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To Be Or Not To Be?

Image Source: Magpie Tales

They sure do look beautiful
The epitome of innocence known
But I still have doubts about
Wanting to have one of my own

Children are a blessing they say
But I have never felt the need to have one
My life is complete in itself
I don't need a daughter or a son

I love my husband more than anything
This love I do not want to share
People shall call me selfish for this
But honestly, I just don't care

Having a baby is a huge thing
It turns your life upside down
I am so not prepared for this
I do not want the maternal crown

My husband shares my thought too
We are not at all ready for this
This is something we are sure about
The choice is mine as much as his

Although people rejoice in it
I have seen some cribbing as well
Some say that parenthood is heaven
Others agree that it is close to hell

It is different for different people
A boon to many can be a bane to some
But if you want something out of the norm
Then society shall beat the rule drum

It is not like we cannot have babies
There is nothing wrong with him or me
After marriage if there is no "good news"
Then people will refer doctors to see

It doesn't make me any less of a woman
If this is the path that I choose
Why should it be such a big deal
I have the right to accept and refuse

I don't know if I shall feel like this always
But for now, this sure is the case
It is a choice made by my heart and mind
I do not want to join the baby making race

I will not cave in to expectations
People will talk as they like
It is a personal decision for me
The others can go take a hike

They say that it is an awesome feeling
A form of love like no other
I sure have a lot of love to give
But not necessarily as a mother

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 242.


  1. Motherhood is not isn't for everyone...

  2. Candid words, Soumya.
    Motherhood is a responsibility and a personal choice.
    One should go for it when one is ready & prepared...

  3. I think this was truly honest and from the heart..Loved it..
    Motherhood...that should happen when one's ready not following others whims :)

  4. Just amazing. Motherhood or not, it is completely the choice of the woman. Love you woman !!

  5. It's our life and living on our own terms. Brilliant:)

  6. I loved the honesty of the post. Really, the kind of pressures society imposes is ridiculous.


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