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Jack & Rose

(Pic: Autumn on the River, 1889, John Singer Sargent )

You got me aboard the floating plank
Although you remained in the freezing cold
It was difficult to even breathe
Just hold on, you repeatedly told

I was ready to give up and die 
You held on to faith and my hand
I just believed in your belief
I was sure we would reach land

I laid down and hummed a tune
As you froze, holding on to me
I dreamt of our future together
I believed that we were meant to be

I had given up everything I had
All I wanted was to be with you
This calamity shall soon be behind us
We shall start life afresh and new

I heard the faint sound of a whistle
I knew they would come back for us
With a smile I tried to wake you up
But you had left without a fuss

Even though I knew you had gone
I cried asking you to come back
How was I supposed to live
I was nothing without you Jack

Your promise I shall honor
I shall live, like you wanted me to
I said my silent goodbye to you
And then, the whistle I blew

They took me back on a boat
I looked at you for as long as I could
Our love ship was broken and gone
On whose deck we once stood

I got to land in a while
Feeling completely torn apart
I knew I will hold on to myself
For you were alive in my heart

I moved on, like I promised
But its you, that my heart once chose
A lot of years have passed since you left
Yet, I shall always remain your Rose

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 195.

~ Soumya


  1. Very well crafted but still melancholy

  2. What a unique love story it was! Classic!

  3. This is lovely.. As I read your words, I can imagine the Titanic scene.. Sad love story

  4. All I could think was the scene from the movie. Very well written, Soumya.

  5. Omg.. you actually bought back memories of Titanic..and the images seemed to be floating in my head..beautiful! :)

  6. Ah Titanic, an artist's rendition of an artist's rendition. Good one there Soumya. :-)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. I like the connection of your words to the tragedy ....

  8. An Titanic! this is awesome! Great one :)

  9. Reminded me of the movie ! Nicely written.


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