Z: Zoe

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She sits on the balcony sipping black coffee from her yellow mug. A few drops of rain graces her face and she smiles. Her wind is creating havoc with her loose hair and yet she sits there quietly. A million thoughts in her head and more than a million emotions plaguing her. She looks at the bright orange hibiscus flowers around her and smiles. She has nurtured them with so much care and love. These plants were her children and she loved them like a mother, always fussing over them. The tiny palm tree brushed her hands as she patted it. It had grown taller she realized. The wind grew stronger and the skies turned a dark shade of grey. But she did not flinch. She sat on her chair, sipping coffee thinking about everything and yet without a worry in her head.

She was fearless and did not accept the norms of the world. She lived in her own world of black and while and added ample colors to her life. A dollop of yellow for happiness, a tinge of red for power. A drizzle of green for peace and a splatter for purple for chaos. It was all there, as a part of her. Her very own rainbow, she likes to call it. Of course it does have a pot of gold at the end of it. The way to which only she knows. After all she is the one who paved the way for it. She walked on thorns, sticks and stones to find a way for herself in this hypocritical world. People dragged her and tried to poison her with every turn, but she was not the one to give in. She threw the poison at them and walked on.

Today as she sits on her balcony on a rainy evening and watches the rain play pitter patter on her window pane, she feels a sense of satisfaction. She had love in every form with her, but it was nothing when compared to the hatred she was subject to. People wanted her to be like them. Men wanted to dominate her and women wanted to enslave her. She knew that the world is a really bad place but she knew how to survive it. She was not the one to fake smiles and plunge a knife at the back of others. She believed in hitting where it hurts and right in front of the person. Hidden games and conspiracies were not for her. For her there were only two sides. The right side and the wrong one.

She looked at her bright red painted nails and thought that it looked too bold. She loved it. You see she was used to being honest that she did not realize that everything around her was a lie. It took her time to see through the true colors of people. But when she did, she only saw liars and she hated them. And she made no effort to hide it. She did not understand why genuine feelings should be hidden. Love or hate. Feelings need to be shown. The strong coffee swam through her throat filling her veins. She felt stronger and powerful with it. She was doing good with her life and she was famous in her own way. But she remained rooted. You see, she had not forgotten where she had come from.

Mother nature continues to pour and she had finished her coffee by now. She stood up and walked to the outer portion of the balcony that had no roof over it. The cold water touched her bare feet and tickled her. She smiled and continue to walk ahead. The water drops fell on her as she stood with her arms open wide, embracing everything that came her way. It was so typical of her. She took everything by her stride and found a way to get past all odds. She was strong, people hated that. She knew what was right and wrong. People resented that. And most importantly she knew the truth. People loathed that.

She knew all of it but it did not matter to her in any way. She loved her life and the man by her side. She was not overtly religious, but today she knew that God was blessing her. God had put her through so much, only because God knew that she would be able to handle it. All this while she thought God was testing her and she was right. God was getting her ready to face the world. After all, she is God's favorite child!

She is hope, she is faith. She is love, she is lust. She is you, she is me. She is joy, she is Zoe.

** Zoe means life in Greek.

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Y: Yellow

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It feels so pleasant to look at
It looks soothing with a hint of fun
Be it the light color of a ripe lemon
Or the bright rays of the shining sun

It can be serious as well as playful
An emotion can be associated with every shade
When it slowly kisses the deep blue sky
Watch it turn a precious jade

It carries happiness within a flower
And spreads it all around the place
With a smile it welcomes you
Embrace it and you find solace

There is so much beauty in it
It can immediately perk someone up
I see it everywhere around me
From paintings to my morning coffee cup

I absolutely am in love with this color
Peaceful, chaotic, wild and mellow
It defines me in more ways than one
The powerful, magical sunshine yellow

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Let's Multitask

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After using windows for the longest time, I felt the need to move to android. The current phone that I use is good enough, but not great. Also it has been more than six months since I have used this one. My husband and I have been wanting to change our phones for a while now. Yeah, this is a tradition that we have followed since we started seeing each other. We both buy the same phones and at the same time. It is really important to us and a lot of our work gets done on the phone. My husband is a social media marketeer and I am an avid blogger. All my comments get published via the phone and I even read up a few blogs through the phone. Then a shop a lot via the phone. Another application that is really important for me is Instagram as I upload a lot of pictures online. My husband tweets like there is no tomorrow and it is very important to us that our phones help us get all these tasks done without any compromise.

With a whole lot of new phones doing the rounds and a lot of invites being sent, we are confused as to what phone to buy. Each phone is as different from the other as it is similar. ASUS is a brand that I trust when it comes to laptops and I have heard really good reviews about the ASUS phones as well. So I spent some time in doing research to understand what is it that makes these phones so special. And when I was done, I realized that the new ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine our smart phone experience and be the perfect assistant to us.

