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Hope Floats

Yell Sound, Shetland, 2014, by R.A.D. Stainforth

Look ahead, don't look back
We have a pretty future ahead
Whenever fear crosses your mind
Just remember what I have said

These clouds cannot dampen us
Our love shall help us sail through
Ignore the dark canopy for a while
Look beyond at the skies blue

Do not be worried by this storm
The water shall not rise above us
Hold on to my hands, my love
We shall make it without a fuss

Hope is a very good thing
Just believe in what I have to say
Our life together is not over yet
Just kneel down and slowly pray

This boat shall not give up on us
We are going to start a new life
Our journey shall not be cut short
One day, you shall surely be my wife

I have no fears within me now
My love for you keeps me strong
When I have you by my side
I know that nothing can go wrong

Breathe free now, my darling
This ordeal shall be over soon
We shall get home in a while
Before the shine of the silver moon

In life, never ever give up
There shall be many more boats
Only when you are dying to live
You shall realize that hope floats


  1. Poetry has always been one of your stronger areas. This was WOW!!! :)

  2. This has such a refreshing and liberating feel to it. Great work with the prompt. Loved this! :)

  3. Nice Mag! Love and Light, S

  4. This one made me smile. Life is not that bad. :)

  5. Your rhymes are always so perfect ... you truly are a class apart :-)

    1. Thank you Amrit! Your comments are always a class apart too ;)

  6. A poem of hope & inspiration. Nice Soumya :)

  7. There is hope for everybody. Refreshing read.

  8. You are a master at making the last two lines most awesome. Love it!

  9. Lovely !! The last line - simply amazing :):)

  10. From title to last line this is wonderful message in a beautiful bottle it is. :-)

  11. Beautifully written , secret agent 3.14159 !

  12. Soumya very deep, soulful, optimistic and incredibly written!!! I just recited this poem to a friend of mine and now you have two compliments!!! :)

  13. This is so marvelously sketched. I totally agree with Amrit :) Cheers

  14. Inspiring and hopeful!

    Loved the last stanza! Powerful and lovely! Sharing on my page!


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