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Magic Unfolds

Here we go guys. As promised, here is a glimpse of my big day!

 All dressed up. I couldn't recognize myself.

After the garlanding ceremony. Man, those garlands are super heavy :|

Cal walks his bride to the swing/oonjal. Oonjal is an Iyer custom where the bride and groom sit on a swing and women walk around warding them from all evil.

And he promised to hold my hand for life :) 

The Iyer bride costume. Another case of non-identification :D

His usual self, Cal had to crack jokes just before the moment.

The moment. Beautifully captured.

Mangalya thantunanena mama jeevana hethunaa
Kante badhnaami subhage tvam jeeva saradah satham

Burn, evil doers. Burn in hell.

Yeah, I'm a drama queen too.

Toe Rings. God bless you, dear husband :)

The custom where you go see a star called Arundati. All we could see was a mobile signal tower. And a crow.

The wedding venue. Cal and I supervised the decoration.

After the grihapravesh into his house, we had to come back to the venue for the reception. We were just relieved here that most of the day is over.

My reception look. Can kinda recognize myself here.

It sure was a pose. But the feelings were genuine. 


The great Spiff master and Raj cheta.

My parents and my sister.

My new family. 

The reception stage. Yes, we did have live streaming too :P

~ Soumya


  1. Wow! The pics are so beautiful and even more beautiful are the moments that are captured in them. Have a great life ahead :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  2. I loved u in the blue saree ! Gorgeous :-) And liked the caption about the mobile tower and the crow.

  3. Uff. Such happiness I get seeing them. Happy for you, love!

  4. You are looking good.
    Best wishes.

  5. Amazing! Happy for you guys :)

  6. You look beautiful. Both of you look super cute.
    Especially, the star-spotting ceremony, the oonjal one, the toe rings one and THE moment. :D
    And the one where you're sharing a laugh. :D

  7. Womaigaad! You're trying to make me famous no? :)

    The pics are lovely. I especially liked the one titled with "mangalyam thantunanena". The lighting, the angle, the expression on your face- it all just comes together perfectly. :)

    God bless, love. *hugs*

    1. Trying? Hello yello, aren't you like famous already? People who saw this pic kept asking me who is the one next to Spaceman Spiff :P

      Thanks love, thank you so much :)


  8. Thanks Meera and welcome to my blog!

    Phase-3 shall be out soon :)

  9. i wish i were there toooooooooo :(:(:(:(
    super brilliant pics darling :)
    wish you and cal a very happy married life again :)
    see you soon in bengaluru ;)
    Cheers !

    1. You sure were missed.. Thank you my love :)

      Will see you soon :)

  10. super pics Soumya....u guys look super HOT in the reception pics...and the reception decor looks awesome!
    I am sure you guys are having a rocking time now! :):) Stay blessed!

  11. Areeee wahhh!!! Bade Acche lagte ho :P
    No seriously! Gorgeous you look especially those almond shaped black eyes!! Gorgeous you!
    and your Cal is one lucky guy :)
    It was good to see Spiff and Raj too :)

    1. Thanks RED. And I get the subtle hint of weight mentioned. Hmmmmphhh :P

  12. both of you look so nice together....and u look amazing in all the pics, esp. in that reception photo! god bless u both!

  13. saw this only now.. congrats ;D lovely pics, lovely couple.

  14. You look lovely in the blue saree. I love people who keep smiling.. Cal looks amazing!

  15. Hello there,lovely lady!!
    Thanks for dropping over at my blog and leaving your lovely comment ^_^
    I hope I am not too late wishing you ...those are some gorgeous look breath taking in that blue saree...God bless you both :)

    1. Thank you so much and thanks for visiting :)


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