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L: Lust

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Love does not have a chance to win
In this mystical sensual game
Let the inner senses take over
For once, we're not the one to blame

My body and soul is yours for now
But for the heart, please do not aim
Let us live a hundred times this instant
Only today we are in the same frame

I can feel your hungry fingers
On your touch, I have the claim
You are the man I want this second
Look into the eyes of this dame

Intoxicated as we are
The feeling still remains the same
I'm drowning in this smoldering lust
Any other word now feels so lame

Let us entwine around each other
There is absolutely no room for shame
We are both winners this night
Let this be our moment of fame

I cannot let go of you tonight
I'm the moth to your burning flame
Let us consume each other completely
By morning, passion will know our name

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  1. Fiery verses Soumya :) Lust not love. But will that prevent love from being born out of passion? Or is it just that moment that you are looking at?

    1. Thank you Leo! Just that moment for now :)

  2. Wow, so intense lines. And I absolutely loved the last line-By morning, passion will know our name.

  3. Indeed. Our posts seems to compliment each other so well, Soumya :)

  4. lust and love are they different ? ok. is lust an inferior cousin of love ?difficult. the only difference i can see is that lust is here on this earth while love is there up in the heavens .
    any way have a look at my blog mainly in malayalam

    1. That makes sense too. Thanks for visiting Sir!

  5. Lust well defined in your very sensual poem. Nicely done.

  6. Ooh hoo.. Lust is all about living in the moment. Nicely written, Soumya.

  7. The passion is so well depicted! and I like the fact that she's so clear about what she wants....her body and soul is all she is willing to give, not her heart! so well written!

  8. Woah! That was intense but loved it, all the same ;)

    Like It Happened Yesterdy

  9. It's beautiful. Crisp and clear. Awesome one :)

  10. Soumya, this is brilliant writing on lust and consumed by its flame:)

  11. That was intense and just Wow!

  12. Aha! The all-consuming, fiery and passionate lust! Very evocative!

  13. Lust is often frowned upon but what we don't realize is its just another emotion, another shade of love. It also has the need to be experienced and consumed.


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