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The Orange Girl

She stood out in the crowd, with her bright orange shirt that was clumsily knotted around her waist revealing a belly button piercing, that I noticed later. Her jet black hair angled her face beautifully and gently dropped down her shoulders. Occasionally she ran her fingers through her hair, showing me bright orange nail paint. Wow, how I hated the color orange! Yet, my eyes remained glued to her. There was something about her that made me feel a rush inside, I wanted to be like her. Bold, honest and confident. The woman next to her had short cropped hair and was dressed in a jump suit. The orange girl, kept talking to her constantly. They even shared the same soft drink.

I could watch every move of hers from the angle I was standing at. I was just about to go talk to her when someone tapped my shoulder.

"Yes?" I turned back, only to look at a stranger.

"You need some water?" The lady asked.

I smile and politely decline.

When I turned to look back at the orange girl, I caught her looking at me. But she didn't look away. I continued to look on. There was something about the look in her eye, that intrigued me. Her eyes looked a lot like mine, except that she had done it up in gold while I had used a blue liner. My friend next to me, asked me if I knew her. I say no. I did not know her, but somehow I wanted to be like her. I wanted to feel free.

She walked towards me and observed me closely with a hand on her hip. I plainly looked at her, without saying a word. After a second, I smile. She frowns..

"Sorry. I love her. We want to get married. So, I'm not interested." She points to the woman in the jumpsuit and walks away swaying her skirt.

I stand in awe watching her walk away. This is what I want to be like. Strong and not scared to voice out my opinion. The day suddenly seemed worthwhile.

I was at a LGBT convention to offer my support. My boyfriend's NGO had organized this event. It turned out to be the best day of my life ever.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

~ Soumya


  1. Nice read :-) To be honest and to show courage and raw freedom of speech is one thing. To be labelled 'outspoken and arrogant' is what comes later. The society.

    1. Society pushes us down in every step. If only people could stop caring about it. Sigh!

      Thanks Anita!

  2. It was gripping from the beginning and was wondering where the story was leading to till you broke the suspense at the end.
    A topical story

  3. Very nice indeed. I want to be like her too; totally in love with who I am.

    1. Thanks Nisha. Just make the choice, be her :)

  4. Relevant story for the present times, Soumya. Well-expressed :)
    We all yearn the need to experience and exhibit the kind of freedom.
    "Man is born Free, yet he's in Chains..." May Orange girls & boys pave the way for freedom & change...

  5. I must say, a very well written and intriguing post :)

    All the very best for the WOW :)

  6. Hey I have tagged you in the PASS contest post in the following link

    If you are participating then I hope you will accept my tag :)

    1. Sure I will. Thanks for tagging me, I was postponing writing this post for long :)

  7. Soumya...A first-timer is here at your blog and is certainly impressed.
    The 'Do i smell fish' thing is awesome!!!
    And this post, its one of the finest WOW posts i have ever read. And excellently you have tapped the ongoing issues for LGBT in India.
    Best Wishes

  8. A very nice read, I could relate to the first person character in the story. Because in life, I have felt many a times that I should let go of my inhibitions and take it in the stride. But finding it hard! Hope someday I get there.

  9. Madame, Take a are just brillant


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