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The Stars Shine Down

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No one expected this to happen
But we knew it was for the best
All the uncertainties so far
Were finally laid to rest

I love the way this started
Slowly at first and then all at once
The darkest times then turned bright
Leading to a thousand splendid suns

This wasn't the first time for both of us
But this time, it all felt right
In spite of what the world had to say
We made it from the tunnel to the light

Let people continue to cuss and curse
You and I will hold on to love
Being there for each other
Was always our first vow

Let's continue to ignore the world
They'll never know what we feel
They can never understand what we share
With their unnecessary nonsense, let's not deal

The people who matter to us
Will always be on our side
The others are lonely themselves
Only the divided learn to divide

We have come so far, my love
With every breath I love you more
You make me feel wonderful things
Feelings I've never known before

Let's celebrate what we share
We aren't wrong in any way
Let's continue to stay madly in love
No matter what anybody has to say

Let time stand still for a while
In each other let us drown
The universe celebrates us today
As the stars shine down


  1. Beautiful! Your story, right? But must be the same for many more..Stay blessed!

  2. Lovely lines. The last stanza is beautiful and poignant.

  3. Soooo beautiful this is, Soumya!! Loved it!
    "Only the divided learn to divide"... is so profound.

  4. This is so nice. Mushy in a good way. Stay blessed both of you, Soumya!

  5. It feels so good to read this kind of love, though strong I would still like to say - Nazar na lage!

    1. I'm forever on the "Buri Nazar Waale Tera Muh Kaala" side :P

  6. What a beautiful one and reminds me of the time when you used to write many such posts. Stay happy and in love.

    1. I know, right? I wonder why I stopped.

      Thank you, Parul.

  7. WOWWWWWWW!!! This is simply beautiful. Soumya!!
    God bless you both! :)

  8. Wow ! No words to describe this one !

  9. What a beautiful beautiful poem that is Soumya! Wishing you many many more years of love and togetherness :)


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