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The Forgotten Queen

Quietly stuck in a corner
I watch people read my inner word
They think I am blind and deaf
But its my voice that is heard

I carry emotions within me
Hopping from one post to another
I just smile and move ahead
In any situation and any weather

I'm hardly noticed most of the time
Some people just tear me apart
I'm the messiah of any news
But I too come with a heart

I was powerful a while ago
Digital media has pushed me away
I was in control since decades
Making and breaking other's day

My lustre has become dull and dim
For the next generation I remain unseen
Nobody shall read me again
Now I am the forgotten queen

~ Soumya


  1. Yes...the sorry fate of written word on paper :(

  2. She has become almost extinct except in official circles.
    An imaginative and beautiful poem that makes one smile

  3. Beautiful poetry - loved it. Just one suggestion. Starting a sentence with but is not a good example - creates a negative vibe for reader as well.

    1. Thank you Abhra!

      I thought it was allowed in poetry, as it could be the continuation of a sentence too. Will check and act accordingly. Thank you for the keen observation.

  4. This too was beautiful!!! That is all I think I should say. Gorgeous!

  5. Hey.. This is what I call creativity.. Nice

  6. Beautiful.

    I still write letters thankfully :)

  7. I have never written a letter to post. The only letter I need to write from time to time is to the bank :P I think I missed something of a generation. While it was still there, I didn't have anyone to write to and when I did have, post was no longer the choice!

    1. Oh man, you have no idea what you have missed!

  8. Very imaginative! I use to love writing letters... there was such romance in the whole act. So glad that I was a part of THAT generation!


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