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Z - Zaara

Zaara stood at the entrance of the prison, hoping that they would let Veer out at least today. Her eyes looked as far as they could see, gleaming with love. And hope. As usual, the sun set and she walked away slowly. The prison guards noticed her, but nobody spoke to her. Nor did she. She came in everyday for the last twenty years, waiting for Veer to walk out of the gate as a free man. Veer was the love of her life. Being an Indian on foreign soil, he was arrested when he had come to ask for her hand. Zaara was not allowed to meet him, a promise she had made to her orthodox father. Yet, she came in everyday just to check if he was set free. She did not intend on meeting him, she wanted to honor the promise she had made to her late father. She wanted to see him only once. She would live the rest of her life with the memory of that moment. Guards had changed in the past two decades, yet every new guard knew her story. " I feel for her, man. I really do ." One guard tol

Y - You

With the brightest smile ever And dressed in blue I was already impressed The first day I met you Times with you felt like magic Every time you taught me something new I was a well learnt person myself But I found a teacher in you I was going through a tough time Holding my hands you helped me sail through You did not say much then But your eyes said I was special to you Days passed and so did months Love somewhere had begun to brew I wasn't sure where this was going But I still wanted to be with you When we had to give it a name Love it was we both knew I did not shy away from accepting it I was glad to be a part of you When you asked for my hand in marriage To all my fears I bid adieu I already knew it in my heart I wanted to be a wife to you It has been three years since then Our love still feels fresh as dew No matter what happens tomorrow I'll forever be crazy about you ~ Soumya

X - X-Ray Vision

You know, some powers are not limited to James Bond or mutants alone. And well, not only to machines too. Some people have an X-ray vision, such that, if you stare at people for long enough, you would be able to see through their clothes. And more often than not, these people put this power to test.  Jokes apart, have you ever felt a man's gaze fall on you so much, that you begin to feel naked? Or a lady staring at you in such a way that you might as well as be naked? Man, at times I am so tempted to gouge out the eyes of such people. Everyday I face this harassment as I wait to board an auto to my office. Thanks to the Bangalore auto drivers, I need to stand on the street for at least five minutes before I find an auto that will drop me to the office at the meter price. Those five minutes are living hell to me. I'm usually dressed in formal pants and shirts, or salwar kurtas. Yet, eyes scan me like I am standing stark naked on the street. Although its mostly men who

W - Weight

I was a very chubby kid, with plump cheeks and a round belly. And then I grew up! After the age of three, I grew tall and the weight distributed itself along my length making me skinny as hell. I was lesser than a size zero and no matter how much my mom tried, I was not able to put on weight. I, on the other hand was more than happy with myself. I did not care about what people said or what advice they gave. Some people automatically assumed that I was thin because I came from a middle class family and that we couldn't afford to eat much. No kidding. I stayed skinny for twenty five years. People advised my parents on calorie rich food, protein shakes and what not. Even though they did not care about what people said, when people rub it on their faces they start giving a little damn. While some were ridiculing me for being thin, some envied me to no end. There were rumors about how I was on a constant diet to remain thin. Yeah right! For those who know me, they know one thing.

V - Virginity

" What do you mean why I didn't bleed ?", Anu asked Rohan. After being in a relationship for two years they finally had taken a vacation together to the hills of Shimla and today was the first time they had "done it". " This was your first time or have you been hiding something from me ?", Rohan asked with a straight face. The straight face still remained when Anu packed her bags and left that night, calling off their relationship. Another love lost due to the holiness of virginity. Linking to Lillie McFerrin Writes for the topic Vacation . ~ Soumya

U - Umbrella

(Pic:  Finland, 1968, photo by George F. Mobley ) Its name is synonymous with romance Makes you forget all your pain It helps you hide the hurt and tears This miracle is called rain It is a blessing from the heavens With a chime it falls on your window pane It makes you trace your finger on it Your inner child comes out with the rain The gentle paper boat sliding by Or the massaging effect on your mane What is there, that's not to like All that you need, comes with rain It doesn't let others judge you Nobody out there can ever complain It brings out the inner poet in you That is the magic of this rain The balloons may end their life They shall get strewn in every lane It has the power to jewel them up Watch the color through a drop of a rain It sure has passion in every drop The power of it shall never wane There is no need of an umbrella For two lovers in the rain Linking to The Magpie Tales: Mag 216 . ~ Soumy

