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Parade Of Life

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It is not less than a parade
This daily walk of life
People of different back grounds
Some cheering and some battling a strife

The world is mixed with different people
It is better not to try to understand them
The one who looks and behaves ugly
Might actually be a hidden gem

Survival of the fittest
Seems to be the key here
We just have to get past each day
Either with a smile or a tear

Life is a wonderful journey
The least we can do is live it right
Enjoy the blue of the vast sky above
Bask in the sun shining bright

Ignore those who do not matter
Live your life the way you want to
Paint your canvas with the colors you want
Red, green and yellow or a hint of blue

Have the hunger to achieve something great
And the insatiable thirst for knowledge
Take some risks and learn from it
At times you need to live on the edge 

You don't need to do something big
Make sure today is better than yesterday
The trick lies within yourself
When the sun shines, learn to make hay

Love someone, it gives you strength
Have a family, it gives you purpose
You can choose to be a clown or a ring master
In life's great royal circus

Stay calm and finish this race with pride
Do not bother about the grade
People shall walk in and out of your life
Like I said before, life is like a parade

Linking to Theme Thursday: Prompt - Parade.

Linking to Poetry Jam: Prompt - Thirst.


  1. Bravo! Life is indeed a parade and you have described it so well here :) Loved it, Soumya!

  2. You have captured the essence of life here beautifully.. :)

  3. I really loved it...
    Captures the truth and essence of life!

  4. So true..It is like a parade ! Good one !

  5. it's cheesy but i like it :)

  6. So true! Beautifully penned thoughts :)

  7. some nice wisdom in this...i enjoy the parade...the many flavors in this world to enjoy...and if today can be just a bit better than yesterday...i am good...

    welcome to poetry jam

  8. Oh it's been long since I read your poetry and reading it told me that I missed it :)
    Beautiful lines, beautifully composed :)

  9. Since you're an amazing poet and a wonderful blogger here is the
    Quintet of Radiance Award

    1. Thank you very much. This is my second one in two days :)

  10. The guide to life ... very beautifully written :-)

  11. What a beautiful, positive and encouraging vision of life! I like your poem a lot and I love the idea that life is a parade. Simply wonderful and certainly worth reading. I just got an overdose of optimism!

  12. Well written and expressed!

  13. Lots of positive images. I like the idea of today being better than yesterday.

  14. This was so inspiring. It can actually shake someone and do something worthwhile.

  15. Soumya....loved it....You spoke my thoughts aloud...But there is a big question lies ahead.
    How many amongst us truly dare to implement it life?

    Good work.....

    1. That's the sad part. Hardly anyone implements it.

      Thank you Shalet!

  16. loved the line You don't need to do something big, Make sure today is better than yesterday

    so very true.. hope we can learn and do something about it


  17. Found your site on poetry jam and came to read. Nice blog name. Super poem. Real manual for life that is worth loving and living our way. Life's too short to do otherwise!

  18. A lovely parade - of words and truth!


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