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Love, Again

Do you remember that fateful night
As we stood under the rain and lightning
Remember how tight I held on to you
As the noise was rather frightening

The small roof above our head
Barely concealed your single frame
I entwined my body around yours
As you passionately whispered my name

Do you remember how we felt
When we were stranded together
We got lost away into our world
In that brilliant romantic weather

The tension filled heat between us
Complemented the chill in the air
I wanted to confess my love for you
As you played with my wet hair

Do you remember the thrill
Of being caught up in love and passion
We had been friends for really long
Yet we couldn't ignore the obvious attraction

My kohl had dripped down my face
As you gently wiped it away 
When I wanted to pour out my feelings
"I love you", you did say

Do your remember the look I had
On my face as you kissed me
The lightning brought me closer to you
God's plan it was, I could see

We just looked at each other
As the torrent rain reduced to a drop
We wanted to stay there forever
The rain then finally stopped

Do you remember that last minute
As you dropped me back to my place
I did not want to leave you
Wanted to be locked in the embrace

As I slowly walked away from you
My heart was smiling and flying high
Love sure is a wonderful feeling
I knew it would last till I die

Do you remember the days after
The moments we together created
Those sly smiles and stolen kisses
The silly times that we debated

Today we sit here together
Holding hands and watching the rain
The thrill and smiles remain intact
As we fall in love again

Written for Poetry Jam and Theme Thursdays.

~ Soumya


  1. its lovely .. really liked the poem :)

  2. This is epic ... a lovely love story.

  3. The spirit of love has truly been captured in these nice lines.

  4. This is just beautiful. So filled with love!!

  5. Is this poem the result of recent rains in bangalore ;) :)
    It is beautiful. :) :)

  6. Words find vent through a myriad of other hints when the mouth fails to word them. I wonder, is it really needed to put the stamp of words on that heartfelt emotion?

    On second thoughts, I think it is.

    Nice post!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. At times you need to see it in print to believe the rush :)


  7. Very beautifully written - so much so that it aspires me to be in the moment.


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