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I Can Read Your Mind

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Valentine's Day is just two weeks away and I'm going out of my way to make the day special for my man. You see, we are moving into a place of our own soon and this would be our first Valentine's in this place. Movies and dinners are so passé, I want to do something special that shall leave my husband spellbound! I want to make this day the best day of our life by doing everything that he wants to. Most often than not, it is always about me during celebrations. But on this day I'm going to make it all about him. Oh yeah, everything single thing is going to be about him and only for him. And how would it be special for him? Because I'm going to read his mind and do all the things running inside it. Yes, this Valentine's Day I'm blessed with the super power to read minds! How awesome is that.

Its midnight and he is thinking about some dessert and I get him the most yummiest chocolate lava cake that I have made specially for him. He is stumped as it was exactly what was on his mind. And before he could take a bite I pour him a glass of champagne and toast to our fourth Valentine's day together. Love is such a wonderful feeling and I am so blessed to have experienced it. I hear a song running in his mind and an idea pops into my mind. I go get out the guitar and strum some random music and sing the very song only to see my husband's eyes open wide with shock. As he is thinking about how I am doing this, I continue to his favorite song and groove slightly to it. In a minute I have him joining me on the floor and soon we are tucked in each other's arms dancing! As I read his mind I hear all the sweet nothings going on I feel so happy. I am indeed to lucky to be married to him. He loves me a lot, I know. But today is special in every way. We finish the dance and the champagne and head to bed, still locked in a tight embrace.

When he's up early, the only thing on his mind is some hot breakfast in bed. I hear him and in about thirty minutes, I have a platter before him. There is freshly made crispy waffles with maple syrup and whipped cream, some freshly squeezed orange juice and hot strong black coffee, just the way he likes it. He asks me how did I know that this is exactly what he needed, I joked saying that I love him so much that I could now read his mind. He smiled and devoured the breakfast. He heads for a shower and to get ready. But I know that all he wants to do is just sit at home and relax as he had been under a lot of work stress lately. Just as he comes of the shower, I have an entire spa session set up for him. I read his mind for his pain points and I slowly start massaging him. The smell of the warm oil relaxes him as I see him enjoy the massage with a huge smile on his face.

After the massage, I knew all he needs is a small nap. I let him nap as I go ahead to cook him some delicious lunch. All the wonderful treats that has been running on his mind the entire day. Classy restaurants and candle light dinners are romantic alright, but nothing can beat the genuineness of a home cooked meal filled with love. Before he is up, I clean up the entire house and change the curtains and cushions to his favorite. I then set up the meal, on his favorite white cutlery. Nothing fancy, I have cooked all his favorite comfort foods. Garlic bread with cheese, piping hot pizza with onions, corn and spinach and some fresh aam panna to wash it down. He is soon up and I get him to the lunch table. He is surprised and emotional looking at the spread that I have laid out for him. We eat and talk about the four years that we have spent together. There is an overload of love and his face shows me how much he is enjoying the day.

The next thing on his mind is some cozy time with me. I play his favorite movie and quickly rush to make some caramel popcorn. I set it out on a huge tub and both of us sit down in front of the TV, munching on some popcorn and enjoying the movie. I see him having a good time and seeing him happy, makes me even more happy. As the time approaches 5 pm, I hear him craving for some hot coffee. I leave him and the movie for a while as I bake some cookies for him along with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. He is in heaven as he sees the treat that I have in store for him. The ability to read his mind and reading all the wonderful things he is thinking about me is making me fall in love with him more and more. 

After a wonderful evening, I read exactly what his mind says. I put on his favorite video game and leave him to it as I decide to whip up some fantastic dinner for my foodie husband. Apart from me, the only other primary thing on his mind is food. So I let him play his game and I get ready to cook dinner. I'm a pretty good cook but today it also was my super power. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach they say. And I was all set to live up to it. The vegetables danced to my tune as the spices added to the chime. My husband was thinking of some ice cream based dessert I could read and soon I was all set to make his favorite apple pie with ice cream. The apples were juicy and tender and the pie came out brilliantly well. I had made tomato basil soup, achari paneer tikka, butter naan and my husband's favorite bharwan bhindi. 

I then slipped into my little black dress and set the table for dinner. I dimmed the lights and lit some aromatic candles as I knew that my husband wanted a candle light dinner. I brought out a bottle of wine that we were saving up for this occasion. My husband finished playing and entered the dining room only to be surprised again. He changed into a fine suit, to suit the occasion and we sat to have dinner. It was a success in every way. Every mouthful was accompanied by compliments and I felt like a master chef. My husband was thinking so many good things about me that I began to blush in my seat. After dinner, we sat on the couch talking about us and the love that we share. It was magical and divine. Just as the day was about to end, my husband grabbed me close.

"This day was exactly how I wanted today to be. You are a very good mind reader you know."

"So, what next?" I smile and ask him.

"I think you know!" He winks and plants a kiss on my lips.

It was the most memorable day of both our lives.

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  1. You really will be superwoman if you manage to pull this off. I am tired just reading about your plans ;) Do let me know how he likes the surprise day :)

  2. Man...I wish I truly get the super power. :D
    Great to know that you finally found the place. Happy for you.

  3. LOVE the idea of making Valentine's Day all about him. What an amazing set of plans you have made, a Very Happy Valentine's Day in advance and do let us know how it went!


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