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Desperate Housewife

"What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have nothing else to do? How will I go out now?" My husband yells as I quietly chopped carrots and potatoes.

I planned on making vegetable pulao for dinner, as he had just returned from Delhi this evening. He was a struggling businessman trying to make a name for himself some where. He travelled almost every day trying to find investors for his online pharmacy idea. Nothing had materialized so far though. I tried to be a supportive wife but at times it got on to my nerves. I mean, he had a high paying job at a big MNC and he quit it to start off his dream project. We are surviving on his savings and it has been more than a year since we had money pouring in. I wanted to take up a course and try to contribute to the income, but he was strictly against it. I had to give in.

"Meena, are you listening to me?" He yells again.

"Relax Ramesh. I just went out for a drive. I did not intend to exhaust the fuel." I try to calm him down.

"Your drives are costing me a lot, my dear. We hardly have anything left in our bank account now." He sits down with a thud.

"Don't worry, darling! Something will come across soon. Don't give up now." I place my hand in his.

He hugs me tight. Such bouts of frustration were common at our place. But still we loved each other to no end. He was just about to kiss me, when his eyes fell on a box on the table.

"No, not again Meena." He lets me go and rushes towards the table.

"Its just a...." I start but he stops me.

"What is this now? A mop? Another mop? Are you crazy?" He turns red in anger.

"It is supposed to clean really well. And you have no idea how important that is to a house wife like me." I argue.

"Three thousand for this? God, your online shopping shall bankrupt us soon." He throws the box and walks out.

I get back to chopping the vegetables. Since Ramesh was so busy with his business, he never took me out anywhere. Not on a date, not to a movie and not even shopping. I downloaded all the latest releases and watched them when he was away. Every month he bought the groceries himself and the vegetable vendor arrived at my door step everyday. At times I would not get out of the house for weeks. Thanks to online shopping, I was able to make my purchases here and there. Clothes, make up, house hold items etc was all bought online. Ramesh felt that I was spending too much money, but what else could I do. I was bored to death with each passing day. And occasionally if I do step out, I'd never have the right clothes or shoes to wear. He understood my plight, but at times the frustration got the better out of him.

And then one day everything changed.

I found an online site that changed the idea of shopping for me. Initially shopping meant spending money, but now suddenly it meant savings and earnings. I had come across this site on a boring evening of surfing. I could not believe it at first, but later I got hooked to it.

I started buying the things I wanted to, much to Ramesh's chagrin, but he did not say anything much because I was not asking him money every now and then. He kept quiet, thinking that I was saving a rupee or two. But the inflow of things increased. I even bought books for him to relax. I bought him books that could enhance his business acumen and he was pleased. I even bought him small gifts every now and then to cheer him up. But, one day, he got suspicious.

"Are you asking money from your folks?" He asks with a sad face.

"No Ramesh, why would I do that?" I say with a shocked expression.

"Then all these things?" He looks around.

"Do not worry, its all under control." I say proudly.

"Do they let you bargain at online stores now?" He teases.

"Yes, they even provide me coupons and cashback." I say with a straight face.

"Wooo lady, are you like high on something?" He raises an eyebrow.

"No darling, come take a look at this now." I laugh and take him to this site.

With eyes open wide, he went on click after click. He finally looks at me and hugs me tight.

"Thank you my dear. For understanding my struggle and supporting me through it." He gets emotional.

"I love you Ramesh. I'd do anything for you. And more over I do not have to give up on anything now. Nor do you." I say with a smile.

Now that my shopping budget was cut in half, we managed to get past the next few months easily. Finally a deal came through for Ramesh and we started getting a small flow of regular income. But nothing has changed for me. I still shop at GoPaisa and continue to save. I was only a house wife before, but now somehow I am contributing to the income. Ramesh is proud of me and that's all I need. We are yet to hit the jackpot with a big deal, but I finally have got back the man I fell in love with. No more frustrations and fights. Only love.

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~ Soumya


  1. Enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing

  2. Beautifully Written :) Just the perfect blend of emotions as always !!

  3. That was an enjoyable little tale Soumya.. All the best for the contest !!

  4. Beautifully written... All the best for the contest!

  5. You always come up with new stories with a pinch of twist and something new :-) All the best Soumya:-)

  6. You always come up with new stories with a pinch of twist and something new:-) All the best Soumya:-)

  7. all the best.. want to try this out.. seems good.. :)

  8. You really caught my attention in the first half!!!! :) The expressions and feelings so resonated with me...

  9. Nice story, Soumya :)
    2-in-1 love stories- Hubby-Wife & Wife-Shopping :)
    Best wishes :)

  10. Very interesting story!!Thanks for sharing..To find more details Click here


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