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India's Daughter

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I shall wear whatever I want
That's not an invite for you to touch me
I'm a woman just living her life
Why is it so hard to just let me be

I am not just curves and breasts
I have a heart and feelings too
I'm a human being just like you
But of course this you don't think through

My lifestyle doesn't define my character
I am free to do whatever I like
I can wear shorts and crop tops
Get tattoos and even ride a bike

I can drink as much as I want to
That doesn't mean I'm an easy target
Stay away you lecherous moron
Your morals you do not forget

I have had enough of this torment
I'm not going to succumb to your fear
I am Durga and I am Kali
I shall fight you with my sword and spear

I will tear apart that hand of yours
If you try to lay it on my body
Nothing about me is wrong or bad
It is your upbringing that is shoddy

India has forgotten about me
I shall remind them after your slaughter
I speak for all the women here
For I am this country's daughter

People need to realize that
I am the pride and not the shame
Rape is never my fault
Do not try to malign my name

I shall fight till my last breath
These goons should be put behind the bars
They are the victims of a deadly disease
I'm not the one who should hide my scars

Do not underestimate my power
I might look small and talk nice
If you want to see the burning courage
You need to look into my eyes


  1. A topical poem full of justifiable rage against the beasts of passion.If only women could add to their armour of pepper spray and chilly powder,a training in some martial art,they can keep the criminal at bay till help reaches.

    1. Women should do that. I hear a lot of women are taking up some self defense classes these days.

  2. Wow! That is such an amazing poem. This is my first time here and I am so glad to have found your blog. Will be dropping by to read more from you.

    1. Thank you Shantala! Please do keep coming back :)

  3. Wow!! Hats off to you for writing this poem. You have put forth all the emotions that the daughters of India are feeling at this moment in this poem

  4. India's daughters need to be like Durga and Kali...the poem reminds me of "Nirbhaya"...very well done Soumya...

  5. I think you put across the sentiments as clearly as only if those who don't know this understood!

  6. Beautiful poem! A great way to make a statement Soumya. :)

  7. That is super powerful writing Soumya! More power to you and to all of us!

  8. What an awesome poem Soumya! I think you have captured well what it must be like for other India's daughters. :) <3

  9. What an awesome poem Soumya! I think you have captured well what it must be like for other India's daughters. :) <3

  10. Brilliant poem. Absolutely loved it. We all need to have a bit of Durga and Kali within us. The last verse is my favourite - a powerful warning.

  11. Burning courage - Love that line and that feeling of taking your own life in your hands. Well done.

  12. This exactly is what we all need! We should make posters of this poem and deliver it those assholes who dared to rip a girl's life.

  13. Your poem is bold and brave and honest!!

  14. This message needs to be stated loud and clear! That last stanza is a strong ending to a powerful poem.

  15. Bravo! Well said, Soumya! You have expressed those emotions through a medium that you excel at- poetry.

  16. May the daughters of India prevail! Love the spirit of this.

  17. I recently saw the documentary. What really hurts is the mindset of people even in this modern age. Rape is never a victim's fault, and yet she is the one who has to suffer the most. Your poem reflects the pain and the anger powerfully. Hope we soon see strict actions against these criminals, and also the ones defending them with lame reasons.

    1. The mindset is something that will never change. I hope atleast the law does.

  18. you expressed your feelings authentically , it is a powerful poem and a reminder for every women that they are in no way lesser than men to be dictated by them

    Lost In Her Eyes

  19. Its just sad that we are regressing... :(
    And honestly speaking, I am scared most of the times when I am outside travelling alone... :(

  20. In the light of recent events your poem voices very important points. I hope Indian women get the respect they deserve.

  21. Loud and clear. I like it! It's a message that needs to be repeated again and again.

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