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Maya - Part 2

Read Part -1 here.

Present day – 6.30 am

The stool doesn't properly balance on my mattress. Yet, I try to climb on top of it, with tears soaking my grey T-shirt. The scarf around my neck is wet too and is sticking to my neck. I stop for a minute to adjust the irritation, and then bravely try to mount the unbalanced stool. I fall down with a thud, luckily on the bed and not on the floor. I sit up annoyed and anguished. Damn, I can’t even kill myself properly. But then again, I had no prior experience. I laugh at this thought and untie the scarf from my neck. I kick the stool down and lie down to think about what was happening. Before the first word could hit my mind, I was sound asleep.

I woke up when my phone rang. With half open eyes I look at the caller. It was Nanda, my best friend. I look at my Sponge Bob table clock and see that it is 9 am. I was late for college. I answer the call and inform her that I wouldn’t come in to college today. She is worried. I tell her that I’m a little under the weather. She buys it.

I sit up and think about what happened a few hours ago. I close my eyes and playback the entire scene in my head. Dad’s silence, mom leaving, the suicide attempt, everything. I scold myself for being so stupid and look down at the stool lying on the floor. I know it was a stupid thing to do and I am very glad that I did not act on that impulse. But at that point of time, I did not know what else to do. I have had classmates who were from broken families and they were traumatized like hell. They had to toggle between their parents and their respective families. They loathed their dual life. I did not want to be one of them. Even the thought of it depresses me. But it was happening right? Why? Why did mom leave? What happened between my parents? I had to find out the truth.

After keeping the stool back in its place, I go finish a shower, get dressed and walk out to the hall. Dad is sitting at the dining table, having breakfast and reading the newspaper keenly. I walk up to him and he looks up.

Good, you’re up. I’ve made breakfast for you too.” He says normally.

You? You made breakfast.” My dad had not lifted a finger to help mom in the kitchen. Ever. Of course I was startled to hear it.

Just because I don’t cook, doesn't mean I can’t cook. Right?” He says with a smirk and a raised eye-brow.

I smile and fill up my plate with toast, scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms. Yes, we had a continental spread every day. Mom and dad both were in high positions in different MNCs. They both were highly travelled and preferred the western culture over Indian. The breakfast would more often than not be a spread of toast, fruits, muesli, sausages, mushrooms, eggs and juice. Occasionally mom prepared some Indian delicacies too. I’m filled with emotion as I think about the Gobi-paratha she used to prepare. I realize that I already miss her.

I am tempted to immediately talk to dad about this, but as I look across the table I feel sad for him. He had spent half his life for us and mom had just walked away overnight. He had given us every luxury that money could afford and was one of the most humble persons I knew. It shocked me that mom had left him. I felt hurt and betrayed by her. And the fact that she had chosen to not take me with her only added on to it. I wait for dad to bring up the topic as I slowly nibble on my breakfast.

Wow. Dad, these eggs are delicious. And the mushrooms are perfectly done.” I say in amazement.

See, didn't I tell you I could cook.” He winks.

He looked happy. In fact I had never seen him this cheerful before.

Did you get the recipe off the net?” I ask him curiously.

Naah, it’s my secret recipe. The one I used to make as a bachelor, when I stayed in Mexico.” He says proudly.

I’m proud of him and take a second helping of the mushrooms. I hear the beep of the microwave go off.

What is that?” I ask.

Wait.” He says and walks towards the kitchen.

He comes back in a minute with some baked beans and serves a helping on my plate. I am more than thrilled by now.

Awesome. Mom never made this, I so love them. Thanks dad.” I smile my brightest smile.

Hahaha, I did not make it darling. I got it from the super market. I just thawed it in the microwave for a minute.” He settles down again.

Hmm, good idea. It’s yummy.” I say sounding pleased.

So I guess you’re bunking college today?” He asks.

I nod as he smiles.

Great, I’m not going to office too. Let’s have some good time together today. If you are okay with it, that is.” He looks at me seriously.

I look at him and feel for him. His hair has gone grey in a few areas and his skin has wrinkled. His eyes looked tired due to lack of sleep. But there was something about him that was different. Something that I couldn’t point out.

Sure dad. I have no other plans anyway.” I finally say.

Good, let’s have a good breakfast then.” He says and serves himself some beans.

We make small talk and he mocks me about not having a boyfriend. We talk about a lot of things and he eagerly listens and offers his opinion. I’m fascinated by the things he tells me and about the places he has travelled. I have listened to these tales before, but never with such enthusiasm. Dad's face had a wonderful glow as he was telling me about his achievements. His animated conversations made me chuckle. I was having a really good time as I had never seen this side of my own father before.

I help him clear the dishes and we carry our cups of coffee and head towards the balcony. It was winter and the sun shied away behind the clouds. The weather was pleasant and had notes of warmth and chill in it. I look at dad. He has closed his eyes and was inhaling deeply as if soaking in the whole atmosphere. He looked free. He looked peaceful. It worried me. We had had a long conversation over breakfast and he had not mentioned mom even once. What was going on, I could not understand. I look away and search for some answer in the clouds.

My dad puts his arm across my shoulder.

Maya, I know you have a lot of questions in your head. But believe me, what is happening is happening for the best.” He pauses.

But….” I try to butt in.

Your mom did not leave you Maya. She left me. She loves you a lot, so do not ever doubt that.” He continues.

But she left me too right. She said that herself.” I argue.

She did. But she left you for me. She knows how important you are to me.” Dad takes a deep breath.

So? Am I not important to her?” I ask sadly.

My dad looked surprised.

You can’t think that way Maya. You are important to her too, but she knows that I cannot live without you. That’s why she left you with me.

I was not understanding whatever he was trying to say. I just wanted the answer to one question.

Why did mom leave, dad?” I come straight to the point.

She couldn't stay with me anymore. That’s why.” He says blankly.

But why?” I’m angry and confused.

My dad looks away.

Dad, tell me. Why did she leave?” I yell this time.

I never loved her, Maya. There always has been someone else.” He says slowly.

To be continued.

~ Soumya


  1. You have GOT to stop distracting me from work, woman!! :O I'm gonna get kicked outta here :P

    I like where this is going....:)

  2. ahh!! here i see it again the only line i don't like... "To be continued." :-o Waiting for the next part

  3. This is turning out to be very interesting.

  4. It's going too well, never read a more sophisticated piece of divorce story ;)

  5. Waiting for the super twist to unfold in the coming parts. Twists have become major part of your fiction :) :).

    P.s : Sent you a friend request in FB. Accept it Milady ;).

    1. Thanks dearie :)

      I did not find any FB request in your name. Please resend.

  6. OOO! Intrigue!!

    Write faster :P Dont make me wait too long :P

  7. Hidden feelings for so long? That's consistency man! :P

    Interesting there, but did I not tell you she couldn't have killed herself with that approach? :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. What if it was not hidden? What if the wife knew about it? Man, you so make your assumption right :P

      Yeah Einstein you did :D

    2. It's fiction ain't it? The basic premise of the story is an assumption, what wrong would a few of mine do? That is the beauty of fiction, it's a game where you try to imagine what is going to happen, or see things from a perspective. I call it engaging with the story. Is it that bad? *insert puppy face here*

    3. Hahaha, okay fine its not bad. Hmmmph! :D


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