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The Last Word

Situations had driven us apart
But I had not forgotten him yet
He remained etched in my memory
It had been years since we had met

I knew he still loved me
He'd never move on he had said
Slowly he had pushed me away from him
Then forever from my life he fled

I tried my best to get him back
He seemed to have gone without a trace
I was filled with hurt and anger
Yet him, I could not replace

I always felt his eyes on me
I could feel his presence every where
He seemed to know all about me
I did not understand why did he still care

I spent all my life waiting for him
I loved him forever with all my might
Days and nights I yearned for him
Why couldn't he understand my plight

Finally I decided to let it go
My love was overpowered with anger
He lad left me in the lurch
In my heart he had plunged a dagger

I then decided to forget him
Making room for someone new
Just when I was falling in love
He came back for his due

I did recognise his voice
Said he wanted to meet me now
With my new love in front of me
To his request I did not want to bow

He pleaded and begged for it
All he wanted was some of my time
My hidden feelings starting coming up
Our heart beats still seemed to rhyme

I met him some time later
With a heart filled with love and hope
When my sight fell on him
I felt my heart break and mope

His body had shrunk into half
His shiny mane had gone bald and dry
His eyes still shone with love for me
Holding my hand he began to cry

I looked at his pale and wrinkled face
I wanted to speak, yet no words came
He fell and collapsed in my arms
His last word was my name

Written for Poetry Jam.

~ Soumya


  1. The beauty of your poetry is even if you hadn't had such an incident you still relate. Lots of imagery in my head of similar situations.
    Loved it. but it pained me all the same. <3

    keep writing.

  2. The image of the heart going away , inscribed on the palm is so beautiful and apt and you have woven the story around it . lovely.

  3. Oh so powerful. Especially the last bit.

    1. Thanks Momina. Nice to see you here after long.

  4. Wow, what a poem here. What intense feelings you have portrayed. I would like to be able to work up some feelings of pity for him, but I cannot. He lost his chance. There is a time when a person has to move on. EXTREMELY powerful writing!

    1. You just have to move on. That's it.

      Thank you Mary!

  5. I was captured by this story. And a sad one it is though moving and beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  6. So beautifully done, and I am sure so many people can relate to this.

  7. Beautiful and heart breaking, i could feel and taste the pain.

  8. So sad for both of them! Wonderfully written!

  9. What a scar he left, oh dear! For another lifetime.

    Nice post!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Loved everything of it except the last part. Beautifully written!

  11. How will u ever grow out of this painful love...and the guilt that u chose to love someone else over him?

    when I started reading, I could relate every line of the poem...but as and how I read further....esp the last stanza, my heart skipped a beat.
    THE most beautiful poem I've read in a long long long time.


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