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S: Simplicity #AtoZChallenge

There is something very endearing about simplicity. Too much of complications will always lead to well, complications. I try to keep everything around me as simple as possible. I am a no nonsense person. I do not complicate anything nor do I like getting into something complicated. Right from my style, to my writing, to my cooking; I try to keep everything as simple as possible.

Nothing hurts my eye more than over complicated fashion sense. I have seen girls try to wear a jacket, with multiple neck pieces and hand accessories and heels and what not! Why not wear a single piece of everything and just keep it simple? I'm not the one who likes accessories much. A nice branded watch is the only accessory I need. My sense of style is simple too, jeans and a top. I do not like wearing scarves, jackets or any additional thing. It's not that I cannot carry it off, I just do not want to carry it off.

When it comes to writing, I have seen simplicity go for a toss. Nothing ruins reading like too many descriptions. I do like to picturise the scene in my mind and then play the story, but I do not want to be reminded of the scene again and again and again. And then comes the use of big, powerful words. I know you aced your GRE test but you don't have to show that in every single post. I would not like to read a blog post where I have to google the meaning of every word. It puts me off. Use simple but correct language while writing. It helps you as well as the reader.

I have also noticed the GRE and CAT toppers talk using the words that they have studied as part of their curriculum. I know that they clearly want to show off, but when almost everyone in the group doesn't understand what they're talking, it's like a slap on their face. I know you know all the BIG words. But do you have to use them always? Why not make use of simple, easy words and do everyone a favor. Also, not all words you have studied are meant to be used as part of a conversation. It's a pity you did not study that.

Next comes the most important thing. Over complicating situations in the head. So my best friend cancelled dinner plans. Why did she do that? Has she found another friend? Has she heard something about me? Did I piss her off sometime? Why think of all this? For all you know she might have indeed fallen sick. Nothing leads to complications more than assumptions. Thanks to the advent of social media, every person thinks every status or tweet is about them. Why over analyze and play it in your mind a million times? If it is indeed about you, I'm sure it would have been a phone call instead of a tweet.

Even relationships need to be kept simple. Some people lay down ground rules, make a list and set a time table. Why not just live and let live instead? You are in a relationship for a reason. Love, respect or concern. That's all you need to do. Over complicating relationships with expectations is a common mistake that most of us do. Expectations then lead to assumptions and then before you know it all goes down the drain.

Simplicity is beautiful and very underrated. To reach higher in life, you better start simplifying your life now.


  1. Sigh... this advice could have saved me a lot of gray hairs a few years ago :)
    I used to be that guy who analyzes and overanalyzes everything. Now old age has gotten to me... so I forget within minutes :D

    My entry for the #AtoZChallenge -
    10 Times Star Trek: The Next Generation Boldly Went Where No Other Show Dared

  2. Complications in relationships creates a hell of a mess.

    About using high end vocabulary by people who have aced GRE, may be some would want to genuinely use them to get a hang of it, but its mostly that people want to show off. So these people who actually wish to use are put in their category.

    Simple is elegant, simplicity is style. Let us say those who wear ample accessories around necks like it that way. To each his own.

    I prefer simplicity in relationships bcz like I said, complications create distances.

  3. Oh yes, KISS is a great philosophy to adopt in everything, be it relationships, work and even writing. GRE kind of writing puts me off. Read one such story yesterday. *Rolls eyes*

  4. Simplicity makes life a beautiful outing. Enjoy reading:)

  5. As I've got older, I find I can't be bothered with a lot of things. Overanalysing is one of them. The simpler, the better and the easier to remember. :)

  6. some truth presented nicely. amazing post.

  7. Totally agree on all three! I'd like to say I'm simple too. In thinking, writing and then what I wear :)

  8. I absolutely loved this post. Almost made me feel like you're talking sense to me in person. Did I need that? Oh yes!! This was sweet and simple and AGAIN, I love it.

  9. Love the KISS principle. Makes life so much easier for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love it and the KISS principle is awesome! I hate when people use weird words on their blog posts! :/


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