ASUS ZenFone 2 is world’s 1st smart phone with 4 GB RAM. This sounds perfect for a multitasking couple like us. I usually have atleast four apps open on my phone and struggle when the phone hangs. With the 4 GB RAM this problem would easily be eliminated. My husband and I are both not the ones to play games on the phone. We need the phone for more serious activities and this would be the best phone for us. Also since we both are on the go most of the time, we hardly find time to charge our phones. Both of us carry a power bank with us all the time making the entire charging process very tedious. The ASUS Zenfone 2 supports ASUS-exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than normal speeds and this helps the phone charge up to 60% within 39 minutes. How quick is that?

Now comes my Instagram craze. This device is the perfect thirst quencher for me when it comes to photos. The ASUS Zenfone 2 has a pixel master camera that captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag and it employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. So no matter what time of the day it is, I am now free to take as many pictures as I want under what ever light I want. The phone looks sleek and is compact and can easily fit into the back pocket of my jeans or my clutch. And another reason why this phone if perfect for us is the price. At under 15,000 this phone is the best in its range and is easily affordable.

I'm looking forward to redefine our smart phone experience as we wait for the arrival of our new ASUS ZenFone 2 smart phones.

X: X-Rated Hypocrisy

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Warning: This post contains more than one occurrence of the words sex, porn, fu*k etc. If such words are known to hurt your religious or any other beliefs, then please stop reading right now. Or if you want to spread the word and inform people about the "vulgar" things I write about, then it is time to start dialing now!

"It was not like this during our times", "The new generation is so dirty", "Women these days need to dress properly", "The Internet is to blame for all this", "She is of bad character, look at what she is wearing". How many time have we heard our elders use these words? Atleast for me it has been one too many times. I remember years ago when MTV was huge and we had awesome music on it. These days all they have are serials after serials. But about ten to fifteen years ago, it was all about what the channel stood for. Music. My grandmother used to sit, frown and cuss when my cousins and I used to watch this particular channel. She thought that this channel shows porn as the veejays were skimpily dressed. One day she sat me down and told me that I am not supposed to watch such channels and I should inform my brothers of the same too as she is "shy" to have this talk with them. I said okay. Then we sat down to watch an episode of Mahabharata. The women there wore no blouses, bathed in public and were married to several men. The men leched at women and put them at stake while gambling. That was when I decided to have the talk with her. Well, it explains why I was her least favorite grand child.

Always our elders talk about how neat and perfect things were during their time and how things have gone bad now. I believe that things were always bad. Back then it was done behind closed doors and now it is done in the open. If you ask me to choose the better era I would choose the new one because atleast people are honest about what they are doing. It is the age of pre-marital sex now and have you noticed that no matter what the topic is, a few elders can always connect it to sex. And have you also noticed that it is only the middle aged people who obsess about sex so much and discuss it in detail. They want to know what protection you are using, how often do you do it, and how you do it. If a husband and a wife are spending some time in their room, it doesn't mean that they are having sex. They might be working or reading for God's sake. If a woman wakes up late, it doesn't mean that her husband kept her "up" all night. He might be snoring for all you know. If a woman is in a hurry to finish the chores and retire to bed, it is because she is exhausted and wants to sleep. Not because she is in a hurry to go get laid.

We are one hell of a hypocritical nation. The land of the Kamasutra having images like these on our monuments. We shy about introducing sex education in schools, but watch porn in political meetings. And some old uncle will always have something to comment about a woman, her body or her clothes. Same with old aunties as well. They talk about sex like it is a taboo. If they think it is taboo then why on earth did they indulge in it? Our population does not tend to show us that sex is a taboo. I mean seriously, what the fu*k were you guys doing? Oops, I might have just answered my question here.

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Have you seen old movies where a man is trying to seduce his maid in the absence of his wife, or a woman being gaped at by a crowd of men. No, I am not talking about porn flicks here. They are a different story all together. When will the old generation ever understand that Internet does not mean porn alone. Knocking at the door of your son's room to check what he is doing is a disgusting thing to do. Commenting on the clothes a woman wears is nobody's business. The clothes women wore during their era is worthy to be mentioned here. Atleast in the south, there was this concept called half sarees. This is a hideous costume where you wear a blouse, a matching skirt and drape a veil around yourself like a saree. This leaves your stomach, waist and hips exposed. And a woman wearing jeans these days is of bad character. Wonderful!

Sex was the most important activity during their times and all people would do was to either have sex or talk about it. These days I have come across so many middle aged people who have nothing else to talk about. If I tell them that I'm going on a vacation, they smirk and say that it is a honeymoon. If my husband is letting me be the way I am, it means he is doing that only because I'm providing him sex. Some women would even want to know the menstruation details of a woman. How many days?  It is disgusting to say the least. If you think about all the people who have made noise in the Virat-Anushka controversy, those are the middle aged uncles who have nothing else to do. If you look at the people who talk about a girl's character, they are those old aunties who watch serials just to know who is sleeping with whom. If it is a dance competition and a man and a woman are dancing closely, it is assumed that they are sleeping together.

