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J - Jealousy

(photo by Kelsey Hannah)

I watch him through the glass door
His smile still captivates me
He hasn't noticed me yet
How will he react if he does see

Should I walk in and talk to him
Or has he forgotten me and moved on
We had broken up two years ago
But love for him in my heart was never gone

I have craved for him every second
Today he is in front of my eyes
Amidst the crowd he stands out
My feelings for him how can I disguise

Like pixie dust, his presence falls on me
I'm transported to a different place
I watch his lips move as he talks
I'm so tempted to go kiss his face

Then I watch her arrive in style
She straight rushes into his arms
She kisses him lightly on the lip
Oh yeah, she sure had the charms

His eyes then said it all
That he was happy with someone new
Probably we were never meant to be
Maybe we were too good to be true

I turn green looking at her
She was perfect in every sense
My inner envy was not letting me believe
That I now will be used in his past tense

His happiness would haunt me forever
So will her pretty, flawless face
By the time I could wave a goodbye
He had left without leaving a trace

Linking to The Magpie Tales: Mag 214.

~ Soumya


  1. for some strange reason....(no, not entirely strange...i know why...) I could identify with this rhyme.... reading this stirred some hidden emotions inside me.....oh my..u put me on a long road trip!!

  2. Bang on! Although I would always consider myself more pretty :)

  3. Beautiful!!!
    I could actually feel it all... It felt like it was happening with me...

  4. oops, and it happened yesterday that after three long years I saw him with his live-in girlfriend...yup that killed me (not literally)...and before..could feel each and every line of that poem, (what an irony)
    really a gripping write up hny..:) :) Well written

  5. His happiness would haunt me forever...these lines touched !!

  6. Ah !! I dont want to be living this. I rather stay with the man! :D

    1. You never will have to go through this. I have full faith in the Funk man ;)

  7. Did u just miss K???? bahahaha :p

  8. Lovely, Soumya! Great flow of words :)
    Congrats for 300+ Followers, girl:)

  9. Jealousy is a thing which none can avoid! A dangerous thing :) Beautifully written

  10. Ah yes, seeing an ex with his new girlfriend always pinches and if that new person is better than me in looks then I go definitely green with envy ;)

  11. Helpless jealousy for something that is really not worth it. All of us have been there.


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