T - Trespassers

For some reason I absolutely love the word trespassers . I like the way it sounds, giving the person saying it a stylish accent. I have been aware of this word for quite a while now, but it caught my interest only a while ago. I have never had the chance to include this word as part of a conversation (apparently I did once, but I cannot remember). Thanks to all the attention that people are giving to my life these days, I feel like I should carry a placard with me that says ' Trespassers will be prosecuted '. I do not like interference any where. Be it in my professional life or personal, unsolicited advice or opinion is not something that I will take lightly. If you have managed to trespass and enter my area, the best you do is shut up. Quietly watch what is happening and leave. If you decide to ask unnecessary questions then be prepared to hear a mouthful. I like silence. I like to do things by myself without having anybody around. Especially at work. Most of my wri

S - Style

I am a narcissist. I am always obsessed with the clothes I wear or the way I do my hair. My husband once challenged me to not look into the mirror for fifteen minutes. I lost. Its not like I am God's gift to mankind, but I try my best to look good. I do not know much about style and fashion, I'd leave it to the wonderful fashion bloggers like Chandana . But I have my own unique sense of style and I'd stick to it. Earlier when I was stick thin, I liked wearing denims, T-shits and sneakers. They highlighted my frame neatly and helped me balance the tomboy and feminine look with a single outfit. I was a size 'XS' back then. At times I wouldn't get clothes my size in brands. Until I was twenty five, I remember shopping in the clothing section of kids. Yeah, embarrassing much. Once I started work, I had to steer a bit towards formal dressing. That is when I stepped into Westside for their Indian wear. The 'XS' kurta hung on me like an 'XL'. Yet,


When I started blogging, I visited a lot of other blogs to read their content. I followed the ones I liked and politely left the ones I did not. Some of them came back to my blog via my profile and followed it. Some of the new followers dropped in comments saying that they were a new follower hinting that I should follow them back. Some I did, because of the amazing content on their blog and the others I did not. The ones whom I did not follow, promptly came back to my blog and unfollowed. True story . Now, I hardly realize who followed or unfollowed, but back then when I had just 4 or 5 followers I could easily make out who came and left. That is when I realized that life somehow is based on the Return on Investment or the ROI concept.  People left kind words as a comment hoping to get back something in return. People followed my blog wanting me to follow them back. Well, why should it work that way always. I, being the honest fool, always choose to leave honest comments an

Q - Queen

I have been waiting for 'Q' to talk about this movie. There is nothing outstanding about Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen, and that is what makes the movie work. The movie is not only for feminists, it is for everyone and for all ages. By now everyone knows that the movie is about a girl jilted at the alter and how she takes off alone to her honeymoon. Some call it a coming off age movie and the movie is exactly that, to a certain extent. For me, the movie was something that would make people believe in themselves. No matter how young or old, no matter educated or not. The movie mainly works because of its supporting characters and not the protagonist alone. The cast adds the necessary drama and humor to every frame, especially Rani's brother and father. This is not a review, it is a celebration . Queen undoubtedly is one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. Bollywood and other languages included. My pointers from the movie: ~ Lisa Haydon. She

P - Pompous

She looked beautiful. The tight blouse highlighting her breasts and tapering down to her svelte waist. Her face shone and her lips looked ripe in red. She ignored the crowd and did not rush behind cars like the other girls. She liked to feel important, hard to get. It worked, as most of the men flocked to get a piece of her. She took her time to make her choice, promising others the next night for a double pay. She felt like the queen as she walked towards the nearby car. Her gait was filled with pride. But she knew the truth herself.  Pompous on the outside, hurting inside. ~ Soumya

O - Orange

Colors have only begun to make an appearance in my life recently. For a really long time I was this black and white person. I always saw things only in black and white and that was the philosophy of my life too. It was nothing to do with my state of mind though, but people seemed to think so. And I let them make their own assumptions of me. Most of my clothes were either black, white or a combination of both. My blog also was the one with a black background. It's not like I hated colors or anything. I just did not feel the need to have colors around me. Actually, I never even thought about it. It all changed about three years back. I slowly started bringing in colors to some elements here and there. If I have to wear a color on me, I first try it in the form of a nail polish. I take my own sweet time to get used to the color and then pick up a piece of clothing. I know I am weird, but this always works for me. Of course not all nail enamels make it to being a top or a pan

N - Needles

I was nine, when it happened for the first time. He came to my room with something in his hand, while I was fast asleep. He woke me up with a kiss. I remember slightly opening my eyes and smiling, as I saw my favorite uncle in front of me. He was my dad's elder brother. He pampered me a lot and always got gifts for me. But this time the gift was different. I looked closer to see what was in his hand. Something was shining against the dim moon light. I sat up and saw that it was a syringe with a long needle. " What happened? " I slowly slur. " Sshhh... You will not know anything ." He says and plunges the needle into my arm. The next day, I woke up without my pajamas. I was bleeding between my thighs and the pain was excruciating. I was unable to sit up as I look around the room for help. My uncle walks in with a wide smile on his face. I look at him with fear. " So baby, did you feel anything ?" He asks with an evil grin. I begin to cry i

