My Tryst With Veganism

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Towards the end of April, when I was focusing a lot on my health and on being fit both physically and mentally, I decided to try going vegan for a while. No, it had nothing to do with trying to be cool or following a fad. I have terrible skin and I had heard that dairy aggravates it, so I wanted to check if not having dairy would help my skin or not. Before I got married, I was a hardcore non-vegetarian, as we always used to have some meat cooked at home on a daily basis. When I fell in love with a pure vegetarian and later married him, my consumption of meat reduced to a great extent. Did it trouble me? Honestly, no. While I couldn't cook meat at home, I used to eat it out, as and when I felt like. The thought of giving up meat never occurred to me even once. But, when I decided to give up dairy, I thought why not give up meat as well. The idea was to try this diet for the month of May and if it works out well, continue it for the next couple of months. If it helped me out, I planned to go vegan full time from my birthday in August. Here's how I fared.

How Often Do You Appreciate Someone?

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"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire.

When was the last time you appreciated someone? It can be in person or even online. How often do you take some time out to write a good line for someone? How often do you congratulate someone for an achievement? How often do you praise someone for something?

In today's life, when everything is about comparison and competition, basic appreciation is getting lost. While most people are good at being critics, no one now has the time to drop in a good word. Most importantly, no one feels the need to appreciate someone. This is so sad. For me, appreciation is like magic. It motivates me to perform even better. It makes me feel good about myself. In short, appreciation is a booster. Personally, I love to appreciate people. I feel that it helps many others. A kind word or a compliment has healing powers. People need to understand this better.

#FeministMondays | Lessons From Sulu

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I watched 'Tumhari Sulu' over the weekend and was really impressed with it. For those who haven't watched it, this movie is the story of Sulochana or Sulu (Vidya Balan, in a role tailor-made for her), a middle-class housewife who lives with her doting husband Ashok (an endearing Manav Kaul) and her 11-year-old son Pranav. As a person with varied interests and hobbies, her education has suffered in the past. As a housewife, she dreams of being a working woman, but her lack of higher education doesn't allow her to get any white collar jobs. She's interested in everything around her and thinks of setting up multiple business as a 50-50 partner with her husband, even though none materializes. She takes part in every competition possible, be it a saree draping contest, a vegetable cutting contest, radio and TV contests or a lemon and spoon race.

When she wins a contest on Radio Wow run by Maria (Neha Dhupia, who looks stunning and is brilliant as the high-class but encouraging boss), she stumbles upon an audition to become an RJ. She gets the job as the RJ of a call-in night show where people call to talk about their troubles. Her husband though supportive at first, later begins to feel neglected and insecure. In spite of Sulu's twin sisters and father finding the show obscene, the show is a hit and Maria sets up a celebration. Soon, Ashok's work goes downhill and Sulu's highs begins to bother him and he feels that she is neglecting their son causing him to do unwanted things at school. Sulu takes everything on her stride and fights everyone who coax her to quit her job. She never succumbs to the situations around her and the creative spark continues to shine.

Action Replay + Gratitude List: June 2018

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So, we're now officially in the second half of the year. Wow, that was quick, wasn't it? Time is passing by so quick and everyday I find so many new things to do. Over the past couple of months, my outlook towards life has completely changed and this has made me much clearer in the head. I already spoke about letting go of unnecessary thoughts and people in my last replay post but I will state the importance of it again. We all need to take some time out to de-clutter our life. This needs to happen periodically and this should be considered vital for our survival. Once you let go of that negativity, life becomes so simpler and you become more happier.

June kept me insanely busy as I was in the middle of a really tough release at work. It took up all my time with late evening calls and weekend work that needed to be put in. Since my work life is more often than not peaceful, and rushes like these are not very often, I do not complain about them. Honestly, I do enjoy these bits of uncertainty and when it all falls into place finally, the joy is priceless. Then, the joy doubles when you are appreciated for it. My work is something that I would never compromise on and when you are rewarded for your hard work, that feeling cannot be put into words. I completed a decade of my corporate life this month, but the thrill and the feeling is still the same as day one.

Of Misers & Millionaires

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I've been wanting to write about this for quite sometime but I kept putting it off because it is a very sensitive topic and I did not want to offend anyone. Money has always been a debatable topic. I am someone who believes that money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly make your life comfortable. But, is this the only thing in your life? Is money the only thing that can make you happy? Is having a big fat bank balance your only goal? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

I come from a lower middle class family where I was used to fighting for the basics let alone the luxuries. So, I always knew the importance of money. When I grew up and started working, I did not take it for granted. I am very smart when it comes to money and I invest it wisely. Yes, I do shop and indulge in luxuries once in a while, but that is not my sole agenda when it comes to money. I am a person with many passions and passions come alive only when you invest something in it. Be it time or money. Travel is something that is very important to us, so we are more than happy to invest in it to create memories and have a good time. As much as we are smart with money, we are not misers.

