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The Honest Post - Phase 11

The story so far.
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Once you have decided in your mind that you want to marry a certain person, nothing, absolutely nothing can change your mind. The commitmentphobe in me was gone for good and I looked forward to spend my life together with Cal. Apart from going back to the same house, we were living together in every possible way. After a busy day at work, I would meet him and stay together for as long as we can. He would then drop me home and head back to his place. Once my parents too knew about our relationship, things were more than smooth. My parents have seen him since he was born and they adored him completely. My mother cooked special dinner for him almost every day and I was glad that he was getting along so well with my folks. 

Then came the day when we had to start off the whole wedding preparations from the start. The start here, means the bride seeing. According to the Tamilian Iyer clan, the girl comes to the boy's house, instead of the other way round. So, I had to go to his house and display myself in front of his entire family. I had been to his house many times before, but this day was special. Decked up from head to toe and struggling to handle my sari, I walked into Cal's house along with my parents. The house was filled with guests who were checking me out from every corner of their eye. Of course I felt awkward. I hate the concept of arranged marriages primarily for this reason. But unlike all the other brides, I was not shy nor did I act coy. I was just myself, talking and enjoying the attention. Cal was his usual goofy self by cracking jokes and keeping me comfortable.

Cal and I had already decided on a venue for our engagement. One of my close friends had got engaged there and the minute Cal and I had walked into that place, we knew that we too wanted to get engaged there. Also, it was at that venue that Cal and I had attended a function, for the first time as a couple. Oh yeah, we are emotional fools you see. We were clear from day one that this was the place where we would get engaged. But then, the parents had plans of their own for their beloved children. Soon, our dream venue was sidelined and they started talking about other places where we could host our engagement. And then Cal did something that made me fall in love with him a hundred times more in a single second. He stepped up, put his foot down and said that there was no other place where we would want to get engaged apart from what we had decided. Some tried to reason out with him, but he stuck to what he wanted. The scene still is etched in my mind like it was yesterday. My man of five foot six was standing among a twenty people, some almost double his height (obviously exaggerating) and putting his point across without budging from it. As much as the thought brings a smile, I was so glad of choosing the man who knows to keep his word. Beaming with pride I look at him and he gives me his usual sneaky wink. Ah, how lucky I felt!

The date was already decided, December 9th 2012. After everyone agreed on the date and the venue, and after answering a zillion questions asked by Cal's aunts, my parents and I took leave. The wide grin on Cal's face still remained as he led me to the car. I was thrilled and exhausted too. I had had a long day at work and then the pressure of getting ready and the stress of what his relatives will think about me had taken a complete toll on me. But I was glad that the evening went well. As soon as we got home, there was knock on the door. On opening the door, I saw Cal standing there! I was shocked. It had just been an hour since I had left his place. But he had come to check with us, if everything went fine at his place. He wanted to be sure that my parents felt right and that they did not find any shortcomings in his place or in the engagement plan. Such a darling, my man was!

The minute I saw him, my exhaustion bid goodbye and he took me out for a long ride. I sat behind him, holding him close, thinking what have I done, to get so lucky in life.

To be continued.


  1. Him coming to ask if everything went fine at his, brought tears to my eyes! How adorable, you sure are lucky! Stay blessed! :)

  2. Awwww at the coming over to check if everything is okay bit. S did the same thing one day before the wedding for me and my wedding gang of family and friends. Much like you, it remains one of my fondest memories. :)

  3. Sweet...Your honest post is always looked forward to.

  4. That is really nice of him to come and check at your place just to know if everyone was comfortable. Not many people care that much !

  5. You have inspired me to start penning my budding relationship and my wedding date is a day after you 2014. *grinning*

  6. *Sniff* Your honest posts have kind of become short doses of romance for me :)

  7. Though I sound like a broken record... I just love these honest phases from you Soumz! whenever I read them, I feel am next to you witnessing each and every moment, you both are the best couple ever known!

    Why don't you start blogging classic jokes of Cal :)

    1. Thank you so much DeeJ!

      Ah well, I should :P

  8. He's a boy, he's a man, but most of all, he's a gentleman. Shahrukh Khan ko competition de diya!! :D

  9. Hey Soumya, Have read the series of posts from you on this topic. Really glad that things have finally, hopefully settled for you. Or atleast you made peace with it. You are lucky, I think to have the guy stand by you throughout. Stay blessed always :-)

  10. It just gets better and better!!!


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