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Z: Zoe

Image Source She sits on the balcony sipping black coffee from her yellow mug. A few drops of rain graces her face and she smiles. Her wind is creating havoc with her loose hair and yet she sits there quietly. A million thoughts in her head and more than a million emotions plaguing her. She looks at the bright orange hibiscus flowers around her and smiles. She has nurtured them with so much care and love. These plants were her children and she loved them like a mother, always fussing over them. The tiny palm tree brushed her hands as she patted it. It had grown taller she realized. The wind grew stronger and the skies turned a dark shade of grey. But she did not flinch. She sat on her chair, sipping coffee thinking about everything and yet without a worry in her head. She was fearless and did not accept the norms of the world. She lived in her own world of black and while and added ample colors to her life. A dollop of yellow for happiness, a tinge of red for power. A drizzle o

Y: Yellow

Image Source It feels so pleasant to look at It looks soothing with a hint of fun Be it the light color of a ripe lemon Or the bright rays of the shining sun It can be serious as well as playful An emotion can be associated with every shade When it slowly kisses the deep blue sky Watch it turn a precious jade It carries happiness within a flower And spreads it all around the place With a smile it welcomes you Embrace it and you find solace There is so much beauty in it It can immediately perk someone up I see it everywhere around me From paintings to my morning coffee cup I absolutely am in love with this color Peaceful, chaotic, wild and mellow It defines me in more ways than one The powerful, magical sunshine yellow Linking to the  A to Z Challenge .

Let's Multitask

Image Source After using windows for the longest time, I felt the need to move to android. The current phone that I use is good enough, but not great. Also it has been more than six months since I have used this one. My husband and I have been wanting to change our phones for a while now. Yeah, this is a tradition that we have followed since we started seeing each other. We both buy the same phones and at the same time. It is really important to us and a lot of our work gets done on the phone. My husband is a social media marketeer and I am an avid blogger. All my comments get published via the phone and I even read up a few blogs through the phone. Then a shop a lot via the phone. Another application that is really important for me is Instagram as I upload a lot of pictures online. My husband tweets like there is no tomorrow and it is very important to us that our phones help us get all these tasks done without any compromise. With a whole lot of new phones doing the rounds an

X: X-Rated Hypocrisy

Image Source Warning: This post contains more than one occurrence of the words sex, porn, fu*k etc. If such words are known to hurt your religious or any other beliefs, then please stop reading right now. Or if you want to spread the word and inform people about the "vulgar" things I write about, then it is time to start dialing now! " It was not like this during our times ", " The new generation is so dirty ", " Women these days need to dress properly ", " The Internet is to blame for all this ", " She is of bad character, look at what she is wearing ". How many time have we heard our elders use these words? Atleast for me it has been one too many times. I remember years ago when MTV was huge and we had awesome music on it. These days all they have are serials after serials. But about ten to fifteen years ago, it was all about what the channel stood for. Music. My grandmother used to sit, frown and cuss when my cousi

W: Work

Image Source My first job was at the age of eighteen. I had just finished my pre-college and had a long break before my classes for graduation would start. There was a new mall opened in town and they needed people to promote it. My friends and I jumped at the opportunity and were chosen among the hundreds of teens who applied for it. It was a job for two weeks and we got paid daily. All we had to do was wear colorful T-shirts carrying the mall's name and walk around distributing pamphlets about the new space. It might seem menial to a lot of you guys, but for me that would always remain my first job. I took it up not because I wanted to make money to spend. And definitely not because my parents could not afford to give me money. I took it up because I had a lot of free time in my hands. And strange as it may seem, I enjoyed the job. Two weeks later as I held the few thousands in my hand, my heart felt a sense of satisfaction. I felt a sense of independence and the thought of

An Alkaline Health Boon

Image Source Have you ever wondered how much of your body is water? The percentage of water varies according to your age and gender. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age. Water is a basic right for all us living beings. We cannot live without it and it is the most important component of our diet. We may crave for fruit juices and aerated drinks, but nothing can quench thirst like plain old water. But most of the normal tap water or bottled water or Reverse Osmosis water and distilled water contains acidic pH that causes our body to become more acidic. This causes dehydration, making us weak and attacking the immune system of the body. Water needs to safe before drinking. The acidic water we consume has a positive ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) which could lead to a numb

V: Viscious Cycle

Image Source : The text is all mine. Linking to the  A to Z Challenge .