It is their minds that are dirty. The new generation atleast has the balls to do things out in the open. If the elders tell me that there were no rapes, no porn, no homosexuality during their times, I would laugh my ass off. That is the problem with our country. Anything behind closed doors is accepted, but do it out in the open and it is blasphemy. Today we live in a country where a man is allowed to rape, but a woman is not allowed to masturbate. And it is not only the men who believe in it. Honestly, the people who talk about sex, and ill about women are mostly women. They watch their bloody crappy serials on TV where everyone is sleeping with everyone and enjoy the show. And then they try to connect it with real life. The elder generation is single minded and that is their problem. Being broad minded to them means accepting sex and the things associated with it. They can talk about it, and it will run in their minds 24x7, but they will not accept it.

If this is not hypocrisy, then what is?

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W: Work

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My first job was at the age of eighteen. I had just finished my pre-college and had a long break before my classes for graduation would start. There was a new mall opened in town and they needed people to promote it. My friends and I jumped at the opportunity and were chosen among the hundreds of teens who applied for it. It was a job for two weeks and we got paid daily. All we had to do was wear colorful T-shirts carrying the mall's name and walk around distributing pamphlets about the new space. It might seem menial to a lot of you guys, but for me that would always remain my first job. I took it up not because I wanted to make money to spend. And definitely not because my parents could not afford to give me money. I took it up because I had a lot of free time in my hands. And strange as it may seem, I enjoyed the job. Two weeks later as I held the few thousands in my hand, my heart felt a sense of satisfaction. I felt a sense of independence and the thought of making my own money made me feel proud.

Before my big job of being a techie, I did a lot of promotional jobs. I prepared interview questions for a renowned consultant, I sold hair oil right outside a super market, I helped sell furniture during a home needs expo, I hosted a couple of events at newly opened malls and I did modelling for a day (I hated it so much that I quit the next day). I took up these jobs to make my own living and not depend on my parents for everything. I wanted to be independent and I put my heart and soul into every single job I've worked on. I took up jobs during semester holidays and started fending for myself. I was already studying on an educational loan and being able to take care of myself in every way made me so happy, content and satisfied. My parents were proud of me too!

The day I got placed in the biggest IT company of the world, my happiness multiplied ten fold. Six years and ten months have passed and I could not be more happier here. A lot of my peers have switched jobs and are making twice the money I am making now. But I do not care. I love my job here and no amount of money can take that away. Coming to work every morning makes me feel so good and calm. I know that I have the capacity to take care of myself and this independence is what is most important to me. I do not want to live off someone all my life. I do not want to ask someone money for my basic needs. And I strongly believe that a person should indulge in luxuries only if they are making the money themselves. Taking money from your parents, husband/wife, friends or others just so that you can show off is something I find extremely disgusting. Every person is given some or the other means to fend for themselves. And I absolutely loathe people who do not bother to lift a finger to earn a living for themselves.

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Work is worship for me. In every way possible. My work has made me the person that I am today. The days where I did promotional jobs to make money, thought me the importance of money and made me a humble person. Even today, no matter how much money I make I think twice before spending every penny. No, it is not because I'm a miser. It is because I have not forgotten where I have come from. Work doesn't only mean money to me. Work is the place where I spend most of my time and it will always be the most important thing in my life. I have learnt so much over the past years and I continue to learn. I have risen up the ladder based on my own merit and I feel so thrilled to be considered one of the best employees of my gigantic company.

No job is menial, every one is here to make a living. Have you seen a few rich folks making fun of the others who are not as blessed as them? Such people deserve to rot in hell. People think that hiring a maid is a status symbol. For me it is a sign of not being able to do your things yourself. And then they treat the maid badly. She is here to do your work that you cannot do yourself. This clearly puts her in the higher band. Just like what you do for a living, this is what she does. There is no reason for anyone to treat her badly. The same goes for drivers, security personnel, house keeping staff and everyone else around. We all need them to do our work. Without them, we are handicapped. But is there anyone who understands that?

For me my work is sacred and I shall forever be a workaholic. Being a woman, it is tough to handle work and a house, but it is not impossible. Also, I believe that only a working lady will understand an other working lady. Before I started working I used to take my mother for granted. I watched her do all the household chores, head to work, come back and get busy with the chores again. But when I started a full time job, I knew how hard it is. Today she is my inspiration as she has always taught me to be true to the work I do. And I adhere to it. Work will always be my first priority, as it is what makes me everything that I am today. Thankfully I know the art of multitasking well enough to not miss out on other things of life due to my work commitments. But if you ask me to choose between work and a vacation, I would say that I shall finish my work and then go on a vacation. Yeah, I'm like that only!

Tell me about your work. Do you love it or hate it? If you hate it, why are you still there?

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An Alkaline Health Boon

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Have you ever wondered how much of your body is water? The percentage of water varies according to your age and gender. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age. Water is a basic right for all us living beings. We cannot live without it and it is the most important component of our diet. We may crave for fruit juices and aerated drinks, but nothing can quench thirst like plain old water. But most of the normal tap water or bottled water or Reverse Osmosis water and distilled water contains acidic pH that causes our body to become more acidic. This causes dehydration, making us weak and attacking the immune system of the body. Water needs to safe before drinking. The acidic water we consume has a positive ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) which could lead to a number of health problems like acidity, fatigue, constipation, headaches, cancer, arthritis, immune dysfunction, hangovers and premature aging. Scary, isn't it?

