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P: Poetry #AtoZChallenge

I haven't written her in so long
There seems to be a void in my heart
No matter what I choose to write about
She and I can never be long apart

Words do come to me everyday
They sing to me as I go to bed
I have no time to string them together
They just make a home on my head

Some of them are light as feathers
While most of them just weigh me down
I'm trying my best to give life to them
Yet they stay on like a permanent crown

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They need an outlet I understand
But then, so do I
With all the "about me" talks going on
How could I just let her die

She and I are bound together
Making a tune out of a random word
We choose our emotions carefully
Eliminating negatives from the herd

She gave me the strength to write
Showed me feelings in myriad hues
Now I have to celebrate her
It is time I paid her my dues

Without her I wouldn't exist
I miss her and her perfect rhyme
I tried to stay away from her for a while
But slowly it began to feel like a crime

About me is as much about her
I am her in every possible way
She makes my words sound like a symphony
She's my favorite any time of the day

She helps me get past life easily
Making every word seem more than fine
When I'm suffering from a writer's block
She does come in as a life line


  1. Beautiful! Poetry on poetry, amazing :) No one can beat you when it comes to stringing words in a rhyme.

  2. Sublime! Lady Poetry will be smiling quite contentedly after reading this I am sure! Making every word seem so fine....brilliant!

  3. Very sweet poem. Brought a smile. The meter was perfect and the read free flowing.

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  4. As soon as you get time, string all those words together, they will form beautiful poetry, like this one. I haven't written her in long time too.

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  5. This is such a sweet poem and so honest. The words are perfectly weaved and rhymed!


  6. Wow! Loved this Soumya. Poetry about poetry! I could so relate to this.

  7. writing about writing :D poem about poetry :D great idea, great flow to the poem! I liked it a lot!

  8. Wow! That's a cool expression about poetry in a poem!!

  9. I love your poems and this one was perfect :)

  10. Loved it and I do love your poems :)


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