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C: Cinderella

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She stepped out of her carriage, looking all delicate and beautiful. The blue gown clung to her body highlighting her assets to the tee. The diamond necklace sparkled around her frail neck making her face shine. Her makeup was perfect, the blush was of the perfect tone. Her red lips sang a symphony of its own as they shined under the twilight moon. She walked gracefully into the ballroom, stood for a while and looked around.

The room was filled with riches in the form of people. Champagne flowed freely and people spoke non-stop. The music was mild and soothing. As she walked inside, she could see a head or two turning her way. She was pleased. Nobody would be able to say that this is her first time at the ball. Years of working at the kitchen has made her feel all ugly and tired, but today she would live the way she wants to. She walks to a silent corner and stands, closing her eyes and enjoying the music.

"May I have a dance with you, Princess?" She opens her eyes to see a gentleman with his hand outstretched. She smiles and places her hand on his.

He takes her to the center of the room and slides his hand to her tiny waist. She blushes and looks into his eyes. They glide smoothly to the music being played.

"Where have you been all this while, beautiful?" He asks.

"Away, but now here I am." She says with a smile.

Nothing else is spoken for a while as they dance like there is no tomorrow. The music stays alive as they sway to it. She laughs and he falls in love. He pulls her towards him and plants a kiss on her lips. The loud resonant sound of a gong is heard as the clock strikes twelve.

"Oops! Time for me to leave, my dear Prince." She says as he takes a step back.

"Sure, but make sure you leave your shoe behind. How else will I find you?" He winks.

"Why will I leave my shoe behind? These are Jimmy Choo." She says and disappears into the night.

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  1. Lol :D Love the ending :D and the pic you have used!!! I am going to buy that someday :P


  2. My kind of a Cinderella tale! And this was how the actual fairy tale should have ended :) Bravo!

  3. These are Jimmy Choo LMAO

    Just saw a picture in the morning that said - Forget the Prince , get your Shoes :p

  4. Lol...some shoes are too expensive to leave! :D

  5. Haha!! That's what any girl of this generation would!! Go Prince and find your Princess Charming! :P

  6. Ha ha that was a nice one :) You gave a twist that was not typical :)

  7. Stunning shoes! And the second A to Z Post I've seen today about Cinderella!

  8. hahaha!! i loved the end!! so typical modern cinderella! why wud anyone wanna leave behind their shoes!! ;)

  9. hahah!! thats a lovely perfect ending to the modern fairy tale!! ofcourse no sensible lady is gonna leave her precious shoes behind ;)

  10. Ha ha ha .... God knows how you come up with such brilliant twists :-D

  11. hahahaha! That is too funny a tale: SO loving it! Too precious to leave behind... ;) <3


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