We all have water purifiers installed at our homes, but is that enough to guarantee safe drinking water? Purified water is an active absorbent and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. Using purified water can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes and trace minerals causing deficiencies, heartbeat irregularities and high blood pressure.The more purified water a person drinks, the more acidic the body becomes. And more acidic the body becomes, the more dehydrated the person feels. If this is not a cause of worry then what is?

Now meet Hydro-Jal Plus, India's most compact, advanced, stylish and affordable water ionizer. So what does this do? I have already told about the harmful effects of acidic water. So what kind of water is good you must be thinking. The answer to that is alkaline water. This is the kind of water that is good for your body. Hyrdo-Jal Plus converts regular water into absolutely healthiest ionized alkaline water. It neutralizes excess acids in the body by providing it with alkaline pH rich water and keeping diseases away. Hydro-Jal Plus ionized alkaline water brings you the wealth of health and holistic wellness. And these are not the only benefits of alkaline water.

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So why do you need to go for alkaline water? I shall give you a few reasons why.

~ An alkaline environment nurtures healthy blood cells and increases overall immunity.
~ Ionized alkaline water restores alkalinity and flushes out acidic toxins from the body.
~ It has high oxygen levels and delivers nutrients to your body cells more efficiently, keeping you more energized throughout the day.
~ It easily penetrates your body at a cellular level, thus hydrates the body better.
~ It prevents diseases such as Arthritis, Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Weight Problems, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Allergies, Skin Disorders, and Acid reflux.
~ It slows down the ageing process.
~ It improves mental clarity and concentration.
~ It provides energy boost without extra calories.
~ It reduces chronic pain and fatigue providing you with better sleep and an energetic lifestyle.
~ It prevents your stomach from bloating after meals.
~ If you have had too much alcohol the night before, by drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water the next morning, your body can rehydrate more quickly and relieve hangover symptoms more easily.

Diseases are expensive, health always costs less. Hydro-Jal Plus is completely economical and budget friendly. And most importantly it is very easy to use. With a height of just 13 inches and weight under 4 kg, this can easily be installed on your kitchen counter. It has a very high water flow output: Up to 3 liters a minute of electrolyzed water. It is self cleaning as it has automatic electrolysis tank cleaning after each use. This is a hassle free way to walk your way into good health.

With pollution levels rising and the blistering heat, the need for safe drinking water is at the highest today. You do not have to go looking for it now. Safe drinking water will soon be available at home, in your kitchen. Request a demo for Hydro-Jal Plus now and see how you can make a difference to the lives of people around you.

V: Viscious Cycle

Image Source: The text is all mine.
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U: Us

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I thought I had got the picture right
I worked hard on getting the correct shade
You came along at the perfect time
Ensuring that the colors never fade

As I look back across the years
I can only remember life with you
You were the partner I was looking for
You are my dream that came true

I did not need anyone else
You were everything to me
A friend, a lover and a soul mate
Beyond you my eyes couldn't see

Crowds began to repel me
Everyplace I was searching for your face
With you everything seemed so nice
But without you I was lost in a maze

It was just you and me every where
Together we faced and battled it all
At times I kept your spirits up
And at times you prevented my fall

Holding hands we came a long way
Everybody wanted to break us apart
The poor souls did not know that
We were strongly connected in the heart

Time and again challenges we faced
We saw the true colors of everyone around
We learnt the lesson in a hard way
It is only us until we reach the ground

Everything is uncomplicated this way
It is all sorted without any fuss
I still do not need any body else
Life is complete when it is just us

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Say Yes To Leggings This Summer

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Denims are the go to comfort clothing for all of us. The only problem with jeans is that, the fabric is thick and tight. This causes a lot of discomfort during summers. Now since summer is here, it is time to pack the denims and embrace something else that is more comfortable, light and versatile. Not everyone of us is comfortable wearing skirts and shorts during summer. Most of us have body issues and some just do not carry it off. Linen pajamas, dhoti pants, palazzos are the new trends, but the most comfortable trend during summers has always been leggings. They are thin, light and so versatile. They can be worn is so many ways and in so many styles. They help you protect your legs from the nasty sun burn and provide warmth once the sun has gone down.

Styling a pair of leggings is the most easiest thing to do. I shall show you a few styles here.

Plain black leggings: Black can be boring during summers, but when styled right the look can stand out. Pair the leggings with a pastel colored plain or printed dress, a big tote and comfortable flats. Throw in a hat and your favorite sunglasses to look ultra chic.

Printed leggings: A pair of printed leggings is quite tricky to style. If you decide to have a pair of printed leggings, the best way to wear them is with a long button-down shirt or a hip length flowy top. Make sure the top is of a solid color and has minimal prints on it. Else, the look can be jarring.

Animal print leggings: Animal prints are huge this summer and they always look good in subtle amounts. The rule to wear animal prints is to keep it really simple. Pair a leopard print leggings with a strappy black top, T-strap flats and carry a plain bag. Clash of prints is to be avoided while wearing animal print.

Floral/Polka print leggings: These are super cute and can make a woman look years younger instantly. You can pair these with a short dress that matches just one color on the leggings. In this way you get to wear your favorite dress and not feel uncomfortable about showing skin as well.