U: Us

Image Source I thought I had got the picture right I worked hard on getting the correct shade You came along at the perfect time Ensuring that the colors never fade As I look back across the years I can only remember life with you You were the partner I was looking for You are my dream that came true I did not need anyone else You were everything to me A friend, a lover and a soul mate Beyond you my eyes couldn't see Crowds began to repel me Everyplace I was searching for your face With you everything seemed so nice But without you I was lost in a maze It was just you and me every where Together we faced and battled it all At times I kept your spirits up And at times you prevented my fall Holding hands we came a long way Everybody wanted to break us apart The poor souls did not know that We were strongly connected in the heart Time and again challenges we faced We saw the true colors of everyone around We learn

Say Yes To Leggings This Summer

Image Source Denims are the go to comfort clothing for all of us. The only problem with jeans is that, the fabric is thick and tight. This causes a lot of discomfort during summers. Now since summer is here, it is time to pack the denims and embrace something else that is more comfortable, light and versatile. Not everyone of us is comfortable wearing skirts and shorts during summer. Most of us have body issues and some just do not carry it off. Linen pajamas, dhoti pants, palazzos are the new trends, but the most comfortable trend during summers has always been leggings. They are thin, light and so versatile. They can be worn is so many ways and in so many styles. They help you protect your legs from the nasty sun burn and provide warmth once the sun has gone down. Styling a pair of leggings is the most easiest thing to do. I shall show you a few styles here. Plain black leggings: Black can be boring during summers, but when styled right the look can stand out. Pair the leg

T: Travel

Image Source I never bothered much about this word until I met my husband. When you come from a lower middle class family, the only thing travel means to you is using the local bus to get to school/college and back. Even auto rickshaws were considered a luxury back then. Apart from yearly visits to mom's maternal house four hours away from Bangalore, travel meant nothing else to me. Every summer we used to go visit mom's house in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It was the country side and the house was situated on the banks of a river. There were no fancy games or technological gadgets. It was just us cousins and an open ground to play in. We used to go fishing, trekking and played hopscotch endlessly. My vacations to Kerala were limited. We only went there when someone was getting married or when someone died. Once I grew up and started working, travel meant business. I traveled to different countries on work and on a tight schedule. This left me little time to explo

Bangalore Delivers

Image Source Technology had taken over almost everything for us now. We people are getting lazier by the day and only technology is to blame. Now we can get everything from the very comforts of our own home. Shopping is now just a click away and everything just comes to us without any hassle. Some people say that technology is nothing unless we can download food. Although that seems almost impossible we have something close to it. Home delivery for food. This is a concept that existed even before the online boom happened. At that time only pizza's were delivered and it was considered a luxury. But if you look at it now, food delivery in Bangalore is prevalent everywhere as almost every eatery home delivers their food. Spoiling the already spoilt people. Bangalore is a huge food hub we know. Recently we have seen a new culture of food trucks as well that is doing really well. Yummy, scrumptious food, cooked fresh in a truck and served hot sounds tempting already. Apart from

S: Scars

Image Source We all have scars, but nobody is willing to accept it. I for one am proud to accept that I have scars. Both on the inside and on the outside. I am not ashamed of my scars, infact every scar has been a lesson or an experience for me. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look flawless as the scars are hidden under a layer of make-up. But when I'm stripped to my own skin, I see them. Up, close and personal. I also see the scars hidden inside me. The scars present in my heart and my soul. It's natural for me to look deep, once I look into the mirror. Exactly why it is important for me to do good. I want to look into the mirror and feel good about myself. The day I'm unable to do so, would be the day I have failed in life. Thankfully that has not happened until now. I look into the mirror and feel good about myself. Yes, irrespective of the scars. I have a scar on my right forearm. This was from when I was a baby and rolled onto a hot iron box. This remind

R: Rain

Image Source The first drop tickles my skin The sweet petrichor fills me up I'm watching the scene from my balcony Book in hand and some tea in a cup The rain drops seem to play a tune The wind plays havoc with my hair I'm busy enjoying the freshness About nothing for now I care The plants around me slowly dance As the rose buds begin to bloom I see a rainbow hugging the sky Crafted from God's wonderful loom Along with rain, comes the memories Good, bad and everything in between The wonderful nature paints a picture More beautiful that anything I've seen That is the magic of rain It takes me to another place A place where everything seems right A place that gives me ultimate solace I watch the downpour in awe How it has cleansed the entire lane Some come out to enjoy it Some just watch it from their window pane The emotion most attached with rain Is the powerful one called love The drops make you cr

