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Until next time

Things have been going great for quite a while now and I'm finally beginning to settle down and get used to the calm and serene life. My life now suddenly seems like a perfect recipe with the perfect ingredients in right doses. Happiness, satisfaction, love, faith, hope, desire, understanding all together blended with my attitude is quite a tasty dish I must say. Love is how you see it and life is what you make it. Amen!

I might be getting a bit too personal on my posts oflate, but have you guys realised that we need to vent only when we are really happy or uncontrollably sad. The in between phase never gets words out. That's how it works for me. Life's been great professionally and personally but please don't be surprised if you don't get to read much about my personal life any more. Naah, not that I don't want to share but I'm seriously tired of answering to random people. I did not even know that these people knew that I own a blog space. Kinda freaks you out at times. But again, why do I care? Hell ya, its my blog and I'm gonna write what ever I want to. But I'm not going to be generous with the details though ;)

Things are looking really good and for the first time ever I'm not having a feeling that this is the calm before the storm. I don't know why but a major portion of me tells me that everything is going to be super fine from now on. Struggled and cried enough, its now time for the smiles and the joys. Hope has always been a wicked thing and I tend to not believe in it. But this time I feel like. And I will.

I'm leaving for a vacation tonight and will not be back until Monday. A road trip to Pondicherry. Yay! :D :D :D. A much much needed break from the monotony of life. Initially, I thought of staying connected to social life via the phone but then decided against it. This time a break needs to mean a break. A break from everything. And so it will be.

I promise to catch up on all the blogs when I get back. Will miss this space. So, until next time. Ta! :)


  1. Pondichery is a nice place.. heard a lot about it. enjoy your holidays and dump your worries :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. That's great !

    Enjoy Pondicherry and get us some nice pictures from there if possible. :-)

    Take care. :-)

  3. Happy vacations!

    It does not matter if you are being personal or impersonal on the blog, because if you write, you will always have readers when you write a heart :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Love is how you see it...True tht!wasnt a blog actually made to vent out what our heart feels and goes through? Keep writing!You are awesome at wording out what your emotions tell you..Many cannot.I cant!
    Have an awesome roadtrip..I loved the one i had.Pondicherry is beautiful!

  5. Ahh! That feeling of quiet after you've been thru ups and downs! Priceless!
    Relax n enjoy the break:)
    Lets the ghosts of the past be buried where it belongs!

  6. Hmm... thats the best idea one can use..
    It is what you needed from long. Switch off the phones, stay disconnected from all the known creatures and you will find peace within you. I tried it million times and guess what it works. Then when i come back to my daily routine i turn to be more positive, valiant and energetic towards life. Hope you too get the same results.

    "Hope has always been a wicked thing and I tend to not believe in it. But this time I feel like. And I will"
    Keep this *hope* above everything as it sustains life :)
    Take care !!
    stay blessed :)

  7. A nice little blog you have got there..

  8. Have a nice time..stay safe...u will be missed big time...
    P.S. pulomi never does like this :-P..
    P.S. pulomi never does like this :-P

  9. Like I said,your blog IS like the Matrix....a very surreal place :)
    Have a great trip! Cheers :)

  10. Good times shall stay for long. Amen :)

  11. have great fun :) xoxo

    and you know when am reading your blog, as the background is black, i see my mirror image in the laptop screen :) and you know what i mean by this :P

  12. Have fun...And yes life has many phases. I am glad you are enjoying a phase with the perfect blend of every emotion.

  13. hey Soumya! Very happy for you, you are in a peaceful phase *touchwood*

    hope you have a lovely road trip :)

  14. hi first timer to ur blog..unable to read your blog..its like reading with a torch!i wud hav used feed version..but i prefer reading directly from the blog :)

  15. Well it's great to hear that you are having one of those really good days. Makes me want to take a long break too, OUT.

    Have a crazy adventure! Keep all the worries off your head. :D

    And i am somehow gonna miss your blogposts! They are so relate-able. Still have to comment on the last one. Net wasn't working then.

  16. Soums-- I can tell you are happier now ! seems all are falling into place , am happy for you pretty witty..You greatly deserve that vacation and when you come back i know your in your best ,then share us your experience your line--its my blog and I'm gonna write what ever I want to , very true i have this belief i write not to impress people but to express..

    Be back soon!!

  17. Enjoy your time in Pondy...I have never been there but heard its good

    I know it sucks if people read about your personal life in an open place like this but then its up to us what we wanna let out

  18. First of all really sorry people for repplying so late to your comments. Been really busy and my laptop at home is refusing to boot up and I don't have a spare second to breathe at work, let alone access the net. Sincere apologies.

    Thank you dearie. I'm back safe and sound.

    It is nice. Dumped all that I could :)

    Thank you, got some great pics too :)

    Thank you. All I can do is write with my heart :)

    @Red Handed,
    Thank you so much. You always make me feel so good :)

    @Hamza Bin Ladin,
    I did. Thanks :)

    @Indumathy Sukanya,
    Buried and forgotten. Thanks girl!

    @Reicha Ahluwalia,
    I rule and I'm ruled by hope. Thank you dear :)

  19. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue,
    Thanks. I did have so much fun!

    Thank you and welcome :)

    @Muhammad Israr,
    Thank you. Pulomi? :P

    Thanks! Cheers :)

    @Tay Tay,
    I did :)


    I do know. Aww thanks dear. XOXO

    @Saru Singhal,
    I'm glad too :)

  20. @quartertoinsane,

    Touchwood indeed! Thanks :)

    Only you seem to be the one unable to read it. Try again :)

    Thank you :)

    Awwww you missed me? :)
    I had a crazy time and I'm glad things are looking good :)

    Thanks dear. Yeah, we write to express only :)

    @Pesto Sauce,
    Its really good. Our space, we write. People want to read or not, upto them.

    I did. Thanks!

  21. Soumya,

    This is your space, write what you wish to as long as it does not hurt someone's sentiments. Hope you had nice vacations.

    Take care


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