Leather leggings: Not everyone of us is a Priyanka Chopra, but if you are willing to take the risk then this is the style for you. Wear a well fit leather leggings with a checkered shirt and grunge flat boots to look stylish effortlessly. Try not to carry a girly bag and go for a sporty sling instead.

Leggings suit most body types, but if you are a bit on the heavier side, it is better to opt for long flowly tops instead. You can even wear these under your favorite summer kurta/kurti and throw a scarf around your neck. Also make sure that you check the fabric before buying the leggings. Cotton and lycra blends are great and comfortable. Also while buying printed leggings make sure you try them out. Often patterns look really good on the hanger but not as cute once they're stretched out. Also ensure you wear seamless underwear while wearing them. Else the whole look shall turn into a faux pas. Leggings are a great investment and can be worn during all seasons.

So come on ladies, say yes to leggings this summer!

T: Travel

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I never bothered much about this word until I met my husband. When you come from a lower middle class family, the only thing travel means to you is using the local bus to get to school/college and back. Even auto rickshaws were considered a luxury back then. Apart from yearly visits to mom's maternal house four hours away from Bangalore, travel meant nothing else to me. Every summer we used to go visit mom's house in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It was the country side and the house was situated on the banks of a river. There were no fancy games or technological gadgets. It was just us cousins and an open ground to play in. We used to go fishing, trekking and played hopscotch endlessly. My vacations to Kerala were limited. We only went there when someone was getting married or when someone died.

Once I grew up and started working, travel meant business. I traveled to different countries on work and on a tight schedule. This left me little time to explore the place. Cal and I started dating around three and a half years ago. And I loved the way he talked about his travels with so much passion and interest. He loved travelling and has been a nomad since his first vacation. The first vacation we took together was to Mysore for new years eve 2012. We had a great time celebrating and after that we went out to explore the city. We did not have an itinerary planned, it was just impromptu. We checked out the little known places of Mysore and explored the local food. It was magical and I was in love. With the man and with travel.

A month later we traveled to Kodaikanal. This was an awesome trip. One day we just decided to go and the next day we were on the bus. Both of us do not like staying in fancy places like resorts and five star hotels. We explore the country side and stay in small cottages or service apartments. Here we stayed in a stone cottage overlooking the lake. It was heavenly. We did not make a list of the places to see. We never do infact. We just start walking and looking around. Although we do take pictures, we do not concentrate only on that. We like to enjoy the vacation by relaxing and soaking in the beauty of nature. We are travelers, not tourists.

Image Source

A couple of months later, we went to the mother of all places. Goa. My first time and his fifth. He knew the place at the back of his hand and he showed me beautiful places there. We just rode and rode and let the road take us wherever it wanted to. The warmth in the air and the peace in our mind was enough to make this an awesome vacation. We ate at small joints in the streets and tried the local alcohol. We spoke to fishermen and befriended localites. It was an amazing experience and I was totally hooked to it. A few months later we were engaged and then began the preparations for the wedding. We had planned to go on an international honeymoon, but finances fell short. So we decided to go back to Goa and the best part was that the people that we had met before recognized us and were very happy to host us at their restaurants. That feeling was priceless. Since then Goa has been like like a second home to us and we visit there every year. Infact exactly this time next week, we will be there.

After the honeymoon, Cal and I have traveled to many many places. Since we are not homebodies, we try to take a vacation as often as we can afford it. Coorg, Munnar, Delhi, Agra; we have been to every place with zero expectations and loads of enthusiasm. If you travel as a tourist you will only focus on covering as many places as possible and taking pictures. But when you go as a traveler, you get to enjoy the smaller joys of life. And that is what we do. No fancy hotels, no exquisite food, no photo hoarding. Just relaxing and enjoying every second of the vacation. When travelling, we try to stay as local as possible. Stay local, eat local. That is the joy in travelling. If I had to go stay in a resort I can do the same in Bangalore itself. Why travel?

Travel has bought us closer and it is another common passion that we share. We just pick a place and book our tickets. We book local home stays as much as we can. We do not ask for guides instead we ask for help from the localites to explore the areas. And until now every experience has been wonderful. Travel will always feature on our agenda and we plan to travel as often and as much as we can.

What's your take on travel?

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Bangalore Delivers

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Technology had taken over almost everything for us now. We people are getting lazier by the day and only technology is to blame. Now we can get everything from the very comforts of our own home. Shopping is now just a click away and everything just comes to us without any hassle. Some people say that technology is nothing unless we can download food. Although that seems almost impossible we have something close to it. Home delivery for food. This is a concept that existed even before the online boom happened. At that time only pizza's were delivered and it was considered a luxury. But if you look at it now, food delivery in Bangalore is prevalent everywhere as almost every eatery home delivers their food. Spoiling the already spoilt people.

Bangalore is a huge food hub we know. Recently we have seen a new culture of food trucks as well that is doing really well. Yummy, scrumptious food, cooked fresh in a truck and served hot sounds tempting already. Apart from this we have a lot of new services and start-ups that only specialize in food delivery. There are a large number of options to choose from. From breakfast only sites to lunch and dinner options, Bangalore has seen a new trend in all of it. A number of start-ups have made Bangalore their head quarters and are delivering delicious food to every corner of the city. Ordering food online is a simple and hassle free way to eat these days.

