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Y: Yellow

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It feels so pleasant to look at
It looks soothing with a hint of fun
Be it the light color of a ripe lemon
Or the bright rays of the shining sun

It can be serious as well as playful
An emotion can be associated with every shade
When it slowly kisses the deep blue sky
Watch it turn a precious jade

It carries happiness within a flower
And spreads it all around the place
With a smile it welcomes you
Embrace it and you find solace

There is so much beauty in it
It can immediately perk someone up
I see it everywhere around me
From paintings to my morning coffee cup

I absolutely am in love with this color
Peaceful, chaotic, wild and mellow
It defines me in more ways than one
The powerful, magical sunshine yellow

Linking to the A to Z Challenge.


  1. Yellow is indeed a sunshiny colour and understandably an admirable one! ;) And the smell of yellow tulips is intoxicating at times! ;) <3

  2. lovely poem, seriously, Yellow is such a soothing color! i love yellow flowers :D

  3. Yellow is such a bright and lively colour :-)


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