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G - Guns & Roses

I saw him walk towards me in a whimsical manner, playful and shy, holding the biggest bouquet of roses I had ever seen. He handed me the roses and knelt down with the brightest smile, as both of us had been waiting for this day. Before he could pop the question, the bullet went straight through his head, without a sound. He had betrayed my best friend, driving her to suicide. I hid the gun in the bouquet, threw it on him and walked away.

Linking to Lillie McFerrin Writes for the topic 'Whimsical'.

~ Soumya


  1. What a story, Soumya! Great title too :)
    G for Gutsy & G for Girl! :)

  2. Wow ... what a twist .. loved it :D

    1. This seems to echo my comment on your post! :)

  3. serves him right! i didn't see the end coming though!! loved the twist!

  4. I just love your twists!!! (always)
    Reread this one so many times... My favorite!!!

  5. woww..that was quite intense! quite an imagination.


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