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K - Kill Bill

"You could not kill Bill." The voice echoed in my ears for the tenth time.

I shut my eyes as I felt the failure seep through me. It was my fifth attempt at killing him and I couldn't do it yet. Raman Sir would not be pleased. He had given me a lot of money for this. How could I do wrong every single time? I finally regain my composure and look at Bill. He looked calm and composed smoking as he stood against the lamp post talking on the phone. This was my chance. I take aim and shoot.


Bill ducked at the right minute as the phone slipped from his hand. The bullet hit the lamp post and sent some chips of cement in the air. Bill ran away. For the sixth time. I was ashamed and embarrassed. This had never happened to me. I always got my victim on the first shot. But somehow Bill always seemed to know how and when I would attack him. Strange. How could that be possible?

I look at the video game instructions once again, it did not say about any artificial intelligence. But how did Bill manage to escape every single time?

~ Soumya


  1. Ha Ha! Perfect! Loved it, Soumya :)

  2. Lol! And all this while I was thinking it was Tom & Jerry!

  3. I did not understand this one at first . Then I did, after some assistance . X-D

  4. Lol lol. There's some games that are just that gruelling!

  5. Oh! I never thought in that direction! That was a good one, Soumya :)

  6. WOW! Something I never expected.

  7. Thank God it was only a video game, maybe there was some artificial intelligence after all ;)

  8. You are a magician of twists ... loved it as always :D

  9. Heeheehee, maybe you should leave a gap between the story body and the punch line because I read the ending first and then the story :P
    Like I have said, I like the way your short stories go, choppy and crisp!

    1. Its not my fault that you read the ending first!!!! :D

      Thank you, my love <3


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