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Fruit & Spice

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I have a love hate relationship with smells. Primarily because I am prone to migraines induced by smells. Very few scents pass my test and remain that way for a long time. I do not like the smell of flowers and citrus too much. I like something that leaves a impact and makes me crave for it more. Not only in terms of scent, but in terms of freshness as well. I did not think much about this until a few days ago when I was having a crappy day and my husband decided to take me out on a long ride to cheer me up. The chill in the air lifted my spirits up a bit, but my day turned into an awesome one the minute I stepped into a quaint little cafe.

This place had a cozy feel and was a fusion of flavors and smells. We found a table on the roof top free from all these over powering smells. We ordered some drinks and an apple crumble pie. And then it all began. It all started with a slight smell of burnt butter. Yeah, not that pleasing. But soon it turned into a aromatic vanilla essence. I was contemplating on what it could be, when the waiter placed our order in front of us. The apple crumble pie looked delicious and smelt heavenly. I am a foodie and I observe my food very closely before eating it. There was a nice vanilla buttery smell, almost like a cake but not exactly that. And then the aroma of the stuffing hit me.

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It was stewed apples and cinnamon. Oh wow, what a delight it was! The smell reached the corners of my nose, filled me up and gave me a pleasant high. There is nothing that comes close to this. It was definitely mild, but powerful in its own way. Each bite was a thrill to the taste buds as well as the nostrils. In a cafe, there are way too many aromas. But this one stood out on its own, in a capturing sort of way. It was so delightful that I felt so thrilled on recognizing an awesome fragrance.

Few days later, I tried replicating the recipe at home. I stewed some fresh apples in sugar and then added the magic ingredient. A pinch of cinnamon. Wow, the whole house was filled with the essence and the oven was almost smiling as it was baking the pie. As the pie took its time to cook, the entire area was smelling of apple and cinnamon along with the buttery crust. I cannot explain how magical it was. It is not overpowering, but it stays with you. It is not pungent, but gives the right feel. It is not too fruity, it has a hint of spice to it. A delicious combo with one of the best fragrances I have come across. So, given a chance I would love to have this scent in a bottle. I would spray it in the room to lift my spirits and to camouflage the other odors. Or having this heavenly smell in my car, would make every drive worthwhile. For now, I am lost in this magical aroma as I dig into my pie.

This is my entry for the 'Inspire A Fragrance' contest on Indiblogger in association with Godrej Aer.


  1. Soumya, I wish I could smell that one right now! Please do post a few pictures of that edible sin :)

    1. Oh I so wish you could smell it too! Sadly, I did not take any pictures of it. I shall be visiting that place again for sure, so will come back with some pictures!

  2. Salivating at my desk on a Monday morning... You should be sued for writing it like this :P

  3. Apple and cinnamon!! I want that pie too!! :P Ah.. And all the best for the contest Soumya!! :*

  4. Cinnamon has such a heavenly aroma ! And you made it sound delicious :)


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