Y - You

With the brightest smile ever
And dressed in blue
I was already impressed
The first day I met you

Times with you felt like magic
Every time you taught me something new
I was a well learnt person myself
But I found a teacher in you

I was going through a tough time
Holding my hands you helped me sail through
You did not say much then
But your eyes said I was special to you

Days passed and so did months
Love somewhere had begun to brew
I wasn't sure where this was going
But I still wanted to be with you

When we had to give it a name
Love it was we both knew
I did not shy away from accepting it
I was glad to be a part of you

When you asked for my hand in marriage
To all my fears I bid adieu
I already knew it in my heart
I wanted to be a wife to you

It has been three years since then
Our love still feels fresh as dew
No matter what happens tomorrow
I'll forever be crazy about you

~ Soumya


  1. This made me go awww. So cute this is. I loved the flow and the rhyme. Amazing one Soumya :)

  2. It is so simple and so touchy..
    Direct from heart!
    Simply loved it..

  3. Aww! 'You' is very lucky to have you!

  4. I just kept saying Awww! :)

    The rhyme scheme adds to the whole effect! :)

  5. This is just so cute. When I read the first four, I thought I was reading something related to me but then I knew what you were referring to. I love how madly you are in love with your hubby. I hope your love grows with every passing day. :)

  6. A very sweet depiction of love :)

  7. Such a cute poem. And every time I read a poem of yours, I learn something new in poetry writing. As in patterns of writing, following rhythms, sometimes even not following any pattern and so on. :)

    1. That's a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much for always coming back! :)

  8. Really 'love'ly, Soumya :)
    The love shines through!

  9. This poem actually explains more than your love for Cal :) It tells me why rhyming poetry is your perfect orgasm ! Beautiful , Soumya !

    1. Thank you so much Sreeja! Its so nice to see you here :)

  10. Such a cute one :) Beautiful.. :)

  11. Cute :) Love which stays young forever is always beautiful :)

  12. awww this is such a lovely write... how beautifully and effortlessly you have expressed your love. Loved it, totally!!

  13. Awwieeee mush mush love love..

  14. oh ho.... nice love story that!! cute and mushy!


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