Well I found the first thing we differ in. Tomato ketchup... I need to have it with every meal I lay me hands on. :P But yes, I keep away from sweets too.

    I never visit other people's profiles on FB too. And hair + oil... we are similar on that one as well. :P

    And your point #7 needn't even replace a 'she' with a 'he'. I can copy and paste that for myself any day. Well, ok... maybe except for that 'Momma' bit. :P :D

  12. HEYYY!!!

    firstly lovely blog! secondly ur cool! =)

    ur random facts are cool and so are your characters! =)

    ur fear and the thing that pisses off.. DITTO! =p

    visit my blog sometime =)

  13. Awww!! I love Pink Floyd. Thanks for thinking I was worth it :) I love your blog. will keep visiting :)

  14. Thank you so so much for the award Soumya! :)

    5"6'. Damnit I am so jealous! :( I am barely 5"2' :P

    I don't like Old Monk. I am a Glenfiddich Girl you see! ;) :)

    And. You. Are. A. Mallu.! :O I didn't know!! For some strange reason, I always assumed you were a Tamilian! :s .. But, so awesome! Considering I am marrying one! :P :)


  15. Nice blog..
    I like you blog name..

  16. Haha.. There I go ! ;)
    More tall? U kidding me? U r perfect !
    //Capsicum - hmm..that is the only thing on this planet I cannot eat :(
    6th point with a "thing" in it sounds nasty :P Better be prepared for my bet stake as well :P
    In all, this article is different from your writing style and u rocked..(Man , I have to come up with something other than "you rock!" , but cant resist ! ;))

  17. Thank you:) Right back at me eh:D

    And paneer, allergic? Really? o_O

    And you the most honest-to-god writer I have seen in a long time:)

  18. awwwwwwwwwww this is so swwwweeetttt of you soumya..thankz a you :-*

  19. @Muhammad Israr,
    Thank you so much :)

    @Risha Kalra,
    You're welcome honey. Thank you so much too :)

    @Nia Charms,
    Thank you and you're welcome.

    Ah such nice things about me :). I'm not a modest person so thank you so much Chandana. You deserve the award trust me :)

    I wish for 5.8" though :P. Thank you so much and you're welcome.
    I love your posts :)

    Thank you. They're the best, check them all out.

    Thank you so so much dear.

    Welcome to my blog and thank you so much.

  20. @Red Handed,
    Its awesome na? You're worth it sweetheart and thank you so much.

    You're welcome. Waiting to know you better too :)

    Every meal? See you might just give me an attack by telling this :P. Thank you big poppa :P

    @Crimson Coral,
    HEY!!! Welcome to my space :)
    Thank you so much. Visited and loved it :)

    Thank you and you're welcome :)

    @Ice Maiden,
    You're welcome Annie :)
    Mallu indeed. Its a best kept secret though :P. Marrying a mallu eh? Congrats and tell me more :D

    @The Blue Periwinkle,
    Thank you. Love your blog name too :)

  21. @Stranger!!!,
    For you, I always am :)
    Nasty eh? Forget the bet then :P. Thank you thank you so much. I rock yeah! Hightime you come up with better phrases :)

    Right back at ya! Allergic yeah :(. Loathe it to be honest.
    I am? Geee thanks, I'm just being myself :)

    @Saru Singhal,
    Thanks dear :)

    Welcome honey. Hugs!

    @Spaceman Spiff,
    The most deserving candidate, you're welcome :)

  22. Firstly, congratulations.
    You write freely about yourself, that is what touches others. Its true.

    Secondly, thank you, thank you very very much :D

    And thirdly, 5'6'' is gooooood.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  23. @BA,
    There you are. I thought the great BA was never gonna accept my award :P

    First, thank you.
    Second, You're welcome. You deserve it more than I do :)
    Third, Naah a coupla more inches I need :P

  24. Thank you so so much for the award Soumya! :)

  25. @Hamza Bin Ladin,
    You're welcome mutineer. You deserved it :)

  26. Soumya,

    I always say be what you are and let people decide to be with you or not. One should never put on fake facade for the sake of being liked. Loved your frank 7 random things.

    Take care


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