Food delivery is a huge sector in Bangalore now. Ofcourse it is not as big as the Harvard introspected Dabba waalas of Mumbai, but we are getting close. A number of food apps are available too where you get a lot of discounts as well as coupons for your next order. Bangalore has already opened up arenas to explore different cuisines and since most of the new places are home delivery restaurants in Bangalore, it is a win win situation every time. The food is delicious and is served at your doorstep. What more can one ask for?

Bangaloreans love their food, thanks to the diverse cuisines we witness on television and since some of them have been abroad and have tasted other cuisines, they are open to exploring food. Be it any cuisine; Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Asian, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Middle east etc etc, everything is available within the city limits and almost all these places home deliver too. So the next time, you are craving for some lasagna, you just have to place an order online and in a while you will have it delivered to your doorstep.

Life doesn't get much easier and delicious than this!

S: Scars

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We all have scars, but nobody is willing to accept it. I for one am proud to accept that I have scars. Both on the inside and on the outside. I am not ashamed of my scars, infact every scar has been a lesson or an experience for me. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look flawless as the scars are hidden under a layer of make-up. But when I'm stripped to my own skin, I see them. Up, close and personal. I also see the scars hidden inside me. The scars present in my heart and my soul. It's natural for me to look deep, once I look into the mirror. Exactly why it is important for me to do good. I want to look into the mirror and feel good about myself. The day I'm unable to do so, would be the day I have failed in life. Thankfully that has not happened until now. I look into the mirror and feel good about myself. Yes, irrespective of the scars.

I have a scar on my right forearm. This was from when I was a baby and rolled onto a hot iron box. This reminds me of how naughty and playful I am. There is a scar just below my right wrist. This was from the first time I decided to shave. Along with the razor, came a thin strip of skin. This reminds me of my entry into womanhood. There is a scar right at the middle of my back. Its pretty big and it actually is a birthmark. My father has the exact same scar at the exact same place. This reminds me of the love that we share. During my birthday last year, hubby and I traveled to Munnar. While we were driving up the ghats, he spotted a waterfall and wanted to play in the water. We stopped the car and he rushed under the water to soak himself. I ran behind him trying to get past the barbed wire around the area. My leg got stuck and the wire tore a part of my jeans and my skin. That left a long gash on my right thigh. It looks bad when I wear skirts and shorts, but I will never get that removed. It reminds me of the smile on my husband's face as he played in the water. It also reminds me that it is okay to let go and enjoy the small moments in life.

A few scars on my face are due to the chicken pox I had during my seventh board exams. And yet I emerged the topper. They remind me of the fact that I'm a winner and not a quitter. I had the option to take the exam later as I was down with severe fever too during that time. But I did not give up and prepared myself for the exams and I came out with flying colors. The other scars on my face and body remind me of my ongoing battle with PCOS. I have not won it yet, but I'm sure with time I shall come out of it completely. I'm not giving up on it. It doesn't look pretty I know, but my hormones seem to have some unsaid vengeance against me. I'm doing my best to combat this syndrome, but it is fighting me back with all its strength. And I'm standing against it with all that I have. These scars remind me of the strength I did not know that I had. These scars show me that no matter how bad today is, tomorrow will be clear and beautiful.

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I can easily go to a doctor and get all these scars removed by shelling out a few thousands. But I do not want to do it. I want them on me as a part of myself. A few of them will fade away with time, but will always remain a part of me. As a learning. As an experience. As an extension of myself. There are a few scars on my heart and soul as well. They are not going anywhere. It represents people whom I had once loved. Not necessarily lovers. These are the people whom I trusted and who stabbed me in the back instead, leaving me with a scar. These internal scars teach me how to not trust people easily. It reminds me to stay away from certain people. And it tells me that it is okay to hate a few people because that is exactly what they deserve. Such people are already a scar on this flawless earth. It is the people that are flawed, not the world. Nothing can help erase that.

Scars are not something to be frowned upon. I have accepted them as a part of me and I'm proud of them. Yes, I hide them when I step outside. Because I want them to be just a part of me. What I'm proud of will be ugly to the other's eye. I do not want to hear tips on getting rid of them or questions regarding how I got them. That is why I have embraced makeup and kept the secret to myself. Nobody else need to know the stories behind them.

Some people get tattoos done to remind them of experiences. I chose to keep my scars instead.

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R: Rain

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The first drop tickles my skin
The sweet petrichor fills me up
I'm watching the scene from my balcony
Book in hand and some tea in a cup

The rain drops seem to play a tune
The wind plays havoc with my hair
I'm busy enjoying the freshness
About nothing for now I care

The plants around me slowly dance
As the rose buds begin to bloom
I see a rainbow hugging the sky
Crafted from God's wonderful loom

Along with rain, comes the memories
Good, bad and everything in between
The wonderful nature paints a picture
More beautiful that anything I've seen

That is the magic of rain
It takes me to another place
A place where everything seems right
A place that gives me ultimate solace

I watch the downpour in awe
How it has cleansed the entire lane
Some come out to enjoy it
Some just watch it from their window pane

The emotion most attached with rain
Is the powerful one called love
The drops make you crave for it
Like a sign that is sent from above

It tugs my heart really tight
I now enjoy this bitter sweet pain
I want to soak myself in it
Let it rain, oh, let it rain

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Q: Quill

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"And then the lady smiled and disappeared." I say as I watch the children around staring at me in awe.

