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X: Xerox Copy #AtoZChallenge

I have never been someone who would copy something from another person. No, I do not mean stuff like cheating in exams. We all have done that! I mean trying to copy the personality or choices of another person. Since childhood I have made my own choices and more often than not they have been out of the ordinary. While others were trying to be photocopies of one another, I was more than happy to stand out in a corner alone with my own choice.

I have seen people trying desperately to look like someone or be like someone. Their object of affection or admiration can either be a celebrity or some random person in their circle. I have seen more than ten girls in Bangalore who have got "Daddy's lil girl' tattooed on their arm with the exact same font and style as that of Priyanka Chopra. I wanted to laugh out loud. Can't they be a little original at least? I have seen friends trying to ape each other and end up looking really funny. Choices are meant to be personal. But if you are doing it just because someone else is then you are nothing but a poor xerox copy of them.

Life is too small to live like someone else. It is always better to be a version 1.0 of yourself than a poor copied version of someone else. Try to stay original in all possible ways. Have an individual style of fashion, writing sense, accent etc. When people fake their accent to talk like someone else, I feel like shoving my shoe in their month. I know a few people who try to buy the same clothes that I do. They try to style it the way I do too. I once saw one girl I know whose Facebook profile picture looked exactly like mine. She was wearing the same top that I was with the same pattern of jeans and almost the same shoes. I almost threw up! Most people might consider this flattering but for someone like me, I find it disturbing. Every person should have a personality of their own. If they want to copy it from someone else, they they clearly are living someone else's life.

You can idolize people, no harm in that. But trying desperately to be like them is really stupid. Everyone of us was created unique. We were all given the same resources to utilize. Let us do it in different ways. Why follow the herd and be one among the same dozen. How will you stand out then? Or are you just happy being a xerox copy of some random person?

Be original, be you. Make others want to be your copy instead.


  1. Really? Someone styled them up exactly like you had done? omg...
    I am me and I can't be someone else. Originality is what I look for; in person or in writing.

  2. Aah! The herd mentality. Standing out of the crowd is intimidating, copying others and being part of the group is comforting!

  3. "Following the crowd" what else do you want me to comment?

    I have written a contradictory post "Be Jealous"

    Don't know how far you would agree with it. Even I wasn't agreeing with it until I came to know that Jealousy can have a different meaning than the normal one we take. Being Jealous in tht meant comparing your strengths with others. Of course, again, I do not mean to 'copy" anyone in its literal sense. Originality is the key.
    You know when I leanrt to drive four wheeler, it was out of need and not luxury, and my colony followed me..I do not see them now driving. People copy, yes. The one's who carve their own identity stand out in the crowd.

  4. Loved your style of writing and making a point.

  5. I look up to lot of people and probably even me inspired by them to adopt of some their good characteristics. Like their passion to travel, or the way they easily interact with people. But to blindly copy someone doesn't say much about their self esteem. As you said - It is always better to be a version 1.0 of yourself.

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  6. If you want to Copy anything then copy only good features and believe yourself and your work.


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