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J: Joker

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We all have been dealt the same cards
How we choose to play is our choice
You can suck up and bluff it all
Or be yourself and raise your voice

Take your time and make the plan
It is a long journey this game
Understand what you are holding
If you fail, only you are to blame

The King is the hardest one to get
Do not play the Queen to make way
They are meant to win together
Use the Ace, it will do as you say

Watch your opponents up and close
A minute of distraction will cause a crack
Just when things seem to go slow
Take a risk and play the Jack

Do not directly go for the diamonds
Use the heart as the perfect aid
Do not try to club everyone else
Learn to call a spade a spade

Love the game and play it smart
People will try to be your King
Never allow anyone to control you
Hold your cards tight, make them sing

If you play it right you'll surely win
Life is nothing but a game of poker
If you want to ensure a victory
Master the art of playing the Joker

Linking to the A to Z Challenge.


  1. I've become fan of this piece of yours...i can only imagine the thoughts behind this absolute marvel.

  2. Some nice cards dealt here, well played :)

  3. That's a hard thing to do too but once you get it, nothing can touch you

  4. I love the comparison between life and a game of cards :)

  5. Life is a game of cards. Good concept.

  6. I absolutely LOVED this one, Soumya. Superbly written.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  7. Wonder why my earlier comment didnt come thru...anyways...

    I loved how u brought out the concept of life thru a game of poker! "They are meant to win together" is my fav line here!

    1. I didn't get an earlier comment :(

      Thanks for coming back and sharing a comment again :)


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