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Pay attention, listen carefully
Do you hear the waves of the sea?
This soothing and calming feeling
Is what peace is said to be

Close your eyes, come close
Can you hear my heart beat?
Can you feel the love through it?
Do you want the chime to repeat?

Raise your hands, hear the music
Let it seep through your blood
Can you feel the awesomeness?
Within you, let the magic flood

Written for Theme Thursday - Theme: Listen.


  1. That just flooded me with a dose of magic, inspiration and cheer. Thank you for that! :)

  2. Lovely...
    And very meaningful.
    Particularly relevant to today's times when nobody has time!!!

  3. to hear the sounds of nature (and of love too!) is a deep joy in itself! lovely poem :)

  4. Felt like I was walking along a beach side :) Lovely!

  5. I am looking for that peace. Maybe this weekend I will again visit the beach and watch the waves :D

  6. If only we humans can find the time to listen .. I love sitting by the sea and just listening to the waves they do make music


    1. Oh yes, but people do not get that these days.


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