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Redoing It Right And Bright

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I stay with my husband and my in laws under the same roof. My in-laws are very old fashioned people and this reflects in the ethnic setting of our house. My husband and I live on the first floor and that is usually where we spend most of our time together. The setting of our room is plain and ethnic, and I have been waiting for a chance to brighten up the space where we spend most of our time. I believe that a home should be welcoming and should reflect the personalities of the people living in it. My husband and I are both extroverts and brimming with energy all the time. Sadly, our house seems to tell another story. So when I came across this site and was asked to pick up items and re-do my house, I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. I wanted to change everything and give the whole place a new look. I love vibrancy and colors and wanted my room to speak to me when I entered it. So the theme was simple and obvious: Color Blocking.

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Some people believe that the best way to re-do a house is to change the furniture. True, but only to a certain extent. The first thing that screams boredom in a house are the walls. Change the color of the walls and the place looks brand new. Every wall of the house holds a story within it, so it deserves to be treated nicely. And it deserves the right to look good. The first thing that I would change in my house is the plain boring walls. We have off-white walls that is outright dull. Also it makes the room look shabby and unkempt. I want a soothing color for  my walls. It should be bright, but should not hurt the eye. It should reflect my happy mood and yet not be too loud. After much speculation I decided on a sea green wall paper. Also, wallpapers are so much better then compared to wall paint. Less messy and easy to test and choose. I zeroed on the 'Alkemi Decor Wallpaper Pattern 17'. The green is subtle and the leaf patterns on it make it look alive. We already have two huge windows in our room, so we get ample natural light. When this light falls on this wallpaper, I am sure it will be magical. This alone is enough to infuse life into my room, but I want to add more elements of color into it.

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The seating area in our house is dominated by a teak wood sofa and its corresponding twin chairs. I have nothing against wooden furniture, but I find it extremely old fashioned. Since my husband and I are both laid back and we are more often than not chatting over a cup of coffee, watching TV or simply relaxing by reading a book, we needed something fun and younger. And immediately I knew that I wanted a bean bag. I know that bean bags are supposed to only be black or brown which makes it look dull, but that is not how it is anymore. I found this bright yellow bean bag that has the perfect pop of color and complements the green walls beautifully. I love yellow and this chair looks just like a perfect dash of sunshine. A couple of these bean bags and we have our very own cosy nook. These chairs are so welcoming and look like a smiley to me. The contrast from green to yellow is smooth and the color block is perfect.

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With green walls and yellow chairs, the room would look young and bright. Now all I need is another element of color to bright these two together. That is when I chanced upon this elegant side table. It is an ethnic piece, but I loved the different colors on this one. Four Indigo blue carved elephants form the legs of this table, and this stands out. This square table comes with intricate embossed paint work in yellow, red, orange and traces of brown and white. I fell in love with it, the minute I saw it. This would be the perfect table to separate the bean bags and to hold our aromatic candles. This table shows different colors at different angles and enhances the muted green of the walls as well as blends perfectly with the bright yellow of the bean bags. This table looks spiritual as well and is perfect to hold my black Buddha idol, surrounded by aromatic candles. 

I can already picturise the change in atmosphere of my room, thanks to these changes. Colors are healing they say and I completely agree. The green of the walls is welcoming and the yellow bean bags are lively and fun. The table serves its purpose and also acts as the show piece, elevating the decor to another level. I do not like clutter much and only like a few elements in the room. And these three items would be perfect to give my room a different look. A new look, infact. The colors paint a picture on their own and infuse energy into the whole place. This is how I would love my dream house to be. A house that welcomes me in the best way possible.

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  1. I like the ideas....
    Good luck with the contest Leo!
    Congrats on your yesterday's win...1000 rs worth flipkart voucher! :D

  2. all the best for the contest ..

    and loved the idea maybe when i am redecorating my house you can helpppppppppppppp :)


  3. I loved that yellow bean bag. Actually I love anything that is bright!

    All the best.. :*


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