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In Your Words - Part 6

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The loud ring of her phone brought Alisah back to reality. She slowly got up from the swing and checked her phone. It was Neha, her best friend. She answered the phone and spoke to her for a few minutes. She did not mention the topic of Arjun at all, as she did not want to worry her. Neha has been her friend since her school days and was against her decision of marrying Arjun. But later on she accepted Alisah's choice as long as it made her happy. Neha had stood like a rock by Alisah's side while her marriage was falling apart. Knowing that Arjun was back in her life would hurt Neha and this clearly was not the time to tell her anything as she was heavily pregnant and was due to give birth in a few weeks. After enquiring about her health and promising her to look at the baby names that she had emailed, Alisah hung up.

She looked at the clock. It was 10.30 pm. The laptop on her table invited her but she had something else to do. She dialed the number she had known by heart for the past twelve years. She sat down on her bed as she heard the ring go. And then the call was answered.

"Hello there. I knew you would call." Arjun's husky voice flooded her ears.

"Really? How's that?" Alisah questioned.

"After out little tryst at the park today I knew you would. Not bad, you still remember my face after all these years."

"Some faces trouble you no matter how many years have passed since you last saw them."

"And yet you called."

"I can't believe you still have this number active."

"I always use it whenever I come to Bangalore."

"What are you doing here by the way? I thought you were in Denmark."

"I was. But I have come here for some important work. Some unfinished business with you."

"I have nothing to do with you anymore. You better stay away from me."

"Now come on Al. Do not forget that you are talking to your husband."

Husband. The mention of it made Alisah cringe.

"Oh shut up. The police case shall now be reopened, now that you are back."

"Don't worry Al. I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to meet you once."

"Over my dead body. I'm saying it again, you better stay away from me."

She hung up and threw the phone on her pillow. How dare he call himself her husband still. After all these years, after putting her through so much.

Another smoke later, she switched on her laptop. Kay had left her an offline message with the link to his poem. To take her mind of Arjun, she clicked on the link. The page opened and a beautiful silhouette of a woman stared back at her. And then were the fascinating words.

She maybe far away from me
But she sure is quite something
I have hardly known her
But now she makes my heart sing

She is strong, she is confident
But she still is a child inside
She triggers something good inside me
To her everything I want to confide

I haven't heard her laughter yet
But I'm sure it is a delicate chime
She helps me give life to words
And make impossible things rhyme

Talking to her makes me happy
I have never felt like this before
Maybe it is finally the time
For the lonely sea to meet the shore

He had simply titled it "Her". Alisah smiled as she read the poem. She re-read it again and again. And when she was finally done with it, a lone tear escaped her eye. She sat back wondering how would Kay be. Would he be the way she had imagined him to be? Or would he be something different? Would he understand her feelings? Would he understand her pain? She replied to Kay's ping.

"Loved the poem. It's wonderful."

Almost immediately he came online. He had been on invisible mode.

"So you are here. I'm glad you liked it."


"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Why'd you ask?"

"Just like that. It seems like you are in pain."

"What makes you say that?"

"I don't know, I just feel like it. Tell me, am I right?"


"You can talk to me if you want to. Only if you want to that is."

"Nothing Kay, just having a bad day."

"Oh, don't worry. It will all be fine soon."

"I hope so. Let me get some rest then."

"Sure, Good night."

"Good night."

Lying down on her bed, Alisah thought about Kay. And she was pleased by the way he understood her. She was glad that he had understood the tone of her voice. But then again, she had not spoken to him. She had spoken to him on chat. How did he figure out that something was wrong. She sat up and drank a glass of water. Something did not seem right suddenly. Kay knew she was in pain and wanted her to talk to him about it. But why? How did he know? She had just known him for two days and now it was like he knew so much about her. How?

A very scary thought crossed her mind. Kay came into her life a day before she saw Arjun in the park. He had been following her blog for quite sometime but why did he suddenly get in touch with her regarding a poem. Nobody had done that in four years. How did that happen now? She had just spoken to Arjun and Kay had come online as soon as she had hung up. She started perspiring hard and was enveloped in sweat as the thought crossed her mind that there was a huge possibility that Kay could be Arjun.

Krishna, the name that he had chosen. Wasn't Krishna the charioteer of Arjun? His mate during the war. One soul yet two bodies. The soul that could destroy her forever.

To be continued.


  1. Oh my god...thank you sowmya...was eagerly waiting for this story to continue...I am eagerly waiting for the next part...

    1. Thank you Gowri! The next part will be out soon.

  2. Omg! I was just thinking the same. Gosh - it's getting real. Gimme more girl!

  3. Woah! Please please post the next part soon! It's just getting better and better! :D

  4. Woah Woah!! I read all the parts of the story, and it got better with every chapter. Waiting for the next part! You have me hooked.

  5. This gets better with every part. I had considered the possibility that they were one and the same, but then discarded it. I am very curious now. Hope the next part comes soon.

  6. Its been really a long time tht i haven't read anything. And I know LOL is the one that I should to start off with. This post of your's hooked me up from the beginning. Now I feel like to read more and start writing again. Thanks for the wonderful posts always. And yaa.. when will be the next part out? Bring it on soon pls.


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