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B: Black & White

Old Bank Street, Manchester, UK by R.A.D. Stainforth

Come, let us paint a picture together
Of you and me and the love we share
Walking along a lonely street
Hands entwined, the wind in my hair

Let the rain cast the perfect spell
We shall let go and drown in it
That is what your love did to me
Consuming me slowly, bit by bit

Let us relive the magical days
Of the wonderful life that we made 
I like the image that we formed
You the paint, I the shade

Let us merge and yet stay unique
I shall be me and you stay as you
It is the us that we need to work on
Only then to ourselves we can be true

Walk with me as we do this
Let us come to life with every stroke
Get the shape of my smile right
As I laugh at your silly joke

Glide slowly through the course of life
I shall always remain by your side
Listening to every word you say
With hues that can never hide

We do not need any other colors
It is just you and me, day and night
That is the wonderful thing about love
It looks more beautiful in black and white

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  1. Nice poem, I am looking for a piece that doesn't bother about rhyming much but is a poetry. I have been trying to learn the spirit of poetry and hence the search.This one hit close to home on that terms, with a bit of rhyme and more of lyrics :)

    Also, I think you have written poetry with no rhyme in the past, I couldn't figure out which post but if you know or write one in future, please let me know :)

    1. Hi Keirthana, I have written a few poems that did not rhyme before. You can check my posts from 2009 for them. After writing a few rhymed poetry, I got obsessed and I now cannot of poetry that does not rhyme. Its kinda a quirk for me :)

  2. 'That is the wonderful thing about love
    It looks more beautiful in black and white'
    This line was absolutely beautiful :)

  3. You write absolutely beautiful poems Soumya. It always has so much feeling in tact. I always feel good after reading them.

  4. Beautiful words as always Soumya to depict love. I'm in awe of your poetry writing skills.

  5. Yea... Its said that couple drench each other's colours and after sometime they even look same. You do loose a bit of individuality but then together you become one. And yea you don't need others :) I like it very much :)

    1. Thanks Megha and I agree with what you say :)

  6. A beautiful expression! How do weave the words in a poem that flow so easily and beautifully! Amazing!

  7. Soumya wow this was impressive. And it makes so much sense.

  8. You painted a wonderful picture of a lovely relationship, Soumya, Enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  9. Beautiful poem Soumya <3 I donno why but I read this in a sing song way :D


  10. Lovely poem Soumya, Picture makes me think of Singing in the Rain

  11. I do like good poetry when I can find it. Well done. I'll be checking back.

  12. Your poems, what to say, leave me spell bound always. This was no different. The last four lines are awesome.

  13. Beautiful poetry, Soumya :)Just like you :)


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