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The Forever Wait

image by Sarolta Ban

Everything felt so rosy and nice
I was the perfect pretty and coy bride
I looked at you from the corner of my eye
I could see your face gleaming with pride

I had dreamt of this day since forever
And then you came in as my dark knight
Sweeping me off my humble feet
Promising me of a future so bright

I felt so thrilled to be yours
As I awaited this new journey of life
I planned to start everything fresh
Walking by your side, as your wife

But it all came to an end that very night
Our marital bed now held your luggage
I stood frozen as you told me you had to leave
All my dreams descended on me like baggage

All you said was that you will call me soon
Informing me of the day that I can join you
With hope I sent you away with a smile
I didn't know then what you said was not true

Years passed and I'm here all alone
Your parents abuse me and mine wont take me back
I am left all stranded by myself
The red vermilion now turning to black

I cannot take this pain anymore
Even my dreams now laugh at me
No matter how far I stretch my eyes
Only an infinite void I can see

Today I end this meaningless existence
Giving up on life once and for all
Even as this earth envelopes me again
I am still awaiting that phone call

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 274.


  1. Oh, how heartbreaking. That poor woman. :(

  2. That was heartbreaking. Why did she have to die? Couldn't she have run away, far away from it all, to start anew :(

    1. Some women just don't have the strength for it.

  3. Nicely done. A tragic story and probably one that happens often, I assume. Good work.

    1. In India it happens way too often. Thanks Elena.

  4. Heart-wrenching beauty this was! Enchanting piece of writing..

  5. Must have been an Indian woman! God! So dependent always! Can never dare to stand on their own two feet even in today's times! It's either the hubby or the parents. And they'll put up with any amount of crap because of this! I feel so angry at times! I wish we Indian women didn't feel so powerless always!

    1. Sure is, always is.

      Women need to understand their worth. It is about time they do.

  6. Such a heartbreaking poem! But you've written it so beautifully.

  7. Oh that was one heart wrenching piece and you have written it beautifully!


  8. "The red vermilion now turning to black". Who would have thought of this but you? Simply wow!


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