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Q: Quirky #AtoZChallenge

I like people who stand out from the ordinary. There is something so attractive about such people. I'm not talking only with regards to fashion here, but also in terms of personality and thoughts. Growing up I've seen people following the crowd desperately and yet expecting to get noticed. How is that ever going to happen? When your aim is to blend in the back ground how do you expect to stand out?

I recently read an article in a magazine about women who were termed "Quirky". One was Sapna Bhavnani, the hairstylist with colored hair, tattoos and piercings. Next there was Aditi Mittal, the stand up comedian who likes to wear large glasses and make people laugh. There also was Kalki Koechlin, the unconventional looking buck-toothed actress who talks her mind when it comes to social issues. All these women were called quirky just because they decided to do something out of the ordinary. Some people think that quirk means weird. They cannot be more wrong.

Quirk is a peculiar aspect of one's character or behavior. It is very personal and I think it is very natural as well. We all have the right to choose the way we want to be. And if some of our habits or decisions are called quirky then so be it. Two people who instantly come to my mind when I hear the word, are Ranveer Singh and Kangana Ranaut. These two have their own sense of style and personality that I have never seen before. I love their attitude and I find both of them very attractive. If you think that being quirky got them noticed, then what are you waiting for?

I've been called quirky time and again for the choices that I've made. I have four piercings on each ear, and it was only because at one point of time I thought it looked nice. I still do as I'm not the one to regret something that I did years ago. When people look at them they say that I have a quirky style. Same with my ripped jeans. If people are updated on fashion, they would know that ripped jeans is so in fashion these days and I think they look very good if styled well. My choice of not wanting to be a mother was called quirky as well. Really, huh?

I live in my own world with my choice of things and people and I have no problems with it. I love my life the way it is and I accept my quirks as an important part of me. If not wanting to follow norms makes me quirky, then so be it. If doing what I believe in makes me quirky then so be it. If living my own life makes me quirky then so be it.

So, let's do this. Let's unlike boring and trash convention and be quirky instead. We could infuse a lot of colors in this otherwise grey world then.


  1. My blogging quirk is something you may or may not have noticed. I use a different signature at the end of every post. Except those posts which are written for a particular series or theme. You may see a lot of variety in the names post April!
    And yes, quirky does not mean weird. People with quirks can be just as normal as the next person. True that! :D

  2. I like how empowered one feels when one discovers herself and is happy with it. Lovely post.
    #AtoZChallenge - R is for Reflux

  3. never mind what the world chooses to label us..quirky or not, we are who we are..and not being afraid of (rather being proud of) who we are makes us unique, right?

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  4. Spot on Soumya.. Yea one different dressing style and people go berserk. One different profession you choose instead of going for conventional ones, bam... people get a topic to speak about. I go by saying, to each his own

  5. Oh! It's good to be different. Like they say, better to be a nerd than one of the herd! :)

  6. Quirky Sowmya!!
    Now we know more about just made me realized that acting natural is acting quirky most of the times!!


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