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The War Wives

(Pic: Resurrection Reunion 2, 1945, Sir Stanley Spencer) 

The most difficult thing ever is
To be the wife of an army man
With every breath there is a fear
That life might cut its span

The wait never seems to end
Every call sends tremors down the spine
We knew a day like this would come
When tragedy would strike without a sign

Today we stand shedding our tears
Our nightmare just came true
They fought valiantly all say
But ended up paying their due

Victory does come at a price
With our love, they had to pay
A hundred of them saved million lives
Even though now lifeless they lay

It is a gallant day for the nation
The war finally has come to an end
The flag stands bright and tall
While our lives are left to amend

Our children shall know their fathers
We shall not dwell in this pain
We shall carry their name forward
Shall not let their deaths go in vain

As we watch them being lowered
With their white scarfs held in our hands
We stand with our head held high
And shine along with our wedding bands

Let us fulfill all their dreams
For their efforts we shall strive
They gave their soul for the country
In all our hearts they shall be alive

Let us resurrect them this day
With our respect minus the cries
Every year this day let us join
And proudly celebrate being the war wives

~ Soumya


  1. beautifully written and so touching. One of your best write ups!

  2. Very beautifully written indeed....

  3. Touching Mag and a wonderful tribute to the soldiers who've fought so valiantly and paid the ultimate price!

  4. I am sure that being a soldier's wife is not easy and your words describe their emotions so beautifully. Agree with others - one of the best ever written on LOL.

  5. Awesome doesn't quite fulfil the purpose to describe your write-up. A very good read.


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