"Grandma, how do you know these stories?" The youngest of them asks.

"I make them up, in my head." I say with a smile.

"You should write a book, Grandma. Then I can read it on my Kindle." Another little girl chirps.

"I have a lot of stories in my mind, yes. But they are not worthy of your gadgets. You children have access to almost everything these days. My stories are nothing but a way to pass time." I say adjusting my glasses.

"No Grandma, you should write them. I shall bring my Ipad for you tomorrow. You should write." The little girl continues.

I look at her with admiration. Such a young girl and yet aware of everything around her. It was not like this during my time. Back then, we used to wait for our grand parents to get free so that they could tell us a story. But they hardly found time to do so, because they were busy making a living. Every story told was a treasure and we would never get bored of it, no matter how many times we heard it. But these days, the kids are so glued to their Ipads and laptops that they do not need anyone else. Apparently even story books are now read on a Kindle, so there goes that as well.

"So, what do you say?" She walks up to me.

"My darling, I'm 72 years old. I have no idea how to use all your fancy gadgets." I say shyly.

"But you can learn, we shall teach you. You know to read and write anyway." She urges.

"At this age, my eyes would hurt looking at the bright screen. I have the stories in my mind don't worry. You shall all get to hear it until I'm around." I say emotionally.

"And what happens after that?" Another child asks.

I just smile and bid goodbye to everyone.

Later that night, my grand son walks into my room, his hands behind his back.

"Your stories will always live Grandma. Here, this is for you. And this will not hurt your eyes either." He places the package in my hand and runs away.

I sit at my wooden table that night, writing slowly in the book that he gave me. Before I know it, the quill takes over me and I'm soon writing story after story. It is not for the kids, it is for me. I want to let my words speak for once instead of me.

Years later, as my grand son hands this book to his son I look down from above and smile. The stories live on and the quill is still etched in my heart.

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P: Pretense

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"You are so lucky to be married to him. He's so awesome." My friend gushes as my husband pecks me on my head and walks away to mingle with his friends.

I nod as she continues to sing his praise. Sahil was the perfect husband after all. He pampered me so much and bought me everything that my heart desired. I was drenched in diamonds from head to toe and it was all because of him. My friends loved him and he was a darling off the press. Inspite of being a super star he was so modest and down to earth. Today we were at the success party of his latest movie. In a week's time the movie had made hundred crores and the producer had thrown him a lavish party. Almost everyone from bollywood was here and they continued to hug and congratulate him. Champagne poured like there was no tomorrow and the party was a huge success. The press was clicking away frantically as I slowly sipped on to some wine in the corner of the ball room.

I look around and see so many people. All dressed in riches. Black suits and couture gowns ruled the night and the click of high heels was drowned in the music being played. I look at my husband who is giving an interview now. How gorgeous he looked. Dressed in a crisp black well fit suit, his long frame looked so desirable. His neatly gelled hair shone under the paparazzi lights as he spoke with a smile on his face throughout. Ah, how much he loved the high life!

If only he loved me as much as this. I look around and can see the women he has been sleeping with. I look around and see my life shattered in front of me. I look around and feel so lonely amidst the huge crowd. My self respect is strewn all over the place and I can hear the hidden words when people praise my husband.

And yet here I am, pretending to be the perfect wife. Looking gorgeous and flawless for him. I had to right, after all I was the wife of the country's most popular super star.

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O: Ocean Of Life

Painting by Daria Petrilli 

Every day the paper talks about me
About rape, murder or harassment
But nothing happens after the news
A few words is only what it meant

Does a woman's life mean nothing
Am I that easily replaceable
Has my position been reduced to a puppet
Will I ever be considered to be able

A lot of questions plague me today
Am I a curse or am I the pain
Why is that even in the 21st century
My birth is considered to be a bane

I am not an object of sexual desire
My body is not someone else's playground
Pleasing a man is not my only duty
To the mankind I'm not bound

I have my own dreams and desires
My parents are not losers by siring me
A daughter is precious in her own way
But the blinded society cannot see

Will there ever be respect for women
Or will I continue to struggle
Will I be able to walk with head held high
Or am I expected to drown in trouble

It scares me to think about the future
At this point I don't know if I'll have one
My dignity is shattered every second
As one of me is raped just for fun

I'm a woman capable of many things
Why can't I just be left free
Am I not considered to be something atleast
When I hold an ocean of life within me

**This morning was a depressing one. The first news I read was about how a pregnant woman was raped by her brother-in-law and was harassed by her in-laws for dowry. There was another news about a 79 year old woman being raped. This is not what you expect to read first thing in the morning. And this is not the only morning that I have got to read such things. It is sad, depressing, shocking and so cruel. A woman's life is much more than what it is shown to be. A woman has the right to live too. Or is this something that we are expected to beg from society as well?

