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To My Unborn Daughter

Having children is a blessing they say. I've stayed away from this thought until now and shall for a long time. If ever I decide to have children, I would want to have a daughter. No, I'm not gender biased or a feminist, but somehow I never have "wanted" a son. My husband agrees on this. One of the reasons why we have stayed away from parenthood is the mounting expenses that come along with pregnancy and raising a child. Yeah, we are not afraid to admit that. We want to be completely ready before we welcome our daughter in to our lives. We do not want to feel a pinch or let her feel the same. She would be the biggest gift for us and we would not let anything bad come close to her. We want to give her everything we have. Without expecting anything in return. We brought her into this world, so we would not want to burden her with anything.

Education, luxury and moral values is what every parent would want for their children. But along with that I would want to give my daughter a few basic gifts.


I would love her unconditionally. No matter what comes close to her, it should pass by me first. Good or bad. I would want to be a friend to her, when she needs someone. And a mother, when she's about to cross a line. Also, I would teach her to love. I would ask her to love everyone around her and embrace them. I would be happy if she falls in love and would support her through it. I would teach her the importance of love in life and that would be my biggest gift to her.


I will gift her the feeling of being secure. All her ambitions and aspirations would be fulfilled. My husband and I will invest in a financial plan for her that will take care of almost all her needs. Plus, we will also invest in a plan for us, so that we can take care of ourselves tomorrow without burdening her. We will assure her that, we are there for her as and when she needs something. So that she will have the freedom to dream and make the choice she wants to. She would not have to compromise on her life to take care of us when we grow old.


She will grow up to make mistakes. She will have regrets. But I shall teach her how to move on and how to hold on to the magic word, 'Hope'. I would not let her give up on anything and accept defeat. She would be my King Bruce who will try and try till she succeeds. I will make sure that no matter what obstacle is in front of her, she will face it bravely until she gets past it. Hope will give her the strength to listen to her inner self and to not quit. I want her to believe in herself. And in me.

The art of unlearning

She will grow up to learn a lot of new things and might even become a scholar. But I will gift her the art of unlearning. As and when she learns something new, she needs to unlearn something unnecessary. I do not want her to carry any pent up emotions or unused knowledge within her. Periodically and subconsciously, she needs to make room for new things, by letting go of old things.


No, not her mandatory education ones. I shall introduce her to the fantastic world of reading. I shall gift her a new dream and a new learning everyday in the form of books. She should be well learnt in all aspects of life, that will help her grow without any glitch. Books will open up many areas of interest for her and thanks to having a secure life she can pursue anything she wants. Fiction will inspire her to dream, non-fiction will teach her about the harsh realities of life. Books are enough to prepare her for her journey of life. It did for me. I'd want to pass on this gift to my daughter.

These are the special gifts that I would want to pass on to my daughter. Also, I shall make sure that she passes it on to her children and they to theirs and so on. I may or may not leave behind monetary heritages, but this, I shall make sure I do. I want her to understand the basics, before she goes on to live a life of her own.

If she gets her basics right, I know that nothing can stop her from having a secure future.

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~ Soumya


  1. Hey gooood one!! You would make a great mother.

  2. Nice things to wish for teach one's kid.But what makes me wonder is how you are sure that the child would be a girl.I am sure you would teach the same values and some more if it were a boy!!

    1. Boy or girl, the gifts shall remain the same.

      Thanks KP.

  3. I'm sure you'll make an awesome mother and the gifts that you'd give to your daughter are precious that will not only help her in securing her future but also make her a better person. Good one Soumya :)

  4. Wonderful gifts, Soumya :) So lovely that you wish to beget a daughter. But, it's not in our hands really. it's God's will.
    As the mom of a daughter, I support your outlook.

    I have tagged you for the PAUS activity.
    Pl do check out my post-
    Will be wonderful if you respond to my tag with your Post.
    Hope you accept. Do let me know in the Comments Section of my Blog!

    1. Let us see what God has to offer :)

      Thanks Anita! Welcome to my space here :)

  5. The best gift to give a child is its right to live its life by its own choices, while parents play the role of 'Enablers' and not someone who decides the entire life of the child based on their own dreams.

    By that standards, your daughter would have the best.. All the pointers you listed would help her make her choices and live her life, in her way :) :)

    1. Totally agree, they will be free to choose whatever they want :)

      Thank you!

  6. Such a wonderful mother you will be Soumya. Its a beautifully written and artistically organized post. The first picture, womb wrapped like a gift.. ah! So wonderful...
    Loved it... :) All the best for contest my dear..

    Happy New Year...

    Loads of Love

    1. Thank you so much my dear :)

      Happy new year to you too!

  7. I see a "perfect" future mother here ;)

    "One of the reasons why we have stayed away from parenthood is the mounting expenses that come along with pregnancy and raising a child" - Kudos! :) I don't understand why most of the couples are afraid to admit this :S, Going after your rest of the description, this actually means you have started taking care of your baby even before she/he (notice the preference :P) is born ;)

    And yes, if you can teach her/him the art of unlearning and learning, she/he will evolve as the most knowledgeable person among us ;) Trust me, it will be the best gift for her/him :)

    Stay hopeful and blessed, lioness!

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