Q: Quill

Image Source " And then the lady smiled and disappeared ." I say as I watch the children around staring at me in awe. " Grandma, how do you know these stories? " The youngest of them asks. " I make them up, in my head ." I say with a smile. " You should write a book, Grandma. Then I can read it on my Kindle ." Another little girl chirps. " I have a lot of stories in my mind, yes. But they are not worthy of your gadgets. You children have access to almost everything these days. My stories are nothing but a way to pass time. " I say adjusting my glasses. " No Grandma, you should write them. I shall bring my Ipad for you tomorrow. You should write. " The little girl continues. I look at her with admiration. Such a young girl and yet aware of everything around her. It was not like this during my time. Back then, we used to wait for our grand parents to get free so that they could tell us a story. But they hardly

P: Pretense

Image Source " You are so lucky to be married to him. He's so awesome ." My friend gushes as my husband pecks me on my head and walks away to mingle with his friends. I nod as she continues to sing his praise. Sahil was the perfect husband after all. He pampered me so much and bought me everything that my heart desired. I was drenched in diamonds from head to toe and it was all because of him. My friends loved him and he was a darling off the press. Inspite of being a super star he was so modest and down to earth. Today we were at the success party of his latest movie. In a week's time the movie had made hundred crores and the producer had thrown him a lavish party. Almost everyone from bollywood was here and they continued to hug and congratulate him. Champagne poured like there was no tomorrow and the party was a huge success. The press was clicking away frantically as I slowly sipped on to some wine in the corner of the ball room. I look around and see so

O: Ocean Of Life

Painting by Daria Petrilli  Every day the paper talks about me About rape, murder or harassment But nothing happens after the news A few words is only what it meant Does a woman's life mean nothing Am I that easily replaceable Has my position been reduced to a puppet Will I ever be considered to be able A lot of questions plague me today Am I a curse or am I the pain Why is that even in the 21st century My birth is considered to be a bane I am not an object of sexual desire My body is not someone else's playground Pleasing a man is not my only duty To the mankind I'm not bound I have my own dreams and desires My parents are not losers by siring me A daughter is precious in her own way But the blinded society cannot see Will there ever be respect for women Or will I continue to struggle Will I be able to walk with head held high Or am I expected to drown in trouble It scares me to think about the future At

N: Nidhi

Image Source They isolated me as soon as my daughter was born as in the quest of a male heir, they forgot humanity. All the hospital bills were paid for and they left my suitcase and my things in the hospital room and left. Even my husband did not feel the need to come and see his new born child, he just left me a wad of cash. I collect my belongings and leave the cash untouched. I have all that I wanted with me; my treasure, my daughter Nidhi. *In the context of Hindu mythology, Nidhi is a treasure, constituted of nine treasures belonging to Kubera, the God of wealth. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Isolated ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . Linking to the  A to Z Challenge .

Loafing In Style

Image Source During summers my husband gets really agitated. The heat coupled with the sweat makes it very difficult to wear shoes and wash up regularly. He is the causal jeans and coverse kinda guy, but in summers it gets really hard to wear sneakers and walk around. So this time, I bought him a pair of loafers to try it out. Since he was wearing them for the first time, I kept it subtle and bought him a tan colored pair. To coax him more into wearing it I also got him a matching tan belt to go with it. From the minute he wore it, there was no looking back. It is easy to slip on and the comfort level is extremely high. The fit was perfect and the basic color went with almost piece of clothing. The next day we placed an order for a blue pair. When it comes to loafers, it is important to buy the right fit as more often than not loafers are worn without socks. We do not want the edges to be protruding out. Also buy them in airy material with enough ventilation. Some loafers do no

M: Marriage

Image Source He is the apple of my eye. The man whom I love the most in the world. He is the one who I live for and who makes life worth living. He is the one for whom I will do anything. He is the one for whom I shall die or kill. He is my strength and my weakness. He is the only one that matters in the world to me. I give him the biggest piece of cake and the unburnt toast. I give him the rounder chapati and the juiciest part of the fruit. I make food that he loves at any given time of the day. He is the the most important part of me. He is my husband and I love him. But I do not worship him. He is the man of the house and I am the lady of the house. He is no king and I am no queen. Together we both make a home and we are together in everything. He talks, I talk. He listens, I listen. He doesn't help me in doing the chores. There is nothing called my chores or his chores in our relationship. We do all our chores together. More than love, it is the respect that holds us to