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N: Nidhi

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They isolated me as soon as my daughter was born as in the quest of a male heir, they forgot humanity. All the hospital bills were paid for and they left my suitcase and my things in the hospital room and left. Even my husband did not feel the need to come and see his new born child, he just left me a wad of cash. I collect my belongings and leave the cash untouched. I have all that I wanted with me; my treasure, my daughter Nidhi.

*In the context of Hindu mythology, Nidhi is a treasure, constituted of nine treasures belonging to Kubera, the God of wealth.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Isolated' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

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Loafing In Style

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During summers my husband gets really agitated. The heat coupled with the sweat makes it very difficult to wear shoes and wash up regularly. He is the causal jeans and coverse kinda guy, but in summers it gets really hard to wear sneakers and walk around. So this time, I bought him a pair of loafers to try it out. Since he was wearing them for the first time, I kept it subtle and bought him a tan colored pair. To coax him more into wearing it I also got him a matching tan belt to go with it. From the minute he wore it, there was no looking back. It is easy to slip on and the comfort level is extremely high. The fit was perfect and the basic color went with almost piece of clothing. The next day we placed an order for a blue pair.

When it comes to loafers, it is important to buy the right fit as more often than not loafers are worn without socks. We do not want the edges to be protruding out. Also buy them in airy material with enough ventilation. Some loafers do not have cotton insides. This can cause the feet to soak up sweat and stink a lot. Men need to ensure that their feet is absolutely clean and perfumed before they slip their legs into a pair of these.

Loafers are a trend that will never end. You can style them in various ways. They are available in many colors as well, to suit the bright summer sun. They can we worn with jeans, shorts or ankle length pants. Throw over a casual shirt or a T-shirt and the look is chic and complete. Loafers are a must have in every man's closet and in atleast three colors. A basic black/navy, a tan one and any other bright color like a purple or orange. These colored loafers can pep up any outfit and look uber cool. Wear them with mirrored aviators and the look is sorted.

Times have now changed and men are piling up on their shoe closet just like women. When there are so many options available in the market, I don't see why not!

M: Marriage

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He is the apple of my eye. The man whom I love the most in the world. He is the one who I live for and who makes life worth living. He is the one for whom I will do anything. He is the one for whom I shall die or kill. He is my strength and my weakness. He is the only one that matters in the world to me. I give him the biggest piece of cake and the unburnt toast. I give him the rounder chapati and the juiciest part of the fruit. I make food that he loves at any given time of the day. He is the the most important part of me. He is my husband and I love him. But I do not worship him.

He is the man of the house and I am the lady of the house. He is no king and I am no queen. Together we both make a home and we are together in everything. He talks, I talk. He listens, I listen. He doesn't help me in doing the chores. There is nothing called my chores or his chores in our relationship. We do all our chores together. More than love, it is the respect that holds us together. He is not the husband who wants his wife to do the chores for him, sleep with him, and have no other meaning in his life. He doesn't want a wife, he wants a partner and that is what I am to him. I work as much as he does and together we make a good amount of money. Together. Not his money or not my money. We handle the expenses together and we take decisions together. He is just the way he was when we fell in love and I am exactly the same too.

They say you should change once you are married. I do not understand why. We fell in love for a reason and got married for the same reason. That's it. I did not marry him to wash his clothes or the vessels of the house. I married him to share a life together and that is exactly what we are doing. Love, mutual respect, understanding and a sense of humor are the most important things in our marriage. Along with time and goofiness. Just because you are married now doesn't mean that you cannot goof around. We both enjoy our insanity and go crazy over it. We live in our own world and we have had no problems at all. Within us atleast. It is always the people around who have tried to create problems for us. Luckily we both are mature enough to not let it bother us.

When they say that a marriage is between two families and not two people, it is utter bullshit. A wedding is between two families as they need to talk and share the expense of the functions and everything else that is associated with it. I am totally against the idea of the girl's side bearing the entire cost of the wedding. I was very clear with my folks that I did not want them to spend for everything. I had even told the same to the man I was marrying and he respected me for it. The wedding is what happened two years ago, where there were four thousand people and only around fifty people that we actually cared about. The wedding was the perfect platform to show the society how much money our families could spend. We are still paying off the debts that we took for the wedding. You cannot show off with fake money, right?

A wedding is what happened to conform to the norms of society. The wedding was the day we spent hours on rituals that we had no clue about to culminate our love. The wedding was the day when people thronged the venue to see the grand spectacle that our loans had to offer. The wedding was the day where everything poked us and the only thing that we cared about was being with each other. The wedding was the day when we were drop dead tired and the only thing that kept us going was our sense of humor. The wedding was the day when two families tried to show the world that they were one. For me, the wedding was the day my lover was christened my husband. And nothing more.

A marriage is something that we both share everyday. It is sacred and is just within the two of us. Everything else and every one else do not matter.

He laughs, I laugh. He smiles, I smile. He breathes, I breathe.

Love continues to win.

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