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The Shopping Season

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December is here and along with the Christmas season, it is also the shopping season with almost every store putting up a sale board. Christmas is a beautiful season, there is always happiness in the air and pixie dust falls on everyone. Santa is watching and soon it will be time to buy and stock gifts for all your loved ones. But do we have the time to do all that shopping? My clients have a leave from 19th Dec until the New Year to celebrate Christmas but we have just a day off and nothing more. So how to complete shopping for a big fat family in just a day? And do we have the patience to parade from store to store, surviving the crowd and the dizziness? Well, I don't. Last week I went shopping with my best friend. We went to the famous Commercial Street of Bangalore that houses almost every brand that you can think off. This place also has innumerable street shops that sell everything from bright accessories to Jodhpuri jootis. As much as I enjoy the vibrant color on the streets, I have lost the will to shop from stores anymore.

Blame it on the easy online shopping, but it pains me to walk into a store and choose and pick. The worst part of it all is the long queues in front of the trial rooms. At times there are girls standing there with more than ten pieces of clothing. Just when you have spent hours trying on clothes and finally pick a couple of them, the billing counter haunts you. Thanks to almost all the crowd of India getting settled in Bangalore these days, the number of people in everyplace of the city has multiplied tenfold. I have had hallucinations and panic attacks from a single day of shopping. No, I'm not kidding.

I was skeptical about online shopping for a while until now. All I bought online was books. But after some prodding from my husband, I picked up a few clothes from Myntra and Flipkart. They arrived soon and fit me perfectly. I was happy. The next time I bought something, it did not fit well. It was taken back and replaced very soon. I began getting used to this comfort. From then on, there was no looking back. I only buy stuff online these days. Apart from jeans. That is something I have to try and test before picking up. It will take quite some time before I get the guts to pick up jeans online. Online shopping is a boon to people like me, who hate shopping. Yes, I probably am the only girl on the planet who hates shopping. Normally I'm done with shopping in about 20 minutes or so. I seriously do not have the passion or the patience for window shopping. I go to a shop, pick up what I like and get back. So online shopping is best suited for me.

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Online shopping can be tricky at times. There are a lot of sites offering the same item at different prices. By the time you check them all you would have lost the zest the buy the product itself. That's when I found 'Buy Hatke'. With the help of this, you immediately come to know if any product is available at a lower price on any other site. This is a boon to online shoppers. Another fascinating thing a website can offer are the best coupons and vouchers like the one and only Find the biggest sale; The Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) being supported by the couponing website.

Unlike other sites, this site does not need a registration. I have used their coupons quite a number of times and was glad that their coupons always work. Saving money while shopping is equivalent to a good bargain on the streets. Either ways online shopping is on the higher rung here.

Flipkart is best for books and since I have a lot of vouchers from them, I try to shop as much as I can on their site only, plus, I try the Flipkart coupons easily made available at CupoNation to save more while shopping. I love their quick delivery and service. The returns are easy and no sweat to the buyer. They have a lot of options in clothes, but you need to be very careful by buying them. As much as possible, stick to brands. They can never go wrong. At the same time it never hurts to try some new brand too. Roadster by Myntra has some awesome clothes. Some of them might appear tacky, but once you go through carefully you shall find some great ones. Limeroad is another personal favorite of mine. Their clothes are classy and for the modern woman. Their service is a bit slow, and an order usually takes more than a week to get delivered. Their returns are slow and painful, but their products are really good. If you are willing to wait for the order, then it shall surely be worth it.

Shopping has become so easy for me now that I'm at peace and now my shopping is done under 15 minutes. One click and I'm sorted. Now it is the festive season, look out for the best deals and as much as possible use coupons or try to get cash back. They are very easy to use these days and save you a lot of money. So tell me, do you prefer online shopping or the traditional shopping? If online, which is your favorite site to shop from?


  1. I am still in that stage where I shop only books online. Because I can pick with confidence. Clothes and electronics, I am paranoid about shopping online that I will not be satisfied or might not be able to pick the correct size/choice.

  2. Great reading this post, Among my friends I am the only one who does not enjoy window shopping, the long queues and even trying out clothes. Always thought I was the odd one out - feeling happy to hear there are more like me .
    Yes I was apprehensive about online shopping for clothes, but am slowly getting over it. Thanks for sharing the coupon site.

    1. Oh yeah, I'm that sort too! Maybe it takes time to finally shop everything online.

  3. I hate crowdy markets :( and all that bargaining :(
    Online shopping it is for me! And now that they have return policies too so definitely online
    Plus I am so lazy :P


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