M - Make Up

My parents are dark, so if I was born with a fairer complexion, it would have triggered more suspicion than joy. Yet, I was ridiculed for not being fair. I remember a cousin of mine placing her hand next to mine and asking me to notice the difference. I just stared blankly while she roared with laughter. I did not feel bad for myself. I was wondering what was she laughing about. What was she seeing that I couldn't? Obviously there was a difference in the color of both our hands. But what is so great about it? Should I be concerned or depressed, I did not understand. I knew that she was trying to mock me. Some people feel good about themselves only when they put others down, so I let it be. I was about eight years old at that time. Twenty years later, that incident still remains fresh in my mind. As a teenager, I had a terrible case of acne. I knew it was a passing phase, so I did not bother to do much about it. But the people around me never let me be. Everyone from aunti

L - Love

I was more in love with the idea of love The first time it ever happened to me It sure was the most beautiful feeling Only wonderful things then my eyes could see Slowly the person came into the picture Love didn't look all so beautiful then It was not rosy nor magical It was only about how, why and when Walking away from love is always tough I struggled with the tears and the pain But the effort I put into letting it go Thankfully did not go in vain It was easy to get all cynical I could have turned into a misanthrope But I held on to myself and the feeling I never gave up on faith and hope In a short while, I fell in love again It was beautiful and magic too With a different person the feeling varies It all depends on the point of view Although it did not last long This time it was easy to let go No more tears, just a lesson Love helped me understand and grow I have never been afraid to love Its something

K - Kill Bill

" You could not kill Bill ." The voice echoed in my ears for the tenth time. I shut my eyes as I felt the failure seep through me. It was my fifth attempt at killing him and I couldn't do it yet. Raman Sir would not be pleased. He had given me a lot of money for this. How could I do wrong every single time? I finally regain my composure and look at Bill. He looked calm and composed smoking as he stood against the lamp post talking on the phone. This was my chance. I take aim and shoot. Damn. Bill ducked at the right minute as the phone slipped from his hand. The bullet hit the lamp post and sent some chips of cement in the air. Bill ran away. For the sixth time. I was ashamed and embarrassed. This had never happened to me. I always got my victim on the first shot. But somehow Bill always seemed to know how and when I would attack him. Strange. How could that be possible? I look at the video game instructions once again, it did not say about any artif

J - Jealousy

( photo by Kelsey Hannah) I watch him through the glass door His smile still captivates me He hasn't noticed me yet How will he react if he does see Should I walk in and talk to him Or has he forgotten me and moved on We had broken up two years ago But love for him in my heart was never gone I have craved for him every second Today he is in front of my eyes Amidst the crowd he stands out My feelings for him how can I disguise Like pixie dust, his presence falls on me I'm transported to a different place I watch his lips move as he talks I'm so tempted to go kiss his face Then I watch her arrive in style She straight rushes into his arms She kisses him lightly on the lip Oh yeah, she sure had the charms His eyes then said it all That he was happy with someone new Probably we were never meant to be Maybe we were too good to be true I turn green looking at her She was perfect in every sense My inner envy w

I - Ignorance vs Innocence

Not so long ago, it was considered bliss For me it has always meant foolishness Ignorance has no other meaning It only means that you have learnt less Very similar sounding words they are Yet very different in every sense Innocence dwells with wisdom Ignorance binds you in an invisible fence Ignorance is a matter of pride to some If only they knew the true meaning of it Its a choice that they have made Later they shall deal with the guilt Innocence is a charm, ignorance isn't It clearly is a misunderstood word Some say they like being ignorant I personally find it absurd Lack of interest is the catalyst For this almost dreaded disease Open up and try to embrace life With knowledge you shall find peace Accept the fact and learn more Enough of this unsaid ignorance Do not try to desperately cover it up Under the cloak of innocence ~ Soumya

H - High

Yes I'm talking about the drunken high. The only mallu connection I probably have is that I love my drink and enjoy it. No sir, no mocktails and wine for me. Although I do enjoy wine along side a late night movie, I any day prefer rum over any other drink. Old monk with coke and lots of ice. I could kill for this combo. Cal turns out to be a Old monk loyalist too and the first time we met, we drank five larges each. I do not shy away from alcohol. Its not like I drink and fall on the streets everyday. I drink occasionally and I love it. Its a welcome break for me and I do not drink to get high and forget my sorrows. I have no sorrows. I drink to relax and I know how much I can handle. Cal has no problems with me drinking either. Its a win win situation for him, because now he does not have to depend on his boys to go out for a drink. His wife enjoys the same drink as him. What more can he ask for? Alcohol is not a taboo and is definitely not an attribute of the rich. I k