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Worded Colors

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I'm swept away by a tornado
Lost in the chimes of the purple fountain
I walk along the lanes of blue leaves
Finding my way up the red mountain

I'm awed by the floral path
Pink sunflowers sing me a song
The sun seems to be shining bright
I pat them on their head and walk along

Leaving me yellow with their touch
The bumblebees cross my way
Then I hear sweet giggling tones
I see orange unicorns laughing away

I sit beside the green stream of water
The fishes come up and glare at me
I smile at them with utmost joy
Like a mirror in their eyes I can see

The lemon tree bows down at me
Offering me its ripe plump fruit
A single bite of it tastes so sweet
Then I'm carried away by a parachute

I find myself in the turquoise clouds
A flock of birds come along to greet
I feel like flying without wings
As butterflies now caress my feet

I'm taken away to a different planet
Everything here seems to work by magic
It has a hint of every word I've read
Joy, love, lust with a note of tragic

My black and white life is long gone
I now find hidden colors every where
The feeling within is so serene
As I sit and read in my floating chair

This is the world I belong to
A world so deep beyond its looks
I die often and am reborn everyday
This is my magical land of books


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