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Yes I Will

The skies were still blue
And the birds were all flying free
The yellow sun dazzled a smile
Shining down on both you and me

Joy seemed to be the only subject
Madness anyway was taking its toll
The incomplete tome ceased to exist
As you and me came together as whole

We walked along the desert of joy
From strangers to companions for life
Without letting me know of it
You helped me let go of the strife

Rockbottom was what I knew
And then I loaded it with more nonsensical crap
You made me take a forever stance
Together we gave the past a perfect wrap

Even the times when I was away
With every breath I sensed your smell
Although miles separated us
You caught me when I slipped and fell

You put an end to every ugly memoir
Removed the flag from the past's crack
You held my face in your palms
Never letting me once look back

Days after days of sharing life
Every puzzle began to fall in place
Slowly, gently holding my hands
You walked with me out of the maze

You didn't try to infuse colors
In my practical life of black and white
You just blended into my pale saga
Never letting go and holding on tight

The life we see now is magical
You freed me of my anger and the pain
You made me win the battle against myself
And did not let my struggles go in vain

I don't know when I fell in love
It was so magical that I couldn't stop to think
Coming to think of it now
I guess I fell for you in the first blink

When you asked me to marry you
Holding a ring in the pleasant summer chill
There was not much to say
Apart from a happy "Yes, I will"

~ Soumya


  1. wrapping the past.. wow , i like it lots
    and "freed me from anger"..

    Congratulations to both of you
    Joy fill your way throughout!

  2. I don't understand poetry a lot so I could be wrong here but if this is what I think it is - CONGRATULATIONS

    Let the party begin.

    Cheers :)

    1. It is what you think it is, thanks :)


  3. So you're engaged? Congratulations!

  4. Wow.. yayieee .. me so happy for you babe :* :D ... and the poem was so happy happy.. lovey-dovey :D .. awesome :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Raajii.. Good to see you back here :)

  6. Lovely the story of two of you
    Now better stick together like a glue :)
    Aha, not bad! isn't?
    So happy for ya champ. Congo, when the wedding bells are ringing?

    1. Wooaaah, not bad at all! My effect spreads, I can see ;)

      Thanks dearie, wedding bells later this year :D

  7. Oye hoye!!! kya baat hai.. :-)
    *khushi wali hug*

    Brilliant composition of words. Every single emotion could be felt...from the start to the end. And that end...Wow!! You are one hell of a poetess.

    1. Arey arey *Blushes*

      Thank you so much dearie. Muaaaah.


  8. I don't know you...and I've just started reading you...but I really hope that the above is true. More so because my life is suddenly falling apart...its good to know others' lives are coming together.


    1. Its all true. Don't worry, I have reached here after crumbling down and seeing rock bottom. Everything shall pass, everything does.

      Thank you and all the best for your life. Just believe, it will all be right.

  9. Congratulations, Leo!!!!!! And finally you've found your anchor! :)

  10. Maduve oota banthappo... *rubs hands with glee... :D

    Congrats! God bless...wish you both all the happiness for life.

    1. Not yet, salpa wait maad beku :P

      Thank you so much.

  11. This one made me go like awww...Heartiest congratulations to both of you :* :)

  12. I've been reading your blog for so long. It's like I've literally seen you go through all the phases, rock-bottom included. All I can say you one hell of a woman, always positive, extremely strong. And I am really happy for you!


    1. Thanks Chandana, this means so much to me :)

  13. Soumya,

    Read 2 posts now. Very sane advice in previous post with truth so well told. Beautiful poem. Hope this is true for you.

    Take care

  14. your blog is really looking simple and elegant.,

    can i know which template did you applied?

    i would like to give the same present look to my blog. Unable to know how to as i relatively new to the blogging. feels happy if you wish to share that process.

    every post is beautiful., excited.

    1. Thank you so much and welcome here!

      This is the simple white default template from blogger. Ofcourse the header is mine.

  15. OMG! It is what I think it is!! CONGRATSSSSS!!!! :)

    To a life of happiness, cheer, togetherness and prosperity!!

    Wishes n prayers, Soumya :)

    God Bless.

    1. Oh yeah it is! Thankssss :D

      Thank you so much!

  16. Damn, he beat me to it :P

    Here's raising a toast to wish the hottest lioness around a perfect life ahead with her perfect man :) God bless you, babe.


    1. The early bird, blah blah :P

      Thank you my dear :)

      Come down to Bangalore, I'm gonna drag you down to my wedding here :)

  17. Soums been following you..i am just away for few months . have missed you blog and here now i am reading you're getting married lioness ? hahahahaha..i am so happy for i know you are so happy..Best wishes dear..ahhhhhh your life story has a beautiful end though i know life is just about to start...GOd bless you pretty witty !

  18. Dear congrats..been away for months and here i know now you are getting married..hahaha the lioness is getting married..I am so happy for you... I been following you since from the start ,you know how i love your writing , just few months busy .. Best wishes pretty witty ! God bless you both !


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