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Jack & Rose

(Pic:  Autumn on the River, 1889, John Singer Sargent ) You got me aboard the floating plank Although you remained in the freezing cold It was difficult to even breathe Just hold on, you repeatedly told I was ready to give up and die  You held on to faith and my hand I just believed in your belief I was sure we would reach land I laid down and hummed a tune As you froze, holding on to me I dreamt of our future together I believed that we were meant to be I had given up everything I had All I wanted was to be with you This calamity shall soon be behind us We shall start life afresh and new I heard the faint sound of a whistle I knew they would come back for us With a smile I tried to wake you up But you had left without a fuss Even though I knew you had gone I cried asking you to come back How was I supposed to live I was nothing without you Jack Your promise I shall honor I shall live, like you wanted me to I said m


Vijay, my ex-lover, pointed the gun at my husband's head. I had left Vijay three years ago and he was thirsty for revenge. Tarun closed his eyes, but opened them when he heard the shot. Vijay lay dead before him. My hands were shivering as I slowly dropped the gun. ~ Soumya

Love, Again

Do you remember that fateful night As we stood under the rain and lightning Remember how tight I held on to you As the noise was rather frightening The small roof above our head Barely concealed your single frame I entwined my body around yours As you passionately whispered my name Do you remember how we felt When we were stranded together We got lost away into our world In that brilliant romantic weather The tension filled heat between us Complemented the chill in the air I wanted to confess my love for you As you played with my wet hair Do you remember the thrill Of being caught up in love and passion We had been friends for really long Yet we couldn't ignore the obvious attraction My kohl had dripped down my face As you gently wiped it away  When I wanted to pour out my feelings " I love you ", you did say Do your remember the look I had On my face as you kissed me The lightning brought me closer

The Parents get it Right

Being a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, I remember asking my mother to buy the ' Sona Chandi ' Chyawanprash instead of the Dabur one. I might have been about eight years old then. My mother just ignored my take and told me that the Dabur one was the best ever. I fought, I remember shedding a few tears too. Today when I look back I do not see what was the big deal. Its not like Shahrukh has a mind blowing body then that I wanted to become like him. Which would have been plain crazy, because I'm a girl. Still the flashy golden orange bottles of 'Sona Chandi' Chyawanprash did not leave my mind, even when the advertisements left TV. Ah, that innocence of childhood. As children you would want to do anything and everything that your super hero did. Buy the toys they endorsed, lick the chocolates they pretended to eat, harass your parents until they took you to watch their latest movies and what not. Some parents cave in, some restrict their children from getting sucked i

The Forgotten Queen

Quietly stuck in a corner I watch people read my inner word They think I am blind and deaf But its my voice that is heard I carry emotions within me Hopping from one post to another I just smile and move ahead In any situation and any weather I'm hardly noticed most of the time Some people just tear me apart I'm the messiah of any news But I too come with a heart I was powerful a while ago Digital media has pushed me away I was in control since decades Making and breaking other's day My lustre has become dull and dim For the next generation I remain unseen Nobody shall read me again Now I am the forgotten queen Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 194 . ~ Soumya

Inked Memory

" Did you get hurt? " Maya rushed towards her son on seeing his bandaged arm. " No ma. I got a tattoo done today ." Manav said proudly. " What? What is wrong with you? Shekhar would you please look at this? " Maya yelled at her son and her husband of seventeen years. Shekar was busy staring into his laptop. Maya rushed towards him. " Look at what he has done. Why don't you say anything? " Maya closed his laptop. " Its okay Maya, he's sixteen now. Stop treating him like a kid ." Shekar says absentmindedly. " Thanks dad. You are awesome. " Manav grins at his mother and walks to his room which has ' Enter at own risk ' written in bold on the door. Maya shakes her head and sits down with her magazine. The next morning Manav comes down for break fast. The bandage on his arm is half removed now. It revealed the stalk of a rose wound around something. The rest of it was still under the bandage. May

The Last Word

Situations had driven us apart But I had not forgotten him yet He remained etched in my memory It had been years since we had met I knew he still loved me He'd never move on he had said Slowly he had pushed me away from him Then forever from my life he fled I tried my best to get him back He seemed to have gone without a trace I was filled with hurt and anger Yet him, I could not replace I always felt his eyes on me I could feel his presence every where He seemed to know all about me I did not understand why did he still care I spent all my life waiting for him I loved him forever with all my might Days and nights I yearned for him Why couldn't he understand my plight Finally I decided to let it go My love was overpowered with anger He lad left me in the lurch In my heart he had plunged a dagger I then decided to forget him Making room for someone new Just when I was falling in love He came back for his

No Kidding

Its just been eight months since I got married and almost everyone I meet is expecting me to have a baby bump by now. From the pujaris who got us married to the owners of a eatery whom we frequent regularly. Wow. Just wow. And the best part was that, some people thought that I was getting married so early because I was pregnant. Well people, eight months gone by and no sign of a baby or the bump. I'm sorry, but I'm deriving immense pleasure in disappointing you. If I ever wanted to have a baby, I would have had one long ago. Whether I was married or not. And to those who think that babies are a compulsion after marriage, well, I pity you. And to those who think sex is only for procreation, well, I'm tempted to kill you. I'm probably talking about this very early, but this post by Nisha made me want to express my opinions about this topic. I'm still child free after more than half a year of marriage, unlike a lot of people who declared " We're pre

Just Dance

(Pic:  Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas) dream or reality shouldn't matter just dance forget the steps feel the music its your chance throw it out all the emotions tap your feet make a rhythm follow the waves groove to the beat do not worry no one watches inside of you dance heals its a pleasure known to few get up and stand strike a cord rap or trance a form of life a blessing is to dance Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 193 . ~ Soumya

11-11-11: Our day of Love

The first sign of love is always the best. That phase when you feel a rush every time you see or think about him. That feeling of the world going still when you are talking to him. The coy smiles and the goose bumps. The thrill of uncertainty and the pleasures of certainty. The thumping heart and the breathlessness. The touch me not skin and the revealing eyes. Oh yes, that phase. That beautiful phase. 11-11-11 is a date that everyone believes to be special. But it remains the most special day in my life. That was the day when he and I spent our first night together. Don't get ideas now, hear me out first. We were not in a relationship. Yet . We had started meeting regularly and thoroughly enjoyed it. Both of us could feel the hint of something brewing but chose not to dwell in that thought. Both of us had had our share of relationships and were cynical about everything that was related to the dreaded 'L' word. Both of us were aware of it and hence we did not

The War Wives

(Pic:  Resurrection Reunion 2,  1945, Sir Stanley Spencer)  The most difficult thing ever is To be the wife of an army man With every breath there is a fear That life might cut its span The wait never seems to end Every call sends tremors down the spine We knew a day like this would come When tragedy would strike without a sign Today we stand shedding our tears Our nightmare just came true They fought valiantly all say But ended up paying their due Victory does come at a price With our love, they had to pay A hundred of them saved million lives Even though now lifeless they lay It is a gallant day for the nation The war finally has come to an end The flag stands bright and tall While our lives are left to amend Our children shall know their fathers We shall not dwell in this pain We shall carry their name forward Shall not let their deaths go in vain As we watch them being lowered With their white scarfs held in our

Red Veil

I reached the temple just on time. My hands were dyed in henna and the red veil flowed from my forehead to my hips as I waited carrying twenty three years of my life in a single bag. He was my future now. Thirty five minutes later, he called. " I can't do this, I'm sorry. " This is a fifty five fiction piece. A story in 55 words. ~ Soumya