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Finding Myself

Image Source: Magpie Tales

Today I can smile with my heart
I have now let go of the fight
I have made peace with my existence
Like the sun, I shall shine bright

I shall no longer hide from the world
A broken heart cannot break me
I have erased the bad memories
With hope filled eyes, I can now see

I am an important person myself
I do not need someone by my side
I shall learn to live on my own
Taking whatever comes in my stride

Today I woke up feeling great
A sense of independence comes from within
I put on my best dress and make up
Loving myself shall no longer be a sin

I have hid behind a man enough
Now is the time for me to rise
My lips are adorned bright red
Now smiles shall replace the cries

I can feel the warm breeze outside
The peace within me makes me dance
I shall grab this with both hands
I will not let go of this second chance

I am on a vacation all alone
This alien room is now my friend
I shall fill it with wonderful memories
Every emotion shall now be penned

I shall live now feeling free
I shall be my own magic elf
During this tumultuous experience
I have finally found myself


  1. Wow! A strong independent woman is who I see :) Who owns herself :) Loved it, Soum!

    1. You are always the first one to comment and how I love that! :)

      Thanks, love!

  2. That was beautiful....being at peace with yourself...loving yourself. Absolute independence!

  3. I love how you rhymed it so perfectly !

  4. I love poetry that rhymes and you have some strong connection with that ;)

    I really don't know what to comment after reading so many poems by you. You are just really good at it and reading them is a pleasure :)

    1. Thank you so much Anmol. You have been really kind :)

  5. This is such an inspirational piece! You should send it to some female oriented magazines.

  6. Vacation alone is great fun.
    Nicely done :)

  7. Simply fall in love with your phrasing. And your theme is inspiring too. Lots of kudos, Soumya.

  8. The prompts you take and the verses you make! Man, this one's brimming with hope and life.

  9. "I shall live now feeling free
    I shall be my own magic elf
    During this tumultuous experience
    I have finally found myself" --- and I stand up and applaud :-)


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