Why Daily Motivation Helps

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In February last year, I hit a very rough patch in my life. My mother fell sick, work was at its peak and everything around was getting too much to bear. I had my first burn-out then and it was a feeling that made me feel miserable about myself. One fine day, I sat down and decided to work on getting out of that melancholic phase. I started a self-project called 'Getting Better' and wrote down things that made me feel better day after day. I started each day writing down a quote in my diary that would inspire me for the entire day. Every time I encountered something tough, I reminded myself of that quote and that gave me the strength to get past it. Soon, I started putting up a quote on Instagram every morning, as part of my healing. This helped me get better. Of course this was not the only thing that helped, but this gave me the motivation to push myself and fight harder.

A month or two into the 'Getting Better' project, a couple of my Instagram friends reached out to me to let me know how much my quotes mean to them and how they have been helping them get better too. When you are going through a bad phase, even a small positive remark would make you feel better about yourself. This one made a world of a difference to me. I've always been a sucker for quotes. I personally believe that every bibliophile is. As much as I love reading, the best part of reading is finding quotes that connect with you and help make you a better person. While I was much younger, I used to write down these quotes in a book as and when I used to read them in a story. These days, while I do not do that, some quotes do linger in my mind even after I have finished reading the book. This quote a day was helping me heal much quicker and it turns out, it was beneficial to others as well.

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

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Title: The Time Traveler's Wife
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
Publisher: Publisher: RHUK (23 July 2009)
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance
Price: Rs. 275 on Amazon
Pages: 624

What intrigued me the most about this book was its gist and the beautiful front cover. I bought this book years ago, on a whim, and it stayed on my shelf. It was only recently that I read a glowing review about this book and decided to read it. It is quite a fairly long book with minute font that makes the reading very exhausting, but I wanted to know what happens to the leads, so I persisted. When I was done with it, I did not know whether I liked the book or not. I had mixed feelings about it and after a few days I spent some time thinking about the book and its story. That is when I realized the true beauty of it.

#FeministMondays | Decoding The Bechdel Test

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I only recently read about the Bechdel Test. For those who are unaware of this;

The Bechdel test is a method for evaluating the portrayal of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added. 

This test is apparently used as an indicator for the active presence of women in films and other fiction, and to call attention to gender inequality in fiction. We already saw how women are portrayed in Indian cinema last month. This week, before getting into the real life scenario I want to talk about three classics that miserably fail the Bechdel test. Before we get into that, let's ask ourselves one question. What do we women like to talk about the most? To other women, I mean.

In Conversation With The Veeres #NotAMovieReview

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After watching 'Veere Di Wedding' on the weekend, I decided to sit down and have a chat with the Veeres themselves as I had a lot of questions on my mind. When I called the producer, Rhea Kapoor, asking if I could have her four leading ladies for a chat, she was confused. I then corrected myself by asking for her two leading ladies and the two extras. Then, she got it. Soon, Sonam K Ahuja got in touch with me and put forth her demands before the interview. She wanted me to arrange four cameras and have two of it focusing on her and the other two on Kareena Kapoor Khan. She also asked me to get four comfortable couches as the women would be dressed in couture and there needs to be enough room for them to sit.

When I told her that I was only a small time interviewer with nothing but a notepad, she was not pleased. Nevertheless, since I had watched the movie and I was a woman, she agreed to go ahead with the interview. I met them on my terrace and was just thinking about ordering refreshments when a man came in with a huge cardboard box.

Action Replay + Gratitude List: May 2018

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May has been a pleasant month and I cannot be more happier about it. Five months have already passed since the year started and I have seen myself change as a person month after month. 2018 is going to be a turning point in my life for sure. May has been a month of many learnings, many realizations and many vital decisions. In the end, I have a smile on my face and that's all that matters. Right?

Work has been crazy hectic, leaving me with hardly any time for anything else. I learnt many new things at work and explored new areas. As much as I crib about the stress at times, I cannot help but be happy about what I'm doing. Work has always been the topmost priority in my life and I think that I do more than enough justice to it. Because I was busy with work, reading took a hit this month. I could only read five books and most of them have been excellent. I will review some of them later, but for now follow me on Goodreads to be a part of my reading journey.

