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Action Replay - August

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August finally left and it left behind heap loads of wonderful memories. The month started of brilliantly and a gift appeared everyday until the birthday. I have the best husband in the world, who surprised me day after day. We could not take a vacation because the day of my birthday was also the day of the Varamahalakshmi festival. There were pujas at home and hence we had to stay back. Cal and I are not home bodies at all and hence we were itching to get out. And when we finally did, we painted the town red. We spent a long time at the place that holds too much of memories for us. We spoke at length and had a relaxing day. Since it was a festive day, we had to stay clear of alcohol and meat. But we made up for it on the weekend. Oh yes, this time it was not a birthday, it was a birth week; and I was pampered to the T. I couldn't get anymore luckier.

This month was hectic in terms of work. But I enjoyed the ride as I was learning something new. I am a workaholic and go out of my to learn and complete my work. I was over working a bit and Cal was worried, but I made sure that my work does not eat into our time together. Cal and I have been exploring a lot of eating places in Bangalore and we are loving it. The foodie in us lives on and is very content. We also took up sports this month. Every weekend we go pay badminton to exercise our muscles and burn out the calories we ate during our exploration. Both of us together have somehow found a balance in life. It works perfectly for both of us and that is all that matters. A few people think we might be going overboard by doing everything together. But why get married if you don't want to do things together? Luckily for me, Cal has the same interests as I do and he is the perfect companion for every thing. Be it a game of scrabble, a sport, reading or travelling. 

I read three books this month. My target was to read one book a month, but I guess I surpassed it. Thankfully, all the books I read last month were good. Also, I was thrilled when a author contacted me directly to review her book. Rasleen Syal checked out my reviews on Goodreads and loved my honest and blunt take on the books. She sent me her book and without a doubt 'Happily Murdered' is one of the best books I have read in recent times. Especially by an Indian author. You can read my review here. After these three books I picked up 'Lolita'. I had started this book sometime back and had put it down when a few other books came for review. I started re-reading it from the first again. I was amazed by the language and the flow of words. Yes, yet again. But turns out, this book is jinxed for me. Work load increased, leaving me with no time for reading. Also, a couple of other books came in for review and 'Lolita' is back in the shelf now with a book mark on the 74th page. By the end of next month, I am going to finish it. I have never let jinxes get the better of me. I never will either.

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In July I won the giveaway at Red's blog. But the gift did not arrive until August. Hence I did not write about it then. I was supposed to win a different bag, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, that bag was no longer available. So instead, the designer sent me a minaudiere from her latest collection. I was never a fan of orange, but this one I love! This one also is prized at almost double of the original prize. But yeah, I am not complaining. Thank you Red and Tarini for this. A couple of other consolation wins too. I won an ASUS bag at a contest on Indiblogger and a Rs. 5000 Flipkart voucher at a contest on BlogAdda. I have high hopes from the 'WhatTheBlack' contest, as I feel that I wrote a very good post for it. Fingers crossed for the results. Hope my lucky streak continues.

My posts continue to be published on Women's Web, and it gives me a thrill as it brings out the feminist in me. I also took this silly quiz on Facebook, that told me that I was born to be a writer. Well, it does not seem all that silly anymore. Writing gives me happiness that I have never felt before. Except when I am in love. That happy tingling sensation that you feel inside. Yes, writing gives me that. Turns out I am a Logophile. A lover of words. And it gives me immense pleasure to put those words in motion and make an emotion out of them. Because that is the effect words have on me. Everything might ebb away later, but words shall always remain deeply rooted in my heart. Because I know, with a few words I can change a story.

August was a beautiful month in terms of everything, just like how it is every year. September has started of wonderfully too. Why not, after all it is Cal's birthday this month. And I'm whisking him off to our favorite destination Goa, so that we can celebrate his turning thirty in style. Everything is booked and everything is planned. I even have a custom made gift for him. I always like adding my personal touch to his gifts and he absolutely loves them. So the next weekend will be long for me and finally I also get a much deserved vacation. Looking forward to it.

So, how was your August?


  1. Seems like you had a great time!
    Mine was awesome too... Which began with gifts from BlogAdda on WhatTheBlack...
    Read as much as 4 books...
    And landed in the US of A for the first time!

  2. I'm guilty about not completing Lolita too. Somehow, I got stuck somewhere in between. Let's just hope I can make it through. And Congrats on all your accomplishments for the past month. I really hope you bag the What the Black contest too. I still remember that yours was one of the best I read.

    And how weird is that my husband is celebrating his birthday this month too?! LOL. He's a Libran. And that's just what a Leo needs- some balance! Wishing Cal a Happy birthday from me :)

    1. You too? We sure are soul sistahs :)

      Happy Birthday to your husband!! Cal is a Virgoan though. I surprisingly get along so well with him. I had a previous relationship with an earth sign. My fire tore it apart. Somehow Cal's earth and my fire have found a common ground somewhere.

      I sure will :)

  3. nice work buddy.. sounds you are done most of the days.. keep sharing more cool articles..

  4. AUGUST was awesome no? and rightfully so since it was your birthday.
    WOW so many gifts and so many prizes!!!
    Hope September is as awesome!! My birthday is this month toooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Thank you for mentioning the bag :)

    1. Yahooo, its your birthday!!!! :D

      It was about time the bag was mentioned :)

  5. 30th in Goa - I did that too and totalllyyy loved it. No matter where in the world I go, Goa is THE best place :) (P.S. Do go to Club Cabana if you haven't been there yet. And the beaches that are further up North. I just love giving these tips :p)

    And I have said this like a hundred time before; still I will say it again - I love your replay posts because they are inspiring in so many ways :)

    1. Goa is my heaven. The peace I get there is unmatchable. I love your tips too! :)

      I'm glad you keep coming back for them.

  6. An awesome August you had there Soumya. Lucky you :) Hope you have a lovely September as well :)

  7. August beat me up badly, I ma just getting up now. Reading your post gave me the energy, Congrats darling!

    Wish Cal on my behalf, will you?

  8. lovelyy :) super congratulations for all your awards. Lolita is one book which I really wanted to read. Have been wanting that for quite some time now. Hopefull soon :)I hope you have an awesome time in goa :) Birthday wishes to Cal :) You know I ended my august in Goa :)
    Oh and by the way, I have started a similar post in my blog. The inspiration is totally you :)
    Cheers gal. Hope you are having an awesome Septmeber :)

    1. Thank you so much my love! I just read your post and absolutely loved it! :)

      Cheers, may your September rock too!

  9. woww, loved your post :) I love reading books and my latest sidney sheldon's memories of tide is complete.....Shiva triology is in progress....


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