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Finding Freedom

(photo from The Guardian, Eyewitness)

The country criminalized me yesterday
My identity has been brought to shame
All that I did was to fall in love
But he and me cannot share a name

Love is the only feeling I have known
Fingers have always been pointed at me
Just tell me what wrong I have done
What is that my eyes refuse to see

My parents don't accept me as their son
Like I never existed, they threw me away
I found my family and meaning in him
I call us happy but they call us gay

Everybody I know look down upon me
I am bound by piercing invisible claws
I am only looking to survive in this world
But they do not let me, with their laws

This is the only place I find my freedom
These innocent birds understand my plight
They come and eat out of my hands
Making me forget my inner fight

They listen to my tales all day
They nod and fly to calm me down
When I'm faced by rejection elsewhere
Here they treat me like I wear the crown

My love left me to live a life of denial
He couldn't bear to deal with this pain
I'm left alone to deal with melancholy
Suddenly falling in love feels like a bane

These sea gulls are all I have now
They are helping me to recuperate and cope
I know a new life is waiting for me
Watching them flying free, gives me hope

P.S: I shall put up the other parts of Maya soon. It just won't be continuous though.

~ Soumya


  1. wow... what a fantastic way to express... loved it!!

  2. What is happening in our country is really sad. To express this through a poem is really remarkable. Although I feel you could have written a tad better :)

    1. Really sad na :(

      Shall try to do better next time :)

  3. People so often hate what they cannot relate to nor is a heavy burden that you have had to bear.....beautiful writing Leo...I love your blog! :-)

    1. This poem is fictious though.

      Thank you so much Carrie :)

  4. very very very dark and tragic :( was just scanning Dante's Divine Comedy and now this :(

  5. A very touching piece Soumya! Everyone has the right to live life the way they like to!

  6. Insanely beautiful.

    Goosebump and teary eyed. Love it.

    But the fight is still on. We wont stop :)


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