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When We Laughed

photo by Bert Stern

I can never ever forget this day
Of love, laughter and passion
It was just us away from the world
Your look made my heart beat fasten

We set aside time and commitments
We both knew we only had this day
I'm glad you did not waste time talking
Your eyes conveyed everything you had to say

The swirls of smoke drift my thoughts
Of how we moved on years ago
Why didn't we wait for each other
How could we let ourselves go

You have remained in my heart since then
Love won, but it is us who lost
Even though today we have come together
My heart realizes at what cost

Leaving behind our respective partners
Here we are entwined in each other's arms
Even after all these years the love remains strong
As I melt under your intoxicating charms

I have never felt this happy before
My bright smile reflects the sparkle in your eye
How could we have messed this up so much
Even though smiling, my heart wants to cry

Why did you not come back for me
Why did I not wait for you
So many questions left unanswered
But inside I guess we both knew

It is too late to undo the damage
But I do not want to let you go this time
Is there anyway we can just escape from here
I don't care, I want to make you mine

So much going on in my mind
And yet I cannot say a word
But knowing the relationship we share
I know every thought you have heard

I see your eyes and I melt again
After today I shall only be half
Both of us know this bitter truth
And yet, we just love and laugh

Written for Magpie tales: Mag 275.


  1. Surprising that love lasted for so long, despite everything. If it was so strong, then why did they let go of each other in the first place? Nope, it can't be love. It's just a physical thing probably.

  2. A story, so poetic! Silsila hai yeh chahat ka :-) As usual, the right words, right emotions all strung together lyrically, Soumya!

  3. Beautifully put

  4. What Powerful and lyrical poetry.
    A love so strong, can only be described by beautiful poetry.
    I just loved it so much :)

  5. Ahh well forbidden love is love as well!

  6. emotions well expressed. nice read, Soumya.. :)
    A Rat's Nibble

  7. thoughts and feeling familiar to me. You have written this for me.

  8. The forbidden love is like a lost cause but still is so exciting and tempting! Loved the way you have expressed it, Soumya :)

  9. Switching off from the pain a forbidden love could inflict can't be easy to do, yet it still continues. A story well told.

  10. Beautifully put. As always. It is a joy to read poetry written by you. :)

  11. You know what...I wrote on wanting to be able to undo things in life too...and I can so relate to this post!

  12. Sometimes living in the moment is all one wants to do. Beautifully written.

  13. Absolutely loved this one, Darling :) We certainly do think alike <3 Catching up on a lot of your posts that I missed for now :)


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