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Silver Moon

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

"What do you say?" Rohan asks again, kneeling down.

"I'm not sure. Maybe it is too soon."

"Come on, Tia. We are perfect for each other."

"We are so different from each other! It's like the sun and the moon."

"Yes, I am the sun who blazes bright. I can get harsh and hurt sometimes. But you are my silver moon. As bright as me, but your light never hurts. I need you to complete me."

"Still, what if we don't last?"

"Even nature has proved that the sun and the moon can co-exist together. Look above."

"Yes!" Tia smiles.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 16th June 2017.


  1. Well written.

    I like this concept. Where can I find such prompts?

    1. Thank you CRD.

      Check for these prompts.

  2. Sweet! I got a similar shot last full moon night :)

  3. I love the comparison of the characters to the sun and moon. Beautiful description.

  4. Dear Soumya,

    The sun and the moon both have much to offer. Lovely story.



  5. The Moon is moving away from the Earth at about 3.78 cm per year, and the Sun won't last much more than 4.5 to 5 billion years, so nothing is forever, just long lasting. ;-)

    1. Well, as long as they last longer than Rohan and Tia, we're good :)

  6. That was a sweet take. Hopefully they are not too different!

  7. Sweet and optimistic. Simple story, endearing in its simplicity.


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