Book Review: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society

Title: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society
Author: Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing; 1 edition (10 May 2009)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Price: Rs. 182.07 on Amazon for the Kindle Edition
Pages: 257

Let me start with how I came across this book. I had never ever heard of this book until Shailaja shared it on her Instagram story that this book was available on the Kindle for under 100 bucks for a day. Since I trust her choices, I promptly bought it. Later, she tells me that she's not read it, but has heard good things about it. Then Shalini recommended the book on her blog and I knew that I had made the right choice. Soon after, I began reading it.

It took me quite a few days to get used to the title of the book. It is almost like a tongue-twister and only half-way through the book I got to say it correctly. This book is a historical novel set in 1946. The best part about this book is that the entire book is in the form of letters written from one character to another. Yes, every word that is a part of this story comes in the form of a letter. Even the characters are introduced in letters.

The Purpose Of Travel

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"Show me the pictures. I hope you clicked many of them."

"How much did it cost?"

"What did you bring from there?"

It's been close to two months since we've come back from our vacation and we are still being plagued by these questions. Some people prefer to right away ask these instead of asking how our experience was or what places we visited. It is really annoying, to be honest.

Travel to me was something new until I met my husband. Right from when we started dating, we started traveling together and we enjoyed it a lot. As people who can talk non-stop, we were each other's perfect travel companions and since our thoughts and ideologies match, we love traveling together. Initially, it was all the thrill about the travel. I used to take a lot of pictures and check in on Facebook as often as I could. After a couple of vacations, it was all about the place and the person that I'm with. Nothing else mattered after that.

#WednesdayVerses | Rain & Steam

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It all started with a drizzle
Then formed the spirit for the mood
Not taking advantage of this ambiance
Would be considered rude

I take a step forward
You come grab my hand
One look into your eyes
I know your intentions are grand

I watch that lone crystal of rain
Hanging on to your lower lip
What I'd not do to be that drop
But I don't want to easily slip

#FeministMondays | Women In Indian Cinema

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I watched Alia Bhatt's 'Raazi' yesterday. Although the movie received glowing reviews, it did not work for me. I found the story to be dragged out unnecessarily and somehow it did not hit the right emotional note. While Alia was fantastic in the movie, a brilliant actor like Vicky Kaushal was wasted. The only take away for me from the movie was having a female protagonist who risks her life for her country. But who is behind all this? Yes, men. As much as Alia's Sehmat is brave, the strings behind are pulled by men. She blindly follows her father orders and marries a man she has never seen. From asking for basic help to get her things done, she needs to use code words to reach out to men. Even in the end, the man who trained her doesn't blink twice before issuing orders to have her killed. I know it is all about patriotism, but why weren't there any other women who could help her? What's the point in being brave, when you are a mere puppet in the hands of men?

When Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja announced the movie 'Veere di Wedding' with her and Kareena Kapoor-Khan in the lead, and two other women, I thought this probably would be Bollywood's feminist answer to 'Dil Chahta Hai'. I couldn't be more wrong. I was pissed from the minute I saw the trailer. Why does Bollywood have this innate need to show modern independent women as commitment phobic, uses cuss words, drinks a lot and sleeps around with many men? What about this is women empowerment? When women are fighting for equality in every sphere, focusing the trailer and the promotional songs on the two more famous actresses in the movie, and having the other two just waltz around in the background, does nothing for women or for equality. While there is no equality between women, how can you expect it to exist between men and women?

Not A Stranger To The Dark

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The greys in my hair have taught me now
That life comes with a share of up and down
I've learnt to swim against all tides
Braved the flood when others expected me to drown

Way too many people have come into my life
While some have stayed, most have left
Each of them did teach me a lesson
It made me more strong and not bereft

I celebrate every small high
Because I have seen the lowest of lows
Each day I emerge stronger
Learning to adjust my sails as the wind blows

Reflections: A To Z Challenge 2018 #AToZChallenge

The first time I took up the A to Z challenge was in 2014, and since I was new to it then, I had no theme. I just wrote about what ever I felt like. The posts were decent enough but nothing great, still I managed to complete the challenge successfully. In 2015, I wanted to have good quality posts and went with my strength back then and chose 'Shades Of Love' as my theme. Most of my posts included fiction and poetry which I seldom write now. Not too sure how and why the transition happened though. This time, the posts were good and I was enjoying the challenge much better. For 2016, I wanted to have more personalized posts, so the theme I went for was 'All About Me', and although it sounds easier to talk about oneself, I wasn't too sure about what I wanted to share with the world and what to keep private. It wasn't an easy battle, but I managed to complete it successfully.

