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U: Unlearn #AtoZChallenge

Growing up, we learn a lot of things and before we know it we become pros at a few things. Be it reading, writing, drawing or anything else. Life also teaches us a lot of lessons via people, memories and situations. Lessons from life are some of the best ways to understand ourselves and the choices we make. Although our first lessons come from parents, they only teach us what they know or what they have learnt. Most of these lessons would be a part of a different era and might not always work out for us. What do we do then?

Before we learn new things, it is important to unlearn a few things. Not all choices are bad, but eventually you can only narrow down on one. It would not be easy, but new situations teach you new things. And it is very important to approach these things with a clean slate. Walking around with an outdated idea in mind will not let you accept the new ideas. At times the old idea can be modified to accommodate the new idea, but some letting go off is needed. Some process of unlearning is absolutely vital.

I've had a fair share of ups and downs in my life. And every down has taught me a new lesson. The human mind can hold a lot but it does not deserve to hold some junk. As I learnt new lessons, I unlearnt a few old ones. One, to make room for the new. Two, these lessons were of no use to me. No point in holding on to something that you would never use, right?

Unlearning, like learning is a gradual process. It cannot happen overnight. First of all, you need to prepare yourself to unlearn a few things. Then put in the effort to unlearn it. It's all in the mind and once you learn to master this technique of learning and unlearning, you're sorted for life.

Do you believe in the act of unlearning?


  1. I'd say this was the hardest thing, more difficult than learning. Because learning follows guidelines, textbooks and teachers.
    Unlearning comes from our own personal experiences and often is at odds with what is 'dutifully' expected of us.
    Most of the good things that happened in my life occurred after I chose to unlearn so a big advocate of this.

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  2. I could not agree more. Life gives us a lot of lessons and we need to unlearn many as we grow in life and gather experience. A very valid post Soumya that most of your readers will be able to relate.

  3. that's a great contemplative post...I haven't thought about unlearning in this way but this makes me think.

  4. While learning comes easily to us, unlearning is a bit of struggle. But unlearn we must to make way for new things. So, it should be learn, unlearn and relearn.

  5. Now i am wondering if I ever unlearned my lessons... Probably i have but never have it a thought. Loved reading your views.

  6. True that! But it is going to be pretty difficult. Again, it is a good thing to do! Hmmph! I'm blabbering cos' I am thinking how to do it! :P

  7. I don't think I unlearn easily. In fact, if I did, I probably wouldn't make as many mistakes as I keep repeating; especially with friendship and relationships. But hey, you live, learn, sometimes unlearn.

  8. Obviously you are right. We should go with an empty cup to get new things. Already filled cup will not allow entry for new things.

  9. How do we learn to unlearn? Is that also a learning process

  10. Totally agree and the idea of unlearning sounds indeed very interesting.


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