By 2017, my writing had evolved a lot and so had my reading. I was doing quite a few book reviews on my blog and people were appreciating it. So the theme for the year was pretty easy to choose. 'All About Books', was probably the best A to Z challenge of mine so far. Including this year. I had a ball talking about authors, books, characters and everything that I loved about them. It was a pretty easy challenge as I had all of it sorted out from day one. No scheduled posts, but I knew what I wanted to write about. For 2018, I had two themes in mind. One was way too personal and I was really skeptical about talking about it. Mental health isn't given the importance it has to get in today's world and I wasn't sure if people would understand if I shared my experience. So, I went in for the next option, 'Movies I Love'.

Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Title: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
Author: Gail Honeyman
Publisher: Harper Collins (30 May 2017)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Price: Rs. 359 on Amazon
Pages: 400

I had heard a lot about this book on Social Media and everyone was going gaga over it. But after 'The Fault In Our Stars' which was one of the most lamest books that I've ever read, I stopped taking Social Media reviews seriously. When many friends started personally recommending this book to me, I was intrigued. Still, not enough to go and buy it. When Shailaja, whose taste in books I immensely trust, pushed me to read it, I knew it was time to give in and pick this one. So, I did. I started reading this on my plane journey and read bits and pieces of it throughout my European sojourn and I completed this on the flight back home.

Action Replay + Gratitude List: March & April 2018

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Let me start with how thrilled I am to be finally writing this post. I didn't do a replay post for March as I was travelling and once I came back, I jumped head first into the A to Z challenge for April and that left me no room to write anything else. As much as I enjoyed the A to Z challenge this year, I felt really constrained as I was sticking to a theme. There was so much I wanted to talk about all the other things under the sun, but with writing a post everyday, I couldn't find time to write other posts apart from the challenge ones. But now, I'm free and I cannot wait to get back to the writing groove and talk about things that matter to me. Before I get to doing that, let's see how March and April fared.

March was a pretty chaotic month in terms of work, but I'm not complaining. It kept me busy the way I like it to be. Health and lifestyle took primary focus and I continued to eat healthy and stay fit. However, the highlight of March would be our fifth wedding anniversary. I still can't believe that I have been married for half a decade. Cal and I have been together for seven years now and have been married for five. When I look at it that way, it feels like such a long time. Together, we've grown so much. Together, we've achieved so much. Together, we have created a life for ourselves. Together, we have seen all the ups and down. Together, we've got past all odds. Together, we'll continue to fight it all.

Z: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama/Road Film
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deal, Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif, Kalki Koechlin
Director: Zoya Akhtar
Year Of Release: 2011

Y: You've Got Mail #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: You've Got Mail
Language: English
Genre: Rom-Com
Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan
Director: Nora Ephron
Year Of Release: 1998

X: X-Men Series #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: X-Men and the rest of the series
Language: English
Genre: Super-hero
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan
Director: Bryan Singer
Year Of Release: 2000

W: Wonder #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Wonder
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay
Director: Stephen Chbosky
Year Of Release: 2017

V: Vaaranam Aayiram #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Vaaranam Aayiram
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama
Cast: Suriya, Simran, Divya Spandana, Sameera Reddy
Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon
Year Of Release: 2008

U: The Usual Suspects #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Usual Suspects
Language: English
Genre: Mystery
Cast: Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri
Director: Bryan Singer
Year Of Release: 1995

T: The Theory Of Everything #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Theory Of Everything
Language: English
Genre: Biographical Drama
Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones
Director: James Marsh
Year Of Release: 2014

S: The Shawshank Redemption #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Shawshank Redemption
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
Director: Frank Darabont
Year Of Release: 1994

R: Rain Man #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Rain Man
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise
Director: Barry Levinson
Year Of Release: 1988

Q: Queen #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Queen
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Lisa Haydon
Director: Vikas Bahl
Year Of Release: 2014

P: The Prestige #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Prestige
Language: English
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson
Director: Christopher Nolan
Year Of Release: 2006

O: Omkara #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Omkara
Language: Hindi
Genre: Crime Drama
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Bipasha Basu, Deepak Dobriyal
Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Year Of Release: 2006

N: The Namesake #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Namesake
Language: English
Genre: Indian-American Drama
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Kal Penn
Director: Mira Nair
Year Of Release: 2007

M: Mr. and Mrs. Iyer #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Mr. And Mrs. Iyer
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Rahul Bose, Konkona Sen Sharma
Director: Aparna Sen
Year Of Release: 2002

L: Life Is Beautiful #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Life Is Beautiful
Language: English
Genre: Comedy Drama
Cast: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi
Director: Roberto Benigni
Year Of Release: 1997

K: Kramer vs. Kramer #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Kramer vs. Kramer
Language: English
Genre: Family/Courtroom Drama
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep
Director: Robert Benton
Year Of Release: 1979

J: Jerry Maguire #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Jerry Maguire
Language: English
Genre: Rom-Com/Sports Drama
Cast: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Renée Zellweger
Director: Cameron Crowe
Year Of Release: 1996

I: I Am Sam #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: I Am Sam
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer
Director: Jessie Nelson
Year Of Release: 2001

H: The Hannibal Lecter Series #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Hannibal Lecter Series (The Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Hannibal Rising)
Language: English
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Cast: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Julianne Moore, Ralph Fiennes
Director: Jonathan Demme, Ridley Scott, Brett Ratner, Peter Webber
Year Of Release: 1991, 2001, 2002, 2007

G: The Godfather Series #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Godfather (Part 1, 2 and 3)
Language: English
Genre: Crime Drama
Cast: Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Year Of Release: 1972, 1974, 1990

F: Forrest Gump #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Forrest Gump
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Year Of Release: 1994

E: Eight Below #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Eight Below
Language: English
Genre: Survival Drama
Cast: Paul Walker, Jason Biggs
Director: Frank Marshall
Year Of Release: 2006

D: Dead Poets Society #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Dead Poets Society
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard
Director: Peter Weir
Year Of Release: 1989

C: Cars #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Cars
Language: English
Genre: Computer-Animated Comedy-Adventure
Cast: Voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman
Director: John Lasseter
Year Of Release: 2006

B: The Blind Side #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Blind Side
Language: English
Genre: Biographical Sports Drama
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron
Director: John Lee Hancock
Year Of Release: 2009

A: Amélie #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Amélie
Language: French
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Year Of Release: 2001

A To Z Challenge 2018: Theme Reveal #AToZChallenge

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I would not be exaggerating if I said that I thought at least a million times if I should take up this year's A to Z or not. While I've had a pleasant year so far, I've been terribly busy. Work, travel, household chores and reading takes up most of my time and I do find time to write 2 or 3 posts a week. But writing everyday for a month is not an easy task, especially while managing a full time job and a home. I am not the one to write on weekends either. I prefer not to touch my laptop during weekends at all. After successfully completing the A to Z challenge for four consecutive years, I initially decided not to take it up this year. Then suddenly five consecutive years sounded much better and here I am, bravely taking it up for another year.

When It Is Important To Switch Off

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A typical day of mine goes this way. I wake up and spend half an hour to forty five minutes reading the newspaper with a cup of hot green tea. Then I work out for a while. Once done, I step into the kitchen and prepare and pack two lunch boxes, one for the husband and the other for me. Next, I prepare breakfast and set it out for us. Once the husband leaves, I wash up the vessels, clean up the kitchen and the house, then get ready for work and leave. Since I stay 2 miles away from my workplace, I do not have to travel much. Eight hours at work and then I'm back home. I freshen-up, check if the laundry needs to be done, set up the washing machine or fold the dried clothes and separate the ones that need to be sent for ironing and then spend an hour reading, if I have that extra time. Then I get set to prepare dinner. Once the husband is back, we eat together and one of us washes up and cleans up the place. Weekends are no less. On weekends, we scrub every corner of the house from floor to ceiling. I also check if the cupboards need to be sorted, prepare a list of groceries to be bought and also prepare the meal plan for the coming week. Needless to say, I'm busy 24X7.

Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere

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Title: Little Fires Everywhere
Author: Celeste Ng
Publisher: Little, Brown (14 September 2017)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Family & Relationships
Price: Rs. 559 on Amazon
Pages: 352

I only heard of this book when it won the award for the best fiction of 2017 on Goodreads. I had immediately added it to my TBR back then. After that I read many glowing reviews of this book from bloggers whose recommendations I immensely trust. When the husband got me this book earlier this month, I sat down to read it immediately.

Hear Me Roar #PressForProgress

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It is not about just one day
The battle for me is constantly on
I shall fight with all my might
Until inequality is all gone

I will learn to strengthen myself
First the mind, then the body and soul
I don't want to be the fairer sex
I don't need anyone to make me feel whole

I will fight the meaningless norms
I may bend, but I'll never break
I look for life beyond the kitchen